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 BOSTON, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Today INTERSOLV (NASDAQ-NMS: ISLI) announced a series of new operating systems, visual workbench connections and alliances for PVCS Software Configuration Management Family. These new agreements and capabilities extend PVCS' comprehensive multi-platform support, which enables teams of client/server developers to use one consistent software configuration management system across all of their development platforms. PVCS is currently the industry standard software configuration management system.
 The announcements made include:
 -- PVCS Production Gateway 2.0 for IBM MVS, OS/2 and Windows
 -- PVCS for Microsoft Windows NT
 -- PVCS Microsoft Visual C++
 -- PVCS for Motif and OpenLook on UNIX
 -- PVCS for Symantec C++ IDDE
 -- PVCS for RTI's ControlFirst system for Problem Tracking
 "By expanding INTERSOLV's support for software configuration management in heterogeneous client/server environments, we reaffirm our commitment to meet the needs of our customers and strengthen our leadership position in this market," said Kevin Burns, president and CEO of INTERSOLV. "Customers want a single software configuration management solution which can manage all of their changing software development environments. With the addition of these key environments, INTERSOLV's PVCS family now supports 14 operating systems and 13 development environments across all types of development objects."
 INTERSOLV's PVCS announcements include:
 -- PVCS Production Gateway 2.0 for IBM MVS, OS/2 and Windows
 PVCS Production Gateway 2.0's transparent communication and new graphical user interface allows developers to easily synchronize files in LAN-based development environments with major IBM mainframe library systems. Production Gateway 2.0 is the only transparent software configuration management link built on APPC, which provides peer-to-peer communication transparency and security for the best available host-to- LAN or LAN-to-LAN networking. PVCS Production Gateway 2.0 is available today for $5,000 per server or $20,000 per site.
 -- PVCS for Windows NT
 PVCS for Windows NT provides software configuration management in the powerful native NT 32-bit processing environment. PVCS for Windows NT provides the existing functionality of PVCS 5.1 to native Windows NT, by including the robust capabilities familiar to developers on other PVCS platforms. The PVCS products for NT include Version Manager, Configuration Builder and the Developer's Toolkit. PVCS for Windows NT is available today and is priced at $499 for Version Manager, $299 for Configuration Builder and $499 for the Developer's Toolkit.
 -- PVCS Microsoft Visual C++ Interface
 PVCS for Visual C++ provides a powerful set of PVCS Version Manager's features for use with the Visual C++ programming environment. PVCS commands and on-line help are integrated in the Microsoft Visual Workbench. The PVCS Visual C++ desktop interface allows users to:
 -- record each successive revision of a work file, including
 information such as the author, date and text description of
 changes made;
 -- use locks to prevent multiple users from updating the same file
 -- easily revert to any previous revisions of a work file at any
 time; and
 -- open all revisions associated with a particular version of the
 project by assigning version labels.
 PVCS Visual C++ Interface is available immediately as part of the PVCS Version Manager product. There is no additional cost for the interface.
 -- PVCS Interface to Motif and OpenLook for UNIX
 PVCS is now available for Motif and OpenLook across a variety of UNIX environments, which include SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and SCO- based UNIX. The interfaces are functionally equivalent to the PVCS Windows and OS/2 graphical interface so that organizations developing on a variety of platforms can easily use PVCS for all projects without retraining, while UNIX-only developers benefit from ease of use. PVCS for Motif and OpenLook is an option to UNIX developers available upon request and at no additional cost.
 -- PVCS for Symantec's C++ IDDE
 INTERSOLV PVCS also established a joint marketing and development agreement with Symantec by providing a tightly coupled and documented interface for INTERSOLV's PVCS Version Manager and Symantec's C++ IDDE development environment. This agreement allows Symantec to embed PVCS Version Manager DLLs in C++ IDDE. PVCS for Symantec is available today at the Version Manager price of $499 per copy.
 -- PVCS Interface to RTI's ControlFirst for Problem Tracking
 INTERSOLV PVCS also announced an interface to Repository Technologies, Inc.'s (RTI) Control-First system (CFS) for problem tracking and release management. CFS provides a central repository for all enhancement and problem information regardless of the source. The ControlFirst interface allows users of PVCS and CFS to GET and PUT a group of source code modules associated with a problem within CFS. All PVCS locking and unlocking features are also accessible. ControlFirst is available immediately from RTI. The interface with PVCS is also available from RTI for $99 per copy.
 "Software configuration management is a critical success factor in making client/server a reality," said Joe Garry, vice president, Application System Productivity Group, Chase Manhattan Bank. "We selected PVCS because we wanted a solution with an open architecture -- one that could be used on various hardware and operating system platforms. We didn't want a different SCM mechanism for each operating environment. Chase needed something that could control virtually any type of object and could be used on either a standalone workstation, over a LAN or across multiple LANs. PVCS was the only product that met all of our requirements."
 PVCS -- The Industry Standard for SCM on the LAN
 INTERSOLV's PVCS is the de facto industry standard for SCM on the LAN because it operates across a wide variety of PC and workstation environments. PVCS provides a consistent management and control mechanism for users working under Windows, DOS, OS/2 or UNIX and a common framework for control of all types of development objects including Smalltalk, C, C++, 4GLs and COBOL. By providing one consistent SCM tool across multiple operating systems, languages and tools, PVCS allows users to enjoy the benefits of reusability, decreased training costs and increased productivity.
 The PVCS Software Configuration Management Series consists of PVCS Version Manager, PVCS Configuration Builder, PVCS Developer's Toolkit, PVCS Production Gateway and PVCS Reporter. Built on a modular architecture, the components operate seamlessly across MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2, Windows NT and many UNIX platforms including SCO-UNIX, System VR4, Intel 80x86, Solaris, SunOS and AIX.
 INTERSOLV specializes in client/server software development. The company offers customers the benefits of one-stop shopping and single vendor service across a wide spectrum of client/server technologies. INTERSOLV provides a broad suite of development tools and related services that can be used individually to fill tactical gaps in the software development process or in combination with one another to form a complete team development environment on the desktop. INTERSOLV products deliver high productivity on simple projects and are powerful enough to handle the scalability requirements of production-grade information systems without retooling. Over 150,000 developers use INTERSOLV solutions at more than 10,000 sites worldwide.
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