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IRAQ - Nov. 12 - Deputies Reject UN Resolution.

The parliament unanimously rejects the Nov. 8 UN resolution 1441 demanding on Baghdad to disarm (see last week's Recroder). Washington treated the parliament's act of defiance as just another piece of posturing from Baghdad as Saddam Hussein considers a strategic response to the threat of a US-led military strike against his regime. Saddam has until Nov. 15 to accept the UN resolution. US Pres. Bush said: "The Iraqi parliament is nothing but a rubber-stamp for Saddam Hussein... There's no democracy. This guy's a dictator and so we'd like to see what he says". Earlier a White House spokesman described the proceedings which saw Saadoun Hammadi, speaker of the parliament, pass a vote rejecting the UN resolution after a show of hands among the 250-odd deputies as nothing more than "political theatre". The parliament's vote is not binding and the assembly moved to pass the final decision on the UN resolution to the country's supreme decision-making body, the Revolutionary Command Council (RCC), chaired by Saddam. The parliament's vote nevertheless served to heighten tension in the region, and was apparently intended to raise doubts whether Saddam may reject the UN demands, choosing instead to face the "serious consequences" referred to in the UN Security Council's text. The rejection by the parliament came after a dramatic intervention by Saddams's son, Uday, who sent a letter to the parliament recommending that the assembly accept the resolution. In Cairo Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, urged the Iraqi regime to comply with the resolution and warned of the "seriousness of the situation". The six-member Gulf Co-operation Council also urged Saddam to agree to the terms.
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Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:Nov 16, 2002
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