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 GUILDERLAND, N.Y., Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Intermagnetics General Corporation (IGC) (AMEX: IMG) today announced that in responding to a number of requests it will offer for sale superconductive magnets and associated refrigeration systems based on the company's new high- temperature superconducting (HTS) technology. HTS-based devices are expected to operate at significantly higher temperatures than conventional (low-temperature) superconducting (LTS) devices, and therefore require less costly refrigeration systems. This has the potential to make feasible the manufacture of a broader range of superconducting devices for applications at prices, which except for some notable exceptions such as MRI use, have not yet been competitive because of the perceived high cost of sustaining the ultra-low temperatures necessary for LTS operation. In addition to developing devices based solely on HTS technology, IGC is also prepared to integrate HTS materials into conventional LTS systems to enhance overall system performance.
 Intermagnetics has been developing HTS materials and devices since 1987, both independently and in collaboration with major U.S. government agencies and organizations, including the Argonne, Oak Ridge, Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories.
 In announcing this early commercialization of HTS-based products, Intermagnetics' president, Carl Rosner, stated, "We have been increasingly successful in developing wires, tapes and magnet coils using HTS materials, and we now wish to make available to the research and government communities, and to certain commercial customers, our HTS products, which now routinely demonstrate world-class performance." Since it is expected that each potential customer will have unique requirements, most Intermagnetics' HTS products will be custom designed. In addition, since many customer applications will require associated refrigeration equipment, the firm will offer bundled packages incorporating highly efficient cryostats and refrigeration systems. Rosner concluded, "We are unique among firms developing HTS materials in that we have a comprehensive and profitable LTS superconducting device design and manufacturing business as well as, in our APD Cryogenics, Inc. subsidiary, a well-established cryogenics and refrigeration capability. We believe that this vertical integration will provide to our customers a much more comprehensive, experience-based solution to their HTS needs than that which can be provided by anyone else."
 Intermagnetics General is a leader in superconductors and cryogenics. It manufactures superconducting magnets, wire and associated low temperature refrigeration equipment, the combination of which is especially useful in medical diagnostic imaging (MRI) systems. The company is dedicated to the development and commercialization of applied superconducting systems and also manufactures permanent magnet systems and material separation equipment.
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 /CONTACT: Carl H. Rosner, president, 518-456-5456, or William Dunk, 214-960-9611, both of Intermagnetics General/

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Date:Nov 10, 1993

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