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IRAQ HOSTAGE CRISIS: WE HAD TO DO SOMETHING; Heartfelt pleas from around world.

Brenda Thomas-Mitchell from Canada This story touchs close to my family. Ken is my great aunt's son. We found out early this week from an em ail form England that the Brit kidknapped was our Ken.

I live in Canada so have never met Ken, but my dad has and I have met Lil his mom. We keep in touch with Christmas cards. We send hope, faith and all our love to you from Canada. John, Rosemary, Rosemary and myself Brenda and my family are praying for all of you. Words cannot imagine what Ken and you all are going through. Love from Canada Aunt Lil and Ken.

Helen Horsefield from Manchester I know Ken from when he owned a bar next to ours in Spain. He is a wonderful person -- I hope he gets home safely.

Joey Maguire from Liverpool I am from the Netherton area of Liverpool which is only round the corner from Ken's family. I am currently serving in Baghdad myself, on Camp Victory. I hope this all ends well for Ken and his family, hopefully he will end up back home were he and the rest of us belong.

Ann from Walton I am praying for you all every day. This is making my heart ache and I don't even know you all. Lord knows how much your hearts are aching. I live down the road from you, and you are all on my mind constantly. My thoughts and prayers will remain with you and I pray that Ken is shown mercy and released into the arms of his family. God Bless you all. Be strong. x x Rob Beech from Wirral I pray for the family of Ken Bigley and hope everything resolves itself. Maybe the mercenaries doing this will realise that actions like this achieve nothing. God bless. Eileen from Edinburgh We are thinking of you here. We are praying for you all.

Nobody deserves this terrible situation. You have our support even though there is nothing else we can do but sit alongside you.

Jo from Wolverhampton The dignity and strength of the Bigley family is extraordinary, as is that of other families caught up in this terrible situation in the Middle East.

I don't pray much but please God let this man live. To Ken's family, please do not give up hope.

Neil Whittingham from Liverpool I offer my moral support to the family of Mr. Bigley. This terrible personal ordeal brought to the Bigley family from geopolitical mistakes way beyond their control. Antonia from Liverpool My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

May your will stay strong and may the Liver birds sing you home.

Jemma from Skelmersdale You and your family are in my heart and thoughts!

Please if there is a god he will start to act now. What will it take to stop terrorism? Please Ken try to be brave. There is hope no matter how dim the situation is. . . keep you in my prayers. xxxLinda from Liverpool Our thoughts are with you all and we hope you are released asapTess from Liverpool Ken my thoughts and prayers are with you and all your loving family. Praying you will come home safe and sound. Be strong and God bless and protect you and yours.

Gill from Birkenhead I am so sorry to hear about Ken's plight. I am thinking about him all the time. I send my very best wishes to his family.

Georgina from Liverpool My heart goes out to the whole Bigley family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Ken you will never walk alone; the whole of Liverpool is with you. God bless. Joy from Manchester I'm praying for the Archangel Michael to surround Ken, to enfold him with the protection of his wings and for angels to surround his family. We all need to pray for Ken to give him strength and to see him released. Every hour I'm praying for him. God Bless.

Myra Peters from Banbury Our thoughts and prayers and heartfelt hope are with you, Ken and your family. Pray God he will be merciful and return you safe and sound.

Tracey from Felixstowe, Suffolk My thoughts are with Ken and his family -- stay strong. And to Mr Blair, I say protect your people! Or forever feel regret and anguish knowing that you could have helped. How would you like it if this was your dad? Good luck Ken.

Jill from New York My prayers are with Ken and his family. This is a terrible tragedy and I hope it ends soon with Ken coming home safely.

Julie D'Cruze from Liverpool I think the whole of Liverpool is behind you and your family, Ken, all hoping you'll be reunited with your loved ones soon. As the song says, when you walk through the storm, hold your head up high, and don't be afraid of the dark. You'll never walk alone Ken, our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

Helen from Liverpool All our thoughts and prayers are with Ken, in the hope that he'll soon be released. Birchfield Road ex pupils.

Tom O'Neill from Vancouver (raised Seaforth/Waterloo) Our prayers are with Ken and his family. When a scouser is involved, things become a little more personal! God Bless. Fran from Liverpool My thoughts hopes and prayers are with the Bigley family at this terrible time.

I can't imagine the torment you must be going through. God bless you xxx Kate from Liverpool The world is in such a mess! These people are possessed and only prayer can change this horrific situation! Prayer moves the hand that moves the world!Jill from New York I have the deepest sadness in my heart for Ken Bigley.

I can't even say how much I oppose this war. pray for you Ken, I hope to see you on TV returning home.

Andrew Ingram from Caledonia, Ontario, Canada I am a Scouser over here in Canada. I watched Mr Ken Bigley's plea and have been following the story closely.

I hope to God that his captives spare him and release him soon. I hope that both the British and American governments see this playing with innocent lives, as the last, and let the Iraqi people's suffering end. The rest of the world will then be able to breathe again. My prayers and hopes are with Mr Bigley and his family.

Maria from Liverpool It's been a long time since I prayed but God knows I'm praying now for you all and Ken. Sorry there's nothing that can be said or written that will help you. Be strong. David from Caerphilly My thoughts are with you Ken, I cant believe the lack of compassion shown by our own government.

Sharon Robertson from Scotland I cannot even begin to comprehend what you are all going through. The world has gone mad, and it's the poor innocents who are suffering. I'm not generally a believer in miracles, but they do happen, and I'm praying that one will happen for your family.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sharon x Bob Sanders from Liverpool I, and all of the people of Liverpool, ache with the tremendous heartache the Bigley family are suffering because of this terrible ordeal Ken is being put through. have never met any member of this family but I feel the pain they are suffering at this awful time. Ken is one of our own, a Scouser, and I pray that he soon returns safely to his loved ones.

