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IRAN - Feb. 10 - Tehran Denies Arms Shipment To Palestinians.

Appearing on Fox News, Deputy FM Zavad Zarif says: "I can tell you categorically that all segments of the Iranian government and I mean total government, not simply President Khatami's administration, have had nothing to do with the sending of arms to Mr. Yasser Arafat or to the Palestinians" (referring to the controversial arms shipment seized by Israel in the Red Sea on Jan. 3 (see Rec. 1, Vol. 56) and believed to have been heading to the PA. He says: "We have asked the United States to provide any information that it has in order for us to investigate but the US simply says that it has evidence". He adds he does not think Washington has sent "any convincing evidence to anybody". He says the charges are "totally fabricated" and based on politically inspired intelligence.
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Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Feb 16, 2002
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