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IRG Acquires Intertect

WASHINGTON, Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- International Resources Group, Ltd (IRG) announced today its acquisition of Intertect Relief and Reconstruction Corporation, formerly of Dallas, Texas. With the addition of Intertect, IRG augments its growing international technical advisory services in energy, environment and natural resources to include emergency relief and reconstruction expertise. IRG/Intertect now offers expanded capacity to address the urgent needs of victims of resource-based crises, including famine, environmental disasters, and civil strife. Together, the two firms provide highly specialized technical and managerial assistance in energy, water, sanitation and other support services during emergencies and in the transition to reconstruction and development after disasters.

Since its founding in 1971, Intertect has developed an outstanding reputation for providing rapid field-based solutions to complex, conflict related problems and implementing successful programs for relief and conflict reduction in Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Iraq, Somalia, Moldova, and the Republic of Georgia among others. Intertect often supports programs in the midst of post cold-war conflicts. In Sarajevo, Intertect designed, built, transported through the siege, and then installed a city water system that was credited with keeping the city alive throughout Bosnia's civil war. These types of services do not come without serious risks. It was in one such case that Intertect founder Fred Cuny disappeared in Chechnea in 1995 while developing programs for relief to besieged populations of that conflict. After Mr. Cuny's disappearance, Mr. Richard Hill became Director of Intertect, and will continue in that capacity.

Commenting on Intertect, IRG president and CEO, Asif Shaikh, said, "Fred Cuny was one of the first to clearly define the crucial relationship between development and the problems which affect societies after disasters. By combining the institutional strengths of both Intertect and IRG, we are in a position to apply our expertise on the entire spectrum of disaster prevention, disaster response, and post-disaster needs. We are very pleased to provide a new home for Intertect. We take seriously our obligation to continue Fred Cuny's legacy of creating innovative solutions to resource-based problems to help individuals, groups and communities in crisis."

IRG, a privately held consulting firm headquartered in Washington D.C., has provided technical assistance in energy, environment and natural resources management to public and private sector clients in more than 90 countries since it was founded in 1978.

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Date:Dec 2, 1996
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