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IR sorter separates PLA bottles from PET.

Research by National Recovery Technologies, Inc. (NRT), Nashville, Tenn., a producer of mass-sorting equipment for waste plastics, indicates that NRT's infrared sorters will successfully separate polylactic acid (PLA) bottles from PET bottles. NRT's Multisort IR sorter separates PLA bottles from PET into a fraction containing PVC and all other non-PET plastics. PLA is a biodegradable polymer derived from bacterial fermentation of cornstarch. It is produced by NatureWorks LLC (formerly Cargill Dow), Minnetonka, Minn. As we reported in January, the first PLA bottles were recently commercialized for spring water and dairy products. NRT: (615) 734-6400 * PTDirect: 437YK
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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