Sian Bennett from Scarborough I have not been able to comprehend what you are all going through. My heart and prayers are with you. Kenneth is on my mind constant-ly, every waking hour, and I wake in the night and you are in my thoughts. I hope and pray that Ken is spared in this terrible situation. Love to you all at this desperate time. Sian x Natalie from Ormskirk I am a 17-year-old and usually do not take much notice of the news. However this has hit me hard. It is all I can think about each day and I can't begin to imagine what Ken and his family are going through. agree that if there is a god, I will believe it when Ken is released. All of my hopes and prayers are with Ken and his family. Keep strong. xxx Karen from Dundee Can't believe what is happening to a decent, hard-working family man who has nothing to do with this political mess. My heart goes out to you Ken, and your family who have handled this awful situation with such courage and dignity. I only wish there was something I could do to help but all I can do is send my love and pray for you to return safely to your loved ones. x Sarah from Liverpool My thoughts are with the Bigley family. I can't believe this has now happened in our own city. This is not just something you hear about anymore it is reality. Hope it ends really soon in happiness, not just for Ken but also his family Mike from Birkenhead A simple message: just to say thoughts and prayers are with you Marion from Liverpool My thoughts and prayers are with Ken and his family.

Cheryl from Dublin My thoughts and prayers are with you at this terrible time. I hope for Kenneth's safe return. I can't even begin to know how you are feeling. my prayers x.

Geraldine from Melbourne, Australia Ken and his family are in my thoughts and prayers at this terrible time.

Danielle from Merseyside Just wanted to send my thoughts to the Bigley family. Keep strong. The whole of Liverpool, indeed the country, will be hoping that he will be released by some miracle.

While there's life there's hope. This has brought the Iraq war cruelly to the doorsteps of the people of Liverpool. It's no longer something that just happens to other people in far off countries anymore but has repercussions even here. all just seems so surreal and pointless. This wasn't the way it was supposed to turn out.

Toni from London My thoughts and prayers are with you at this awful time.

I pray that Ken comes home safely. God bless xxxEmma from Newcastle This is such a terrible and heart rending situation. My thoughts are with Ken and his family and let's just hope that something can be done to spare his innocent life.

Kelly Busby from Saltillo, USA My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family in this your most trying time.

Know that what your husband, father and brother is doing over there is important to help the everyday working man in Iraq so that they can have the freedom they want. My daughter and I will continue to pray for you all.

Paul Dalzell from Liverpool Our thoughts are with you Ken for a safe return. Your family have showed unbelievable courage and are a credit to you.

Jenny from Liverpool Thinking of Ken and his family. Can't begin to understand how they're feeling.

Maureen from Pennsylvania Ken hasn't been out of my thoughts since this whole horrible ordeal started. pray for his safe return to his family.

Roy King Miaa from Kristiansand, Norway I only hope that the captors show as much compassion for Ken as the zeal in which they fight for their cause. Thoughts and best wishes to Ken and all his family.

Chris from Bootle I am a 17-year-old from Bootle. I don't usually watch the news or care about it but I can't imagine how Mr Bigley and his family and friends are going through. My thoughts are with all them and I only hope that he comes home safe and sound asap. Mr Blair and Mr Bush should go and hide in a cave Yvonne from New Zealand My love and thoughts are with you.

Belinda from Walton I wish there was something I could do, I wish there was something I could say. Somebody, somewhere has to put a stop to this for good. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Emiel, from Antwerp, Belgium Kenneth Bigley, hope that Mr Blair is coming in action to free you from those terrible days and I have asked God and Allah for mercy if they really exist. My thoughts are with you.

Alan Taylor from Liverpool If there is a god. I will believe in him, only when he comes home safe and well, if you do exist up there, let a miracle bring Ken home. Our thoughts are with you Ken. Julie from Kirkby I can not believe that this is happening. My heart, thoughts and love go to Ken and all his beloved family.

Keep strong; Liverpool is behind you all.

Karen from Liverpool My thoughts are with Ken and his family. pray for his safe return to the city.

Deborah from Canberra, Australia With thousands and thou-sands of others, am praying continuously for Ken and all of you.

Kate from Lincolnshire Praying for his safe return. Chris from Leicester Offering you my deepest thoughts and admiration for the incredible courage of Ken and yourselves. Few could face such a situation with the bravery and dignity that Ken and his family have shown.

Sharon from Liverpool Please do not give up hope. My heart goes out to all the family. I can't even begin to imagine the pain you must all be in. Please be strong for each other. I can't believe this is happening. God bless you all xPam from Liverpool Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God BlessLaura from Liverpool No one will understand thepain you and your family are going through. I suspect the wait is the worst part. My eyes filled with tears, my heart filled with pain.

Joanna from Surrey My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

You are not a soldier nor do you have a political agenda. You were there in Iraq rebuilding the infrastructure and contributing to helping Iraq. I pray your captors show mercy and compassion and return you to a family and community who miss you. You and your family have remained dignified throughout this terrible time and I hope to God that you will be returned back safely to your home soon. xxxMarie from WaltonIt's all a terrible mess, it does not seem real. All our thoughts and prayers are with you. xMichele from Dublin My thoughts and prayers are with you all. xRon from BangkokScousers all over the world are watching and hoping for him.

Kirsty from Wirral My thoughts are with you at this sad time. xHelen Abel from Cheshire Our thoughts are with you. Laura from Liverpool My thoughts are with all his family. x xLucy from Southend Everyone I know is really worried about Ken and will be so upset if the worst does happen. We hope that he is freed soon and back with his family. All our love to his family and friends.
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 24, 2004
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