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INX International Ink Co. (Company Profiles 2003).


Headquartered in Elk Grove Village, IL, INX International Ink Co. is the third largest producer of ink in North America and a global supplier as part of Sakata Inx worldwide operations. We are an industry leader offering a full line of ink and coating technology for packaging and commercial print applications. Our products include metal decorating, flexographic, gravure, heatset, lamination, corrugated, sheetfed and UV/EB inks, as well as UV/EB and aqueous coatings.


INX International Ink Co. provides quality inks and coatings for all types of printing applications. In the narrow web arena we provide flexographic inks (water, solvent and UV), UV letterpress inks, UV screen inks (rotary and flat bed), UV offset inks (conventional), gravure inks, and overprint varnishes.


Our expertise at INX International Ink Co. is in product technology. We have spent more than 90 years developing some of the most sophisticated high-tech inks in the world. Inks that meet the changing needs of our customers and support technological advances. Our trained sales force and technical service personnel know our products technically, and provide around-the-clock technical service, ink seminars, and problem solving so that you do the most efficient and cost effective printing jobs possible.


INX International Ink Co. has more than 30 operations throughout North America. The main manufacturing site for narrow web inks is in Kansas City, KS. In addition, INX has invested $40 million in expansion projects, which include worldclass R&D facilities in West Chicago, IL, and in Japan, as well as state-of-the- art manufacturing capabilities in Appleton, WS.


INX International Ink Co. offers a full line of narrow web inks & coatings:

* AquaTech: Quality water-based inks for various printing applications on a multitude of substrates.

* INXCure: UV/EB curable inks and coatings that cover flexographic, letterpress, and rotary screen printing processes.

* INXFlex 1000: Pourable high strength UV inks that will obtain densities on 1,000 line anilox cylinders and higher.

* INXScreen R.S.: Traditional or silicone-free rotary screen inks that will allow trapping of flexo inks without the need for a flow package.

In addition, INX offers a full line of ink and coating technology for packaging and commercial print applications.


INX International Ink Co. prides itself on its relationships with its customers. Our Color Management Group, along with our proprietary INXManager software, can provide the answers to our customers when dealing with dispensers, spectrophotometers, and smart scales. The INXManager software is the best in the industry and will weigh and match colors, track inventory, work off old inventory, issue ink cost per job, and issue environmental reports as needed.

In addition, the INX corporate website, located at, provides printers with access to a wide variety of information, including valuable tips from our troubleshooting databases, presentations, updates and data from our sales team, and training materials for our product lines. It is a convenient, user-friendly way to learn more about INX, our products and our services.

INX International Ink Co.

Hal Clifton, National Product Manager -- Narrow Web

Tel: 913-371-7117


Joe Krstulic, National Technical Director - Kansas City

Tel: 913-371-7117, ext. 310

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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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