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IRAN - Aug. 12 - New Govt.

Pres. Khatami submits to parliament a 20-member cabinet. Tahmasb Mazaheri, 48, a civil engineer who was Khatami's key economic advisor, becomes economy and finance minister replacing Hossein Namazi (who favoured strong state control while Central Bank Gov. Mohsen Nourbakhsh is a free market advocate). (The new cabinet disappoints the reformist-dominated Majlis. It is too conciliatory to the traditionalists. As in his previous cabinet, Khatami has been restricted in the selection of ministers and has been compelled to accept figures he did not want. His failure to appoint a woman is a particularly sore point, because women were among the strongest supporters of his reform programme and were the most important force behind his June 8 electoral triumph. Mrs. Masumeh Ebtekar, a leader during the students' seizure of the US Embassy in 1979, is reappointed vice president for the environment. She is among several vice presidents, with this post being a top advisory position. Ali Khatami, the president's younger brother and a lawyer, becomes head of his office. His other younger brother, Mohammad-Reza, is deputy speaker of parliament and head of the largest reform party, the Iran Participation Front). The following is the cabinet list:
Foreign Affairs, Kamal Kharrazi
Defence, Vice Admiral Ali Shamkhani
Interior, Abdulvahed Mousavi-Lari
Information (Intelligence), Ali Younesi
Oil Minister, Bijan Namdar Zanganeh
Agricultural Jihad, Mahmoud Hojjati
Industries & Mines, Es'haq Jahangiri
PTT, Ahmad Motamedi
Science, Research & Technology, Mostafa Moin
Commerce, Mohammad Shariatmadari
Culture & Islamic Guidance, Ahmad Masjed-Jamei
Justice, Esmail Shoushtari
Housing & Urban Development, Ali Abdolalizadeh
Energy, Habibollah Bitaraf
Education, Morteza Haji (shifted)
Roads & Transportation, Ahmad Khorram (new)
Health, Masoud Pezeshkian (new)
Co-operatives, Ali Soufi (new)
Labour, Safdar Hosseini (new)
Economy & Finance, Tahmasb Mazaheri (new).
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Title Annotation:President Mohammed Khatami selects new cabinet members
Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Aug 18, 2001
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