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INX International sponsors PIA PrintGuard training.

For what types of safety violations are printers most likely to be cited by OSHA? Which violations draw the heaviest fines? How can printers not only prevent injuries and lost-time accidents, but also simplify and reduce regulation compliance time and paperwork--and lessen their chances of being targeted for OSHA inspection?

These are but a few issues covered during the two-day, OSHA-sanctioned PrintGuard Train-the-Trainer sessions conducted by the Printing and Imaging Association (PIA) of MidAmerica. INX International Ink Co. is partnering PIA in hosting these safety and health training classes, the fourth consecutive year in which the company has taken a leadership role in supporting this program.

This year, the revised program will also include a new module on ergonomics in select locations.

"This is the first and only ongoing nationwide course that is custom-tailored for printers," said Brian Rutherford, regulatory specialist and PIA PrintGuard coordinator. "Course topics are specifically chosen for their relevance to printers. Class presentations incorporate printer-site photographs, OSHA inspection reports from printers and also a targeted 'virtual safety inspection' of printing operations developed in partnership with OSHA."

Hundreds of print industry professionals--from chief executives to pressmen in multi-million dollar operations as well as small print shops--have participated in the PrintGuard classes in recent years. Upon completion, attendees also receive certification that they have satisfied requirements for the OSHA 10-Hour Course for General Industry.

"In addition to covering equipment and employee safety items," Mr. Rutherford said, "our classes help simplify voluminous, often-conflicting regulations and guidelines. We help clarify what's important--and what's not--and explain crucial aspects of OSHA interpretations of certain regulations."

PrintGuard classes are scheduled during the coming months as follows: * Dallas, TX, July 19-20; Printing & Imaging Assoc. of Mid-America; (800) 788-2040.

* St. Louis, MO, Aug. 23-24; Printing Industries of St. Louis; (314) 962-6780.

* Nashville, TN, Sept. 21-22; Printing Industries of the South, (615) 366-1094.

* Baltimore, MD, Oct. 18-19; Printing Industries of Maryland; (410) 560-3300.

Class sizes are limited, and Mr. Rutherford said there is a nominal fee.
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