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 CAMARILLO, Calif., Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Interlink Electronics (NASDAQ: LINK, LINKW) today announced that Lexmark International Inc. has awarded it a contract to produce Lexmark's requirements for sensors incorporating Interlink's patented force sensing technology.
 "Lexmark is an established manufacturer of pointing devices used in computer keyboards worldwide, most notably IBM," said E. Michael Thoben, President of Interlink. "Interlink's sensors will be incorporated into Lexmark's patented `pointing stick,' which is in turn incorporated between regular keys on a computer keyboard."
 "The advantages of the Interlink technology include lower cost, resistance to temperature changes, less power consumption, simplicity and reduced noise output," said Ray H. Reichenbach, Manager of Input Technologies for Lexmark.
 Under the terms of the agreement, shipments will begin sometime this fall. During the duration of the agreement, Lexmark will have exclusive worldwide rights to use Interlink's patented technology for pointing devices installed between regular keys on computer keyboards as long as certain minimum requirements are met.
 Although the agreement is subject to cancellation by Lexmark on relatively short notice, it is expected that this contract will result in several million dollars in shipments by Interlink to Lexmark over the next two years.
 "This represents many months of analysis and testing by our respective organizations to determine the suitability of Interlink's technology for incorporation into Lexmark's pointing stick device," said Thoben. "Additionally, Interlink and Lexmark have been working independently for many years in developing our respective technologies and customers. The potential synergies from us working together are tremendous."
 Lexmark and Interlink will work together to explore other FSR-based man machine interface products that could be jointly developed and/or marketed as a result of the working relationship.
 "The technology we will be working on can have a significant impact on the computer industry as people move away from mice and toward integrated pointing devices. One of our short-term goals is to demonstrate products at COMDEX this fall showcasing the Lexmark/Interlink technology," said Reichenbach.
 In addition to providing Lexmark with its sensors, Interlink offers modules and supporting electronics and software. The company also manufactures and sells several stand alone products. These products currently consist of the company's PortaPoint and DuraPoint products.
 PortaPoint is a revolutionary computer pointing device containing Interlink's proprietary VersaPoint technology. This product offers clear advantages over existing trackball and "mice" technology. DuraPoint, which also contains Interlink's VersaPoint technology, is a "ruggedized" computer pointing device impervious to moisture, chemicals and other contaminants, targeted at commercial, industrial and medical markets.
 Interlink also expects to launch two new stand alone products in the near future. The first will be a desktop version of Interlink's PortaPoint product. The other will be ProPoint, a remote pointing device targeting the presentation and multimedia markets.
 For 1992, Interlink reported U.S. revenues of $3.0 million. For the first six months of 1993, Interlink's revenues were up 46 percent to $2.3 million. The company raised $8.5 million through an initial public offering this past June.
 Based in Camarillo, Interlink Electronics designs, develops, manufactures and sells Force Sensing Resistors (FSRs) and complete products utilizing its proprietary FSR technology.
 Lexmark International, a former division of IBM with $2 billion in sales, is an independent worldwide company that develops, manufactures and markets IBM personal printers, IBM typewriters, information processing supplies, notebook computers and keyboards. Lexmark and IBM work together under a variety of manufacturing, marketing and distribution agreements.
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 /CONTACT: E. Michael Thoben of Interlink Electronics, 805-484-8855; or Carl R. Thompson of Carl Thompson Associates, 303-494-5472/

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