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INXS Star Garry Beers Refutes Daughter Lucy-Mae's Claims, Insists He's a Good Father and Decent Man.

Garry Beers is "deeply hurt and saddened" by his daughter Lucy-Mae Beers' allegations that he is an "egotistical" man who abandoned his family "like stray dogs." The INXS bassist insist that he is known as a "decent guy and a good father," adding that he is considering suing the media that published his daughter's comments.

Lucy-Mae, 22, recently published a first-person piece about her alleged absentee father for News Corp Australia. The piece was also published in the ( Daily Mail . According to Lucy, the 57-year-old "D-list rock star" suffers from "Peter Pan syndrome" and had a "diet of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll."

Among the accusations Lucy wrote include Beers cheating on her pregnant mother while she waited on him with a brand new Harley Davidson at home and him leaving of his family to marry one of his conquests.

"We are a decade on, and I am lucky to receive an email on my birthday - never filled with anything more than petty small talk, attached photos of his two-year-old blonde twins and the frequent sign-off of, 'I am you Father' - which is obviously always read in the voice of Darth Vader," Lucy wrote.

She added that after the miniseries "INXS: Never Tear Us Apart" aired in February, her father sent him a "lovely egotistical" email that asked her what she thought of actor Hugh Sheridan playing him.

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These are all denied by Beers, who questioned the timing of his daughter's publication piece. He alleged Lucy chose to publish his accusations as she is seeking a career in journalism.

Beers answered in detail Lucy's comments about him, telling the media that he isn't "immature, childlike or divorced from reality," which were perhaps what Lucy meant when she called him suffering from Peter Pan syndrome. He also denied her claim that even getting an email on her birthday was rare.

"In January this year, I sent the girls [Lucy and Matilda, his younger daughter, 18] eight hours of video footage from their childhood on a hard disk that I painstakingly put together. They loved it," he said.

As for cheating on their mother, Jodie Crampton, he said there was only one time that he had an affair. It was during INXS's 1997 tour, and he admitted it to his then-wife immediately. He also did not marry the woman who was waiting outside his gigs while his family were inside.

"I did not meet my current wife, Jourdan, until five years after my first wife and I were divorced," he defended his wife, adding that Jourdan is hardworking and independent and the "love of my life."

"She was the one who mentioned that the INXS miniseries was to feature Hugh Sheridan and that she was excited as he was one of her favourite actors," he continued, attempting to debunk her claim that he wrote her a "lovely egotistical" email after the miniseries aired.

"Lucy claims that I 'thrived off a diet of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.' This is untrue. Anyone who has met me will know that I am a decent guy and a good father," he insisted.

Beers is now considering legal action against the media that published Lucy's "cruel, blatant lies."

Lucy, on the other hand, doesn't care what her father thinks, telling ( Fairfax Media , "I know he'll react badly and I'll probably get some sort of response and it won't be nice but I'm prepared for that. I just wanted our story out there because it's my truth. I have a voice as well and just because he's sort of a celebrity it doesn't mean he can go around saying whatever lies."
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Date:Dec 10, 2014
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