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1. Robert Dennard invented RAM, which help these machines remember.

5. Chester Carlson's invention helped the Xerox company make this famous.

7. Creating new ways to do tasks is as American as apple_____.

8. The Wright Brothers had their hearts set on flight. Now, we can fly like a bumble_____.

9. Rudolf Diesel invented one of these. His last name is a good clue!

10. When Igor Sikorsky developed the helicopter, people could fly without using a _____ way.

11. Thomas Edison's electric _____ made it easier for people to work at night.

13. Benjamin _____ was many things, including an inventor.


1. After Johannes Gutenberg invented the_____press, all the world began to read.

3. Charles Goodyear invented vulcanized rubber. His name was given to tires for our car, round and hard and black as_____

4. Cyrus McCormick saw what farmers needed for their grain. He invented a mechanical_____, which harvests fast without pain.

5. George Eastman invented dry-rolled film and a small hand-held_____.

6. George Washington Carver convinced farmers to plant_____. He invented products that could be made from them.

8. Alexander Graham_____is credited with the invention of the first telephone.

12. Eli Whitney invented the cotton_____a machine used to pick out all the seeds from cotton.

by Jams Waldrop

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Author:Waldrop, Jams
Publication:Fun For Kidz
Date:Jan 1, 2018
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