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IRAQ - March 22 - Annan Releases Sabri's Questions To UN Security Council.

A report in The IHT says UN Sec-Gen. Kofi Annan has released to the Security Council about 20 questions, received from FM Naji Sabri on March 7, who asked whether "threats to invade Iraq and to change the national government by force violate Security Council resolutions" and "rules of international law". He also asked whether it was possible to normalise relations between the Security Council and Baghdad "when calls are made for invading Iraq and overthrowing its national government by force". Sabri asked whether elimination of the US-imposed flight-exclusion zones could be "guaranteed" and whether Baghdad would be compensated for the "destruction of its economic, educational and other infrastructure" caused by sanctions and violations of Iraqi sovereignty. Annan asked the 15 Security Council member states for a response by Apr. 10. He is to meet Sabri again before end-Apr. Analysts say US and British envoys are expected to insist that Annan not reply to any Baghdad's questions that could not be answered by Hans Blix, the chief UN arms inspector. A US official, who asked not to be identified, said the questions included some "unacceptable conditions" that veered from Baghdad's obligation to give inspectors "free and unfettered access". He added: "There are some questions that require technical answers and those should be responded to. Others appear as conditions and we find them unacceptable". The questions have the potential of splitting the Security Council, particularly if its members decide to take a position on US threats of action against Saddam.
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Title Annotation:United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan
Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:Mar 23, 2002
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