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IRA: A New Narco-Terrorist Power?

Gerry Adams, president of the Sinn Fein -- the political wing of the Marxist terrorist Irish Republican Army (IRA) -- announced in early August that he would visit Fidel Castro in Cuba. Adams, who was a frequent White House guest of Bill and Hillary Clinton, had originally intended to visit the Caribbean tyrant last spring, but was forced to cancel the trip.

Just days after Adams' announcement, Colombian officials announced the arrest of three IRA officers who had been training members of the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) in bomb-making techniques. One of them, reported on August 16th, was "a Spanish-speaker who has been living in Cuba for several years" and who reportedly made the arrangements for Adams' visit with Castro. Another of the arrested IRA trio had shared a platform with Adams at a Sinn Fein party conference a decade ago; a third was an election official for the party in 1996.

FARC is a narco-terrorist group that controls a territory within Colombia roughly the size of Switzerland, a tract sometimes called "Farclandia." The FARC insurrection has received support and assistance not only from Cuba, Communist China, and Venezuelan Marxist ruler Hugo Chavez, but also from the Clinton administration, which supported the cession of the 15,000-square mile territory to the rebels.

Following the announcement of the "Good Friday" peace plan for Ireland in 1998, the IRA was stricken from the official list of "foreign terrorist organizations" published by the State Department. The Irish accord called for power sharing among Catholic and Protestant residents of Ulster, and for both the IRA and unionist (pro-British) paramilitary organizations to disarm. Nevertheless, a paramilitary spin-off calling itself the "Real IRA" has kept up its terrorist campaign, including an August 1998 bombing in Omagh that killed 29 people -- the largest single act of terror in Northern Ireland in 30 years.

Furthermore, as the July 21st issue of The Spectator of London reports, beneath its mask of respectability, Sinn Fein has become invoked in "racketeering, which may include drug-dealing." In classic Marxist fashion, Sinn Fein is organizing front groups around various grievances, "including the drug trade" -- even as its death squads are using gangland-style violence to bring the lucrative narcotics trade under the party's control.
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Date:Sep 24, 2001
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