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IRAQ - May 23 - Bush Chides EU Critics Of War On Terror.

In a speech to the German Bundestag, US Pres. Bush says Europe faces the same threat as the US from states developing weapons of mass destruction, and those who are reluctant to take aggressive action against such states are guilty of "wishful thinking". He says: "Call this a strategic challenge; call it, as I do, an axis of evil; call it by any name you choose but let us speak the truth. If we ignore this threat we invite certain blackmail and place millions of our citizens in grave danger". He says NATO will need to meet threats from states developing the capability of delivering biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, adding: "Each nation must focus on the military strengths it can bring to this alliance". He says the US will confront the threat from Iraq and other "rogue states" such as Iran and North Korea, whatever European and other governments might think. He adds: "Wishful thinking may bring comfort but it does not bring security. We will and we must confront this conspiracy against our liberty and against our lives". He restates his promise to consult US allies before taking action against Baghdad. He also says Washington will share with allies intelligence obtained about Saddam Hussein's efforts.
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Title Annotation:George W. Bush, European Union
Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:May 25, 2002
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