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 LOS ANGELES, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Television has gone to the dogs and this particular dog is shaping it and the toy world forever. Meet Toby Terrier and His Video Pals, created and distributed exclusively by Tiger Electronics Inc., a leader in revolutionary innovations in toys and games for kids of all ages.
 When Toby is placed in front of a television set watching one of his specially produced videotapes, he magically comes to life, responding physically and audibly in a myriad of ways to the action on the screen. Just pop in one of Toby's tapes, and your child is ready for a fun- filled 30 minutes of singing, dancing and learning fun.
 Toby's head moves as he talks and barks, and his tail wags with all the excitement of a real dog. Toby comes ready to talk with an extensive vocabulary. Special expansion cartridges sold with additional tapes will increase his vocabulary even more, enhancing the interaction Toby has with your child.
 Toby has a receiver located in his collar tag. When he sits in front of the TV he is able to detect invisible signals coming from the videotape. Advanced electronics inside the receiver decipher the signals and select the desired voice or action so Toby is able to interact with the video. He can growl when a bad guy appears on screen, laugh at a joke told by one of the video characters, and move his head and tail in rhythm to musical selections sung by all of Toby's friends.
 Toby will make his national debut in a spectacular staged national tour. The event will begin in Houston on Oct. 8 and travel to major shopping malls in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and all the top ten cities in the United States. Tiger Electronics, sees the tour as a "Nationwide Party" for Toby, who will officially be available nationally in September. In addition, Toby, has been named the official mascot of the Starlight Foundation's "Kids' Club" and will appear at an Oct. 2 event in Los Angeles co-hosted by Emma Samms and Mel Gibson.
 Roger Goddu, executive vice president of Merchandising for Toys 'R Us, called Toby Terrier and His Video Pals, "Innovative ... with Toby, children are drawn into the program." Goddu added, "Toby Terrier and His Video Pals has the potential to be a real breakthrough toy product by taking advantage of video electronic technology, combining it with plush to create a more sophisticated electronic plush at a realistic price point."
 Talk of Toby has been virtually non-stop since his introduction at Toy Fair. Roger Shiffman, executive vice president for Tiger said, "Virtually all major toy retailers have big plans for Toby this year. We see 1993 as just the beginning for Toby. He is on the ground floor of a whole new world of innovative, interactive and creative playthings."
 Each show features Toby and a cast of hysterical hounds that make up television station W.O.O.F. There's Don Dane, Billy The Bulldog, Bob Barkley, Charlie Chihuahua and the vivacious Afghana, each doing their part to help Toby "paw" his way to the top.
 The original Toby and his Video Pals tapes are produced by the award-winning team of Sid and Marty Krofft. The duo known for projects such as H.R. Puff N' Stuff, Land of The Lost, and DC Follies, brings more than 25 years of children's programming excellence to the project.
 Among the seven shows being released in 1993 are "Singin' and Dancin' and Waggin' Our Tails!" (kids will rock with laughter when a rock n' roll star visits W.O.O.F.), "Safety First!" (everything at the station goes hysterically out of control when W.O.O.F. enters a Safety Week Contest), "Time For a Party!" (kids are invited to Afghana's costume party where pretending and games are on the menu), and "Walking On The Sunny Side!" (kids blast off with the station in this sci-fi comedy).
 You can find Toby Terrier and His Video Pals at these fine stores nationwide: FAO Schwartz, Toys 'R Us, JC Penney, Speigel Catalog, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target, Service Merchandise, KayBee, ShopKo, Venture and Best Buy. Toby Terrier, including the "Meet Toby Terrier" videotape retails for about $50. Additional video adventures featuring Toby are $12.99, and Adventures "Plus" videos with speech expansion cartridge are $14.99 each.
 For information about Toby Terrier, contact Tiger Electronics Inc. 980 Woodlands Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL; 708-913-8100. Toby, Toby Terrier and His Video Pals, and related character names are trademarks of Tiger Electronics Inc.
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