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IRAN - Jan. 27 - Khatami Meets Visiting Iraqi FM.

Pres. Khatami meets visiting Iraqi FM Naji Sabri, who arrived in the country on Jan. 25. for a 4-day visit at the invitation of FM Kamal Kharrazi. Khatami points to the religious, historical and neighbourly relations and commonalties between the two countries, and says he considers the recent meetings of the two countries' authorities as an indication of their firm intention to overcome past differences. He says he hopes the ongoing meetings of top level authorities of the two countries will open new horizons in Tehran-Baghdad relations. Khatami refers to ongoing discussions in many joint committees, especially the humanitarian committee, saying they have been successful, and stresses that the 1975 treaty between Tehran and Baghdad must be respected. Khatami points to the necessity of respecting the principles of Iraqi sovereignty and non-intervention of foreign powers in its internal affairs. Khatami describes the unity of Islamic states as a "necessity" for the sake of encountering threats facing the Islamic world as a whole, and points to the atrocities committed by the Zionist regime against the PA, saying the Zionist regime, unfortunately, has taken advantage since the Sept. 11 and is abusing the situation to further oppress innocent Palestinians. Naji Sabri stresses on the need to resolve the last remaining disputes existing relationship into a brotherly one. He says: "We must let bygones be bygones and direct our efforts to achieving permanent peace and useful co-operation". He says he considers the positions of the two countries on many regional issues as "very close", adding: "The future is in the hands of both the Iranian and Iraqi nations and co-operation by the two countries would be to the benefit of the Islamic world". During his visit, Sabri discussed with Tehran officials the issue of prisoners of war and issues of mutual interest. Sabri also met FM Kharrazi and Information Minister Ali Yunesi.
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Title Annotation:Pres. Mohammed Khatami
Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:7IRAQ
Date:Feb 2, 2002
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