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IRAQ - Oct 6 - Bomber Kills 10.

A man wearing an explosive belt gets onto a bus near Iraq's police academy in Baghdad and blows himself up, killing 10 passengers and wounding 11. The blast shattered the red minibus, killing almost everyone on board and sending huge plumes of black smoke into the sky near the police academy building and the Oil Ministry. The victims included police recruits, but also a woman and some children, said Mohammad Ali, a police captain who arrived at the scene shortly afterward. Witnesses said the bomber boarded the bus just after 1 p.m. at a stop near the police academy, on a bus route often used by recruits who on their way home to Sadr City, the Shiite slum that is not far away. After the attack, the blackened shell of the bus remained on the street, surrounded by fragments of metal and human remains. The attack came a day after a huge bomb outside a Shiite mosque killed 25 people in a mosque in Hilla, south of the capital, on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan for Shiites. Insurgents have said they intend to step up their attacks because of Ramadan, and are also aiming to terrorise would-be voters in advance of the nationwide referendum on Iraq's constitution on Oct. 15. Another suicide bomber, this one in a car, struck at an American patrol in Baghdad, wounding eight civilians, Interior Ministry officials said. American military officials did not report any casualties in the bombing. In northern Baghdad, an American soldier was killed when his patrol struck a roadside bomb while conducting combat operations, military officials said. North of the capital, insurgents attacked an Oil Ministry convoy, killing five officers and wounding four in a gun battle that lasted several hours, police officials said. The battle began when a roadside bomb exploded near the convoy in the Adeem district. Gunmen then fired on the police officers guarding the convoy, who ultimately fled in the face of the attackers' superior firepower. The Kirkuk police said that masked assassins with silencers on their guns had killed Brigadier Nabiel Sharaf Aldeen, a retired police official, on Oct 5 night. Aldeen's two-year-old daughter was also killed, and his wife was wounded, police officials said. A spokesman for the governor of Basra, Mohammad al-Waeli, said Oct 6 the governor was still refusing to work with British forces in the city until they apologised for the incident two weeks ago in which a British tank crashed through the outer wall of an Iraqi police station in an effort to free two British officers being held nearby. The governor has instructed all government officials not to work with the British, or even to speak to British officials by phone, the spokesman said. The rescue effort two weeks ago became a diplomatic embarrassment for the British government. British forces raided the police station after hearing that the officers had been handed over to a hostile militia. Iraqi officials have denied that the handover took place, and the incident has undermined British relations with the Iraqi authorities in Basra.
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Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
Geographic Code:7IRAQ
Date:Oct 8, 2005
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