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 MILWAUKEE, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- RED STAR(R) Yeast & Products, which produces the most diversified line of yeast products in North America, announced a new yeast specifically formulated for use in bread machines. The Bread Machine Yeast can be used in all bread machines, and it produces larger loaves using less yeast than a regular active dry yeast. Therefore, usage of RED STAR(R) Yeast & Products' Bread Machine Yeast results in quality bread at a lower cost to the consumer.
 The advent of the bread machine has made the yeast industry more competitive than ever. Industry officials predict that sales will reach as high as 1.25 million units in 1993, and statistics presented at the recent meeting of the Home Baking Association forecast annual sales of bread machines at 1.45 million by 1995. RED STAR(R) introduced its Bread Machine Yeast at the Gourmet show in San Francisco, the first week in May of 1993. According to Information Resource, Inc., as of August 1993, the volume of RED STAR(R) yeast sales is up 9.6 percent on a 52-week basis versus the competition's increase of 1.3 percent.
 According to Jerry Groniger, national sales manager of the Consumer and Food Service Division of RED STAR(R) Yeast & Products, "Bread machine usage accounts for 10 to 15 percent of home yeast usage. Every million bread machines sold equals approximately four percent growth in consumer yeast. Unit sales for bread machines in 1993 are estimated to reach more than a million!" He continued, "Our innovative Research & Development Department literally spent months developing our special Bread Machine Yeast."
 Dr. James Foy, director of Research & Development for RED STAR(R), explained, "Regular active dry yeast was originally designed for the traditional oven-baking. We needed to develop a bread machine yeast that would activate right away and has a staying power, which is necessary for the longer cycle required when baking with a bread machine." He added, "We also took into consideration the varying levels of protein in flour. Our Bread Machine Yeast is a stronger formula; it's more forgiving of lower quality flour than the fast-acting dry yeast of others."
 In response to consumer requests for yeast "in bulk at a reasonable price," RED STAR(R) packages its Bread Machine Yeast in seven-ounce jars, accommodating the heavy yeast user who owns a bread machine. Brian Thornquist, marketing manager of the Consumer and Food Service Division of RED STAR(R) Yeast & Products, noted, "Our new label and packaging assists us in positioning our new Bread Machine Yeast in places where yeast products have not typically been found, such as gourmet food and department stores." He continued to discuss the collaborated marketing efforts of RED STAR(R) with WELBILT Appliance, Inc., forerunner of the automatic bread machine: "We are carving a niche in the bread machine market with our unique Bread Machine Yeast by being the first to do promotions with a bread machine manufacturer." The RED STAR(R) Yeast & Products/WELBILT(R) recipe club, introduced only three years ago, is already approaching 100,000 members. A coordinated advertising campaign, in-store demonstrations, couponing and direct mail are also marketing methods employed by RED STAR(R) to launch the introduction of its original Bread Machine Yeast.
 RED STAR(R) Yeast & Products, a division of Universal Foods Corporation (NYSE: UFC), is headquartered in Milwaukee. It is proud to be the only major American-made/American-owned yeast company. It is the largest and most diverse producer of yeast and yeast-related products in North America. The company has a toll-free helpline to answer any questions regarding yeast or baking, 800-445-4746.
 -0- 10/5/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: A free photograph depicting the striking design of RED STAR Yeast & Products' new label and packaging for its Bread Machine Yeast is available immediately to any media with telephoto receiver or electronic darkroom (PC or Macintosh) that can accept overhead transmissions. To retrieve a photo, please call 214-416-3686; or call Business Development Directives, 800-497-9510, and ask for RED STAR Yeast & Products' Bread Machine Yeast photograph./
 /CONTACT: Brian Thornquist of RED STAR, 414-347-3894/

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