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IPC chides EPA over TRI reform.

Bannockburn, IL -- IPC ( in September issued a statement supporting the U.S. EPA's actions to amend the Toxics Release Inventory program but noted concerns over its limited benefits to electronics manufacturers. In a statement, IPC environmental policy director Fern Abrams said, "IPC certainly appreciates the EPA's efforts, but we're a bit disheartened that the EPA's proposals will not provide the manufacturing sector with burden reductions of any significance."

Recent TRI Burden Reduction Initiatives announced by the EPA include a proposed rule that would increase the number of TRI reporters eligible to use the short TRI Form A. Abrams said the move would have little benefit for most facilities. "While the EPA proposes allowing facilities reporting lead and other persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) chemicals to use the shorter Form A, it only applies if they are reporting zero releases," Abrams said. "When combined with the agency's failure to address enforcement concerns for facilities using Form A, it is likely that very few facilities will utilize this burden reduction option."

EPA also plans to notify Congress of its intentions to change the TRI Reporting requirement from annual reporting to alternate-year reporting, thus providing some relief to a select number of TRI reporters, IPC said.

Abrams said such a move would be "win-win for all involved" as it would cut the reporting burden in half across the board.

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Author:Buetow, Mike
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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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