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Internet Security Systems (ISS) (NASDAQ:ISSX), Atlanta, has introduced the next-generation in network protection with RealSecure(R) Network Sensor (version 7.0) and RealSecure(R) Guard. Building on Internet Security System's market-leading network intrusion detection technology and pervasive protection platform, RealSecure Network Sensor and RealSecure Guard deliver the most advanced network protection capabilities available today.

Security concerns are becoming more prevalent with the proliferation of new "hybrid" threats such as the Code Red and Nimda that bypass legacy methods and detection technology used in traditional security safeguards such as standalone firewalls and anti-virus software. RealSecure Network Sensor an d RealSecure Guard deliver new capabilities that enable customers to successfully detect, prevent and respond to today's ever-changing spectrum of threats through high-speed detection, advanced protocol analysis and active blocking.

"We are proud to announce the newest evolution in intrusion protection. RealSecure Network Sensor and RealSecure Guard represent a significant leap forward in delivering the most advanced intrusion protection technology avail able today," said Dan Nadir, director of protection solutions for Internet Security Systems. "As more and more organizations look to intrusion protection as an effective means for automatic threat monitoring, detection, prevention and response, Internet Security Systems' RealSecure products continue to innovate, offering a powerful combination of best-of-breed intrusion detection technologies."

RealSecure(R) Network Sensor

RealSecure Network Sensor (7.0) represents the complete integration of Real Secure network intrusion detection and BlackICE(TM) technology resulting from ISS' acquisition of Network ICE. It includes both sophisticated protocol analysis, anomaly detection combined with RealSecure's signature based detection capabilities and supports 10/100mb to gigabit speed network segments. RealSecure Network Sensor delivers new significant benefits as follows:

* Hybrid Intrusion Detection -- RealSecure Network Sensor uses a combination of sophisticated seven-layer protocol anomaly detection an d attack pattern matching to interpret network activity. This enables the system to not only detect known attacks, but to also trigger on previously unknown attacks, and to be immune to tools that attempt to evade pure signature-based systems.

* Standard User Defined Signatures -- In addition to its advanced analysis engine, RealSecure Network Sensor now has the ability to import most of the published rules from Snort, an open-source intrusion detection system. Users can now take advantage of Internet Security Systems' X-Press Updates(TM) and publicly posted open-source rules. This new feature also enables companies to leverage their experience with unsupported network-based intrusion detection systems and upgrade to a commercially available, fully supported family of protection products without new training for signature updates.

* Cutting Edge Performance -- With new enhanced drivers, RealSecure Network Sensor is now capable of full 100MB line speed coverage and up to 90% of Gigabit networks.

* Attack Verification -- RealSecure Network Sensor now has the ability t o analyze attack traffic and the attacked system's response to determine whether the attempt was successful.

* Sophisticated Responses -- By providing a broad range of responses, RealSecure Network Sensor is able to protect as well as provide critical data required for attack investigation. The user-defined response allows any application to be used to respond to a detected attack, allowing for integration with paging solutions, trouble ticket systems, or other event management solutions.

* Automatic Product Updates -- RealSecure Network Sensors can all be updated through secure, authenticated methods. This allows for the application to be kept completely up-to-date with a minimum of work required by the user.

RealSecure(R) Guard

RealSecure Guard is the industry's first "in-line" network protection device that protects network segments, including mission critical systems, by blocking threats in real time. As traffic passes through RealSecure Guard, it is either blocked via firewall rules or it is analyzed in real time using sophisticated protocol analysis techniques for evidence of intrusion, attack or misuse. If improper behavior is detected, RealSecure Guard acts to block the attacker completely. Unlike other in-line intrusion detection and response systems, Guard's packet processing drivers ensure accurate, high-s peed monitoring without decelerating network links or otherwise slowing down traffic.

RealSecure Guard also extends protection to mainframe and mid-range servers by monitoring all traffic going to these critical devices. For example, RealSecure Guard can protect midrange systems without an agent install or server downtime. RealSecure Guard also provides protection on internal segments, by combining firewall and intrusion detection capabilities to block at tackers with a single, centrally managed device. Significant benefits of the RealSecure Guard technology include the following:

* Prevention -- RealSecure Guard dynamically blocks threats, prevents denial of service (DoS) attacks and provides static firewall blocking capabilities all in a single network security device.

* Performance -- RealSecure Guard can accurately and effectively spot attacks even on fully utilized 10/100 Mbps, full-duplex connections.

* Ease of use -- RealSecure Guard protects all inbound and outbound communications from a particular network segment without requiring operator intervention. This is critical for companies who do not have dedicated security staff.

* System Monitor -- Guard can also provide "front-door" intrusion protection for a specific computer. Mission-critical mainframes, mid- range, and performance-sensitive servers can all be effectively protected by RealSecure Guard.

Availability and Pricing

RealSecure Network Sensor 7.0 will begin release based on platform in the second quarter. RealSecure Guard is available now. Pricing for RealSecure Network Sensor starts at US$8,995. Pricing for RealSecure Guard starts at US$11,000.

About Internet Security Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Internet Security Systems (ISS) is a pioneer and world leader in software and services that protect critical information assets from an ever-changing spectrum of threats and misuse. As organizations increasingly move business operations online, the number and sophistication of threats to the networks, servers and desktops that empower these initiatives also continue to escalate. Internet Security Systems' solutions dynamically detect, prevent and respond to these threats, making Internet Security Systems the trusted security provider for more than 9,000 corporate customers. These include 49 of the Fortune 50, the top 10 largest U.S. securities firms, 10 of the world's largest telecommunications companies and major agencies and departments within U.S. local, state and federal governments. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Internet Security Systems has additional operation s throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

For more information, visit or call 888-901-7477 or 404-236-2796.
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