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IPRN, International PR Network, Becomes World's Largest Independent PR Agency Network.

* 65 agencies, in 30 countries, with a staff of 2.500 professionals

* Fee income for US $190 million

* Agencies in every continent including developing markets such as China , Brazil and eastern Europe

* 2012 April , Members meet in Argentina for their annual summit

LONDON -- IPRN (International Public Relations Network) is now the largest independent PR agency network in the world with the widest spread of coverage in every continent and includes members in developing markets such as China, Brazil and Eastern Europe.

Currently i5 agencies in 30 countries, with a staff totalling 2.500 PR professionals generating a fee income of U$S 190 million.

The "GLOCAL" value

"The value of independence and the professional integrity of owner directors with their commitment to client service and campaign achievement, is the most important distinguishing advantage of IPRN when compared with the big multi-national agency groups", says Patricio Carvajal, Managing Director of Colombo Prensa Comunicacion, the leading PR agency in Argentina and current Chairman of IPRN.

Offering 'local knowledge, global reach' the network can fulfils both these criteria through international or selected national campaigns for its clients.

Flexibility is also a key aspect of working across several countries where there are varying budget and market needs. Every member country treats a campaign as individual to their market, using the same strategy but often deploying different tactics achieve optimum results.

Major international clients such as Diebold , Mentholatum Healthcare, Amtico, Fairchild, Schoeffler Automotive and Compair have used the capabilities of IPRN members to identify the public relations opportunities in each individual market in international campaigns.

Growing network in growing markets

IPRN has recently added new members to the network. BlueFocus who are headquartered in Beijing and have twenty three regional offices covering all regions of China; EPR Comunicacao Corporativa in Brazil and PR & More in Romania, all are located in critical, emerging markets within the current international context.

Additionally IPRN has strengthened its representation in the political arena of the European Economic Union with the membership of specialist EU agency EU-Turn a specialist agency based in Brussels

"Our goals for the next year include growing our network in Latin America. As part of this strategy our next Annual General Meeting will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in April 2012. We invite leading agencies throughout the South American continent to contact us and join our expanding client focussed network of IPRN" mentioned Patricio Carvajal

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