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 ROCKVILLE, Md., Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Today INTERSOLV (NASDAQ-NMS: ISLI) announced a new release of Excelerator II, its leading analysis and design tool for client/server ac?ations. This release delivers features which allow users to develop client/server applications in a more efficient, flexible and cost-effective manner while ensuring their efforts meet both immediate and long-term business objectives.
 INTERSOLV also announced it has signed marketing and development agreements with Powersoft and Gupta, leading providers of client/server development tools. Under the terms of the agreements, Powersoft's PowerBuilder and Gupta TeamWindows products will be interfaced with INTERSOLV's Excelerator II. In addition, INTERSOLV and its two partners will take part in joint marketing activities.
 "Developers building client/server applications need a strong design foundation to ensure they'll be able to scale up, integrate and maintain their software in current and future computing architectures," said Kevin Burns, president and CEO of INTERSOLV. "A well-thought-out design complements the RAD approach used by most of today's 4GLs, allowing customers to gain the benefits of end-user prototyping without creating disparate `islands of information.' To design applications successfully in the client/server world, developers need a tool which supports the modeling of distributed data across multiple heterogeneous DBMS's as well as the design of event-driven systems, graphical user interfaces and object-orientation. INTERSOLV is the only vendor delivering these next-generation analysis and design tools today."
 "For a RAD project to be successful in today's computing environment, you need workgroup analysis and design tools that enable project teams to share objects and work in parallel on one set of common objects," said Debra Marinelli of Pennzoil. "INTERSOLV Excelerator II provides us with this capability through a LAN repository that is unparalleled in the market today. In addition, with Excelerator II, we did not have to give up Information Engineering to get workgroup-enabled analysis and design."
 Excelerator II -- New Features Support Client/Server Development
 INTERSOLV has added the following features to Excelerator II to increase the speed, flexibility and cost-effectiveness with which users develop client/server applications:
 -- Diagram Editor: Dramatically increases the speed and ease with
 which developers can complete data, process and event modeling.
 -- Client/Server Development Application Guide: Decreases training
 time by leading users through client/server system development.
 -- Support for Data, Process and Event-Driven Design: Provides
 users with the flexibility to choose the correct client/server
 development cycle to meet their unique needs.
 -- Expanded SQL DDL Generation to Target Client/Server RDBMS's.
 Increases support for popular client/server databases including
 sybase and Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2/2, Micro
 Decisionware Gateway and DB2.
 Excelerator -- Most Flexible, Scalable Tool for Analysis and Design
 INTERSOLV Excelerator II, one of the world's first mainstream object-oriented applications, is the leading full-function analysis and design tool for developers building applications in client/server environments. It provides a single, consistent environment from which robust information systems can be designed for production environments including PC-LAN, mainframe and midrange targets.
 INTERSOLV Excelerator II is the only analysis and design tool which allows developers to customize the development process to meet their specific needs. Users can choose from multiple approaches to information systems design including data, event, process or prototype systems development.
 INTERSOLV Excelerator II also includes a methodology package which allows developers to select their preferred method of application development, be it Information Engineering, Structured Analysis and Design, SSADM, DMR Productivity Plus or a customized hybrid of a number of methods. For highly interactive Rapid Application Development (RAD), Excelerator can be integrated with the major client/server development systems including INTERSOLV's APS, Powersoft's PowerBuilder and Gupta's Team Windows.
 "Excelerator II is one of the most flexible tools on the market," said John Wyatt, president, James Martin and Company. "Using the tool's Customizer, we were able to quickly roll out a version of Excelerator II to support our Information Engineering Methodology. The ease with which we customized enabled us to deliver this product so rapidly we are convinced future method development using Excelerator II will enable us to continue to beat our time-to-market objectives."
 "The integration of DMR Productivity Plus and the INTERSOLV ILR allows us to create a ready-to-use workbench environment specific to the needs of our consultants and clients," said Greg Badras of DMR Group Inc. "The ILR also automatically supports methodology standards for modeling and document generation and increases the productivity of professionals by reducing the time associated with planning and adapting an application development environment to the specifics of a project."
 Pricing and Availability
 Excelerator II 1.3 is available immediately to new customers for $6,500 per authorized user. For existing Excelerator II customers on maintenance, the upgrade is available at no additional cost. The Powersoft and Gupta links will ship by year-end.
 INTERSOLV develops and markets a family of easy-to-use, yet powerful software development tools and services that operate under Windows, OS/2 and UNIX. INTERSOLV customers can develop client/server, cooperative and traditional applications to accelerate the delivery of production- grade information systems. These scalable solutions support software configuration management, maintenance and extensions of existing systems, and the development of new applications. Over 150,000 developers use INTERSOLV solutions at more than 10,000 sites worldwide.
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