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ION Networks unveils `disposable' security tokens.

ION Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:IONN), a provider of infrastructure security solutions that protect critical information and infrastructure from internal and external security threats, recently announced the introduction of `disposable' software-based authentication tokens into its ION Secure solutions suite, representing the first in a set of product announcements the Company expects to make in the coming weeks.

Based on 3DES encryption standards and available for PalmOS, RIM Blackberry and Microsoft Windows platforms, ION Secure 520 Soft Tokens are software applications designed to replace physical authentication tokens found in the form of a smart card or key fob.

"ION Networks continues to execute on its strategy of securing enterprise networks through innovative solutions that offer coexistence and flexibility," said Kam Saifi, ION's President and Chief Executive Officer. "ION Secure Soft Tokens are specifically designed for companies who have outsourced maintenance and support of their IT infrastructure to third party organizations. These organizations routinely connect to a company's network devices and applications and thus have access to critical business data, representing a significant security concern. ION solutions, together with ION Secure Soft Tokens, are designed to provide a cost effective vendor management solution to address this potentially serious threat."

Numerous reports--including the recently available "National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace"--have estimated that approximately 70% of all corporate network attacks come from `trusted users' or `insiders.'

"We see immense value in the ability for corporations to mandate third party authentication via disposable tokens," commented Tom Loughran, Founder and General Manager of InfoPath Service Assurance, an Alpharetta, Georgia based IT service provider who recently completed successful beta-testing of the latest ION Secure solutions. "By employing ION solutions to define and enforce flexible--yet secure--vendor management policies, companies can further minimize threat to their critical data."

ION Networks also announced the most recent release of the ION Secure PRIISMS Administrator Portal that--as part of its administration functionality--distributes secret key information required to activate the soft tokens. PRIISMS can be configured so that upon completion of a session, a user is deactivated instantaneously, providing enhanced security by expiring specific keys, allowing one time only access.

"Soft tokens are less expensive, more easily managed, and 100% disposable," said David Thompson, Senior Research Analyst at METAGroup. "By implementing a soft token strategy for authentication of third party administrative users, enterprises can offer mobile flexibility, reduce costs and conform to the very highest security policies."

ION Secure 520 Soft Token licenses are available to participants of ION Networks' SecureCare maintenance program.

ION Networks, Inc. is a provider of infrastructure security and management solutions. ION Secure solutions help customers protect critical infrastructure and maximize operational efficiency while lowering operational costs. ION Networks' customers include AT&T, Bank of America, British Telecom, Citigroup, Entergy, Fortis Bank, Oracle, Qwest, SBC, Sprint and the U.S. Government. Headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, the Company has installed tens of thousands of its products worldwide from its sales and operations facilities in the United States, Livingston, Scotland and Antwerp, Belgium, and its distribution channels on four continents.
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Comment:ION Networks unveils `disposable' security tokens.
Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Sep 30, 2002
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