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IPTV Operators Use New Services Such As NPVR and VOD To Differentiate Themselves from Cable and Satellite Companies.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the Multimedia Research Group report: Winning IPTV Content Strategies to their offering.

The new Winning IPTV Content Strategies Report 2006 analyzes the step-by-step process of creating differentiated local IPTV (IPTV) services in widely varied global markets. "The markets in Europe and Asia differ considerably from those in the US," states Bob Larribeau, IPTV Program Director, "because US cable has already built up on-demand and interactive services and 2-way capabilities in most of their networks. This is not true in China, Europe and much of the Rest of the World."

The content strategies for addressing markets dominated by cable and satellite must be stronger than in markets dominated by free-to-air. The report illustrates the kind of success that can be achieved with a strong content offering that does not require forced buy-through common in cable markets. New services such as NPVR, VOD (Video on Demand), and games are important ways that IPTV operators are differentiating themselves from cable and satellite companies; while some operators are providing VOD content in (low cost) linear form as a starter-service to get people used to the new content.

The report also analyzes other advanced services including premium programming in a SVOD (Subscription VOD) format; sports as a means to "prime the market," and tiered and ala-carte services. Internet video (video on the Internet) is also explored as both a competitor and a source of content for IPTV operators, since Yahoo, Google, and others are working to capture the TV market. One positive outcome of this debate is that content providers are awakening to different distribution strategies that should improve the position of IPTV.

Profiles of consultants and aggregators (IBM, LVN, and others) and content owners are also included to aid IPTV operators.

The report also profiles the strategies of regional IPTV leaders like PCCW and City Telecom (Hong Kong); KDDI, NTT, Verizon, FastWeb, Free, Neuf, France Telecom, SureWest, Manitoba Telecom, Video Systems Ltd (London), and others spanning Europe, Asia, North America and emerging markets.

Topics Covered

1 Executive Summary

1.1 IPTV Market Environments and Strategies

1.2 Content Types for IPTV Networks

1.3 Service Provider Content Strategies

1.4 Consultants and Content Aggregators

1.5 New Content Strategies

1.6 Developing Winning IPTV Content Strategies

1.7 Opportunities, Risks, and Recommendations

2 IPTV Market Environments and Strategies

2.1 Pay TV Markets

2.2 Free TV Markets

2.3 Content Types for IPTV Networks

3 Service Provider Content Strategies

3.1 Market Based Content Strategies

3.2 Service Providers

4 Consultants and Content Aggregators

4.1 Media Consultants

4.2 Content Aggregators

4.2.1 TVN Entertainment

5 New Content Strategies

5.1 Content Providers

6 Developing Winning IPTV Content Strategies

6.1 Characterize the Market

6.2 Characterize the Competition

6.3 Identify Resources

6.4 Develop Content Strategy

6.5 Develop Promotion Strategy

6.6 Develop Content Enhancement Strategy

7 Opportunities, Risks, and Recommendations

7.1 Opportunities

7.2 Risks

7.3 Recommendations

Table of Figures

Table of Tables

Companies Mentioned

PCCW - City Telecom - France Telecom - Free - Neuf - NTT - KDDI - Softbank - Verizon - FastWeb - SureWest - Manitoba Telecom - Video Systems Ltd (London) - Yahoo - LVN - Google - IBM

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Date:May 31, 2006
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