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IPARD 2 funds modern dairy farms: the dairy farm situation is not very favorable at the moment.

At the moment, the building and equipment for dairy farming with 30 milk cows costs around 150,000 euro. However, with the production of milk, calves, compost and with the help of state subsidies, this investment might return in 5 years, according to the calculations conducted by the competent Ministry for the project regarding the free technical assistance for companies. In addition to the default value, farmers can demand irrevocable funds in the range of 60 to 80 percent from the two financial programs, i.e. the European fund from the IPARD 2 program and the European agricultural fund for rural development. If they use bank loans, they can apply for 50 percent subsidies for interest rate, if the interest rate is not higher than 8 percent. The dairy farm situation is not very favor able at the moment. Most of them are improvised or adapted facilities, near households, with small capacity and poor conditions for quality milk production.

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Title Annotation:AGRICULTURE
Publication:Macedonian Business Monthly
Date:Jun 1, 2017
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