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IRC 2005 meeting held in Netherlands.

IRC 2005, the North European International Rubber Conference, focusing on "Creating value throughout the supply chain," was held June 7-9 at the MECC Maastricht in The Netherlands. IRC 2005 is organized by IOM Communications Ltd.

Technical paper presentations for IRC 2005 were listed in the May 2005 Rubber World meetings section. The following is a conclusion of the paper presentations given at IRC 2005:

Session 4a on "Tires," chaired by A.R. Williams, consultant, included the following presentations: "From a toroidal black hole to an intelligent black box," A.R. Williams; "Tire properties and vehicle ride comfort," RE Chattaraj, J.K. Tyre, and R. Mukhopadhyay, Hari Shankar Singhania Elastomer & Tyre Research Institute, India: "The role of zinc in the vulcanization of styrene-butadiene rubbers," A. Chapman and T. Johnson, Tun Abdul Razak Research Center, U.K.: "Back to the tire," M.E. Martinez, Rubber Resources BV, The Netherlands; "Characterization of the reactivity of silicas by inverse gas chromatography," A. Blume, Degussa AG, Germany: and "Effect of paraaramid short fibers on steel cord adhesion," R.N. Datta, Teijin Twaron BV, The Netherlands.

Session 4b on "New generation materials," chaired by G. Beyer of Kabelwerk Eupen, Belgium, included the following presentations: "Nanocomposites as a new concept for flame retardancy of polymers," G. Beyer: "Properties of clay/rubber components," S. Cook. T.R. Johnson and D. Lowe, Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre, U.K.: "A unique type of amorphous silicon dioxide as viscosity modifier for high performance elastomers," G. Schmauks, B. Friede, A. Sorhuus and J.O. Roszinski, Elkem Materials ASA, Norway, and H. Geisler and J. Hamann, Deutsches Institute fur Kautschuktechnologie e.V., Germany: "Compounding with graphite/ carbon black blends to achieve thermal and electrical conductivity," N. Probst, Th. Gruenberger, C. van Bellingen and G. Juri, Timcal Belgium SA; "Introduction of newly developed HNBR--real performance under -40[degrees]C ambient," S. Ito and T. Kawanaka, Zeon; and "Advances in high temperature resistant ACM elastomers," P. Abraham. Zeon Europe GmbH, Germany.

Session 4c on "Quality and testing," chaired by G. Spetz of Elastocon AB, Sweden, included the following presentations: "Insight on the intrinsic non-linear viscoelastic character of filled rubber compounds," J.L. Leblanc, University P&M Curie, France; "Change in filler network and nonlinear viscoelasticity of filled rubbers in large shearing deformations," Y. Isono, Y. Satoh and S. Kawahara, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan, and S. Kagami, Yokohama Rubber, Japan; "Use of dynamic analysis to characterize EPDM products, compounds and vulcanizates," N. van der Aar, J. Beelen, H. Dikland, E Steeman, R. Timmerman and J. Wenschot, DSM Elastomers, The Netherlands: "Two in one--a modern universal flexometer (according to Goodrich) and a dynamic mechanic thermal spectrometer (DMTS) heat build-up and viscoelastic data with one test equipment," H. Keckmann, Gabo Qualimeter, Germany; "Use of rubbers in rail track systems," J.J. Horst, AEA Technology Rail BV; and "Influence of crosslinking density on the mechanical behavior of elastomers," M. Schubness and J.E.K. Schawe, Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Switzerland.

Session 5a on "Tires," chaired by A.R. Williams, included the following presentations: "Pre-blended NR/BR--a new raw material presentation," A. Ahmad and Y. Aziz, Malaysian Rubber Board, Malaysia; "New additives for silica filled tire and non-tire compounds," J. Bertrand, Schill & Seilacher Struktol AG, Germany; "A unique silica family to meet the rising demands of the rubber industry--parts 1 and 2," A. Stenzel, Degussa AG, Germany, and A. Wehmeier, Applied Technology Advanced Fillers, Germany; and "Modeling and practice of ethanol-devolatilization of silica-silane rubber compounds in an internal mixer," W. Kierkes and J.W.M. Noordermeer, Twente University, The Netherlands.

Session 5b on "New generation materials," chaired by G. Beyer of Kabelwerk Eupen, Belgium, included the following presentations: "The new low molecular weight HNBR, realizing gains over the whole part production chain," D. Achten and C. Wrana, Therban Advanced Technology, Lanxess Deutschland GmbH, Germany; "High performance HS fluoroelastomers," G. Sanvito, M. Stanga, M. Cristini and M. Albano, Solvay Solexis SpA, Italy; "New reactive EPDM grades," M. Hoch, R. Krista and A. Kremers, Lanxess AG, Germany; "Novel Engage polyolefin elastomers: Properties, cure performance and selected applications," S. Cree, J. Pillow and V. Kotian, DuPont Dow Elastomers; and "Silicone rubbers: New flame retardant and ceramifiable raw materials for applications in fire protection," E Jerschow, Wacker-Chemie GmbH, Germany.

Session 5c on "Quality and testing," chaired by G. Spetz, Elastocon AB, Sweden, included the following presentations: "Improving precision in rubber test methods," G. Spetz; "Vision inspection systems for rubber products," M. Arning and G. Dippel, Elastomer- und Silikontechnik, Germany; "The road to accreditation of a rubber products testing laboratory," J.T.S. Motha, Industrial Technology Institute, Sri Lanka; "Model compound studies on the devulcanization of natural rubber using 2,3-dimethyl2-butene at different temperatures," V.V. Rajah, W.K. Dierkes and J.W.M. Noordermeer, University of Twente, The Netherlands, and R. Joseph, Cochin University of Science & Technology, India; and "Light color stability of rubber vulcanizates," M. Babek, Czech Society of Industrial Chemistry, Czech Republic; V. Duchacek, R. Kalouskova, A. Kuta, L. Mastny and Z. Srank, Institute of Chemical Technology, Czech Republic; and M. Vybiral, Witco ZN, Czech Republic.

Further information on IRC 2005 is available from Eileen Ellis, tel.: +44 (0) 1782 221707;
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