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IRAN - Profile - Hossein Namazi.

Aged 54, Namazi is minister of economy and finance, having succeeded Morteza Mohammadkhan. He is a prominent economist and academic, educated in Austria. Pragmatic and highly respected among Tehran's technocrats, Namazi is on very good terms with Mohsen Nourbakhsh, the powerful Bank Markazi (central bank) governor. The Deputy Finance Minister is Mohammad Mehdi Navab, another moderate favouring foreign investments.

Eshaq Jahangiri, minister of mines and metals since Aug. 12, 1997, is aged 42 and has a master's degree in industrial management from the Sharif Industrial University. He is a pragmatist close to Khatami, having succeeded Mohammed Hossein Mahlouji who is a traditionalist close to Khamen'i. Jahangiri served in the construction crusade ministry in the 1980s. He was an MP before he became governor of Isfahan province in 1992.

Gholamreza Shafei, industry minister since Aug. 12, 1997, is a traditionalist who has succeeded Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh (see DT). Until Aug. 12, 1997, Shafei was minister of co-operatives appointed to that portfolio in August 1993 by then President Rafsanjani. He belongs to the so-called "Resalat Group", which is close to the bazaar merchants and constitutes a powerful lobby for a free market economy. But the group is strongly opposed to foreign investments in Iran. Born in Marand in 1951, Shafei has a master's degree in mechanical engineering from an Iranian university. He began his career in the Construction Crusade Organisation after Khomeini came to power in 1979. Later he worked at the Mustazefan Foundation. In Musavi's cabinet during the 1980s he was a minister of industry. Before the revolution, Shafei worked in one of the local factories. He was interned in 1975 for having been involved in anti- shah activities. After the revolution, Shafei worked for the Isfahan steel mill and then held the following jobs: the Pars Dry Cell Factory; served various revolutionary institutions until 1981; member of the board of National Iranian Industries Organisation, its acting director and later its managing director; deputy industry minister; deputy minister of mines and metals for non-ferrous metals (early 1983); CEO of National Iranian Copper Industries Co.; industry minister (August 1984-August 1989).
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Publication:APS Review Gas Market Trends
Date:Apr 19, 1999
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