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IRAN - Sept. 14 - Ayat. Kashani Hits Terrorist Attacks On US.

Ayat. Mohammad Emami Kashani says: "We denounce and condemn these attacks. Killing innocent, defenceless people, women and children, everyone denounce this". (His move indicates that the country's Islamic rulers are broadly united in their response to the attacks). He also condemns Israel and says the attacks should be a "lesson" for the western powers, especially the US, to reconsider its policies in the Middle East. Later at a World Cup qualifying match in Tehran, Iranian and Bahraini soccer players observed a minute's silence in respect for the dead. (Analysts say there is a concern among shocked Iranians that the US might target Iran in response to the Sept. 11 carnage. No official has directly addressed such fears in public, but diplomats believe there is a concerted effort by reformists and traditionalists to moderate US opinion. Reformist MP Mohsen Armin says: "While sympathising with the American nation, we must call on American statesmen to exercise self-restraint and adopt decisions within logical frameworks and according to recognised international principles").
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Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:Sep 15, 2001
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