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 VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Interactive Videosystems Inc. announced today that it has signed a software license agreement with the 3DO Co. of Redwood, Calif. to develop titles for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.
 "Interactive Videosystems is excited to join 3DO's impressive group of software licensees committed to providing new titles for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system," said Ian Grant, president and chief executive officer, Interactive Videosystems. "Interactive Videosystems plans to complete production of two new interactive titles, which will be introduced for the 3DO platform in 1994," Grant added.
 The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer attaches to a television set and delivers 50 times the graphics animation performance of typical PC's and video game systems. The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer will play interactive entertainment, education, and information software, as well as music CDs, photo CDs and motion video CDs. Designed to be a worldwide standard like VHS, the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer is available in a CD-based version from Panasonic under the name FZ-1 REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. 3DO's partners include Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., AT&T, Time Warner and Electronic Arts.
 "As creators of STARMAKER, Interactive Videosystems brings their unique product ingenuity to the 3DO platform," said Bob Faber, senior vice president, Marketing and Sales, The 3DO Co. "We are happy to have Interactive Videosystems join our extended family of licensees."
 Interