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Dr. Mohammad Al-Obaida

President of the Saudi Dental Society

When it comes to state of the art CAD/CAM technology in dental laboratories, then patients are in best hands at ZTLM Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian. His numerous lectures on the subject are impressive proof of this. Not only has the proprietor of the dental laboratory Cera Tech in Liestal near Basel been a CAD/CAM user from the very beginning but he also has provided valuable input into the technology's development through his active participation in it. Recently he has become the owner of KaVo's new ARCTI- CA system. We wanted get his first impressions from work with the system.

Mr. Kaufmann, you recently started using KaVo's ARCTI- CA CAD/CAM system. You have extensive experience with CAD/CAM systems. What do you consider to be ARCTICA'S particular advantages?

Mr. Kaufmann: "First of all there is the striped light scanner. I particularly like that it is a semi-automatic design. With fully automated systems I often encounter problems with cumber- some re-scans when the first scan was incomplete. Scans that require essentially no corrective work can be achieved with very little experience. In addition, it works extremely fast. And even in cases where the scan shows gaps the model can be repositioned accordingly, perhaps by tilting, and the software applies any subsequent corrections automatically."

And what are your experiences with the grinding unit?

Mr. Kaufmann: "I really appreciate that it is a compact 5-axis system that not only uses blanks very economically but also that I am finally able to process metal, a think that up until now was not possible with small systems."

Is zirconium dioxide still important nowadays?

Mr. Kaufmann: "There are still dentists who request metal frameworks. When CrCo alloys are required, we have them externally made by selective laser sintering. When biocompatibility is required, it has to be titanium. We process a large number of titanium connecting bar and up until now had to have them fabricated externally.

Now we are able to do this in house and design is simple and fast by means of the software provided.

Regarding the software: How practical is it?

Mr. Kaufmann: "It is fantastically simple. E.g. during the design of an anterior bridge, the automatically proposed crown can be moved and rotated through key combinations which is considerably faster and simpler that with other solutions that require multiple key clicks. And its operation is intuitive to learn: Within half an hour of receiving it I was able to do a bar design with- out a hitch and without receiving any training. KaVo's hotline with remote support is equally fantastic and useful especially in the early stages when one might have the occasional problem: These consultants are highly competent, can log in remotely and point out mistakes on your own screen or give hints on how to do things even faster."

The multiCAD Software is equipped with open interfaces, but not every scanner supplier offers open interfaces. How much data transfer can you utilise?

Mr. Kaufmann: "We are not only able to do this with manufacturers that provide STL files but also with others who still believe in the advantages of proprietary systems. We are using Rhino's dental shaper for this purpose; it can convert all relevant data sets to compatible STL files. You also use a printer (Solidscope)."

Are you using ARCTICA data in there as well?

Mr. Kaufmann: "Yes. We have decided to no longer do the wax coating for precious metal castings by hand as this is very simple and fast done in the KaVo software. We design the framework on the PC and transfer the STL data directly to the printer. The printer is very accurate and saves us a lot of work."

Besides KaVo's blocks of titanium, Zirconium, glass-infused ceramics and plastic, there is the option of using other materials.

Do you use them?

Mr. Kaufmann: "We have the open system and do both Alongside KaVo's materials we use blocks by RealLife and Cad-Temp blocks by Vita. And we fabricate our own plastic / wax blocks that we can use via the exchangeable holder"

Could you share your experience with the Implant module?

Mr. Kaufmann: "We fabricate connecting bars from titanium with bonded bases. We also use titanium bonded bases for our zirconium abutments since we have bad experiences with whole zirconium abutments with screw connection - they came lose over time. For lateral applications we also fabricate titanium abutments which we weld to the bonding base. The design of these abutments too is amazingly simple: One draws what one thinks."

On behalf of the conference organizing committee, I would like to introduce to you the King Saud University 15th International Dental Conference and the 25th for the Saudi Dental Society under the theme "Research and Technology in Oral Health Care" This conference is a joint collaborative effort of King Saud University, College of Dentistry and the Saudi Dental Society. With the continuous success of our previous conferences and the Saudi Dental Society's merit on being the top amongst all the dental organizations in the Kingdom, I enjoin you to remain committed to our practice by constantly updating ourselves and aspiring to be the best for the community we vow to serve.

We have world renowned foreign speakers from all disciplines of the dental practice for the scientific seminars, the workshops and the hands-on education that our members have requested. One of the highlights of the conference is the Research Award for Graduates Students and Poster Award presentation.

This is one way of providing the best service and support for our members and colleagues. The exhibition offers attendees the opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of the latest products, services, tools and technologies available in today's global market.

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Date:Mar 30, 2014
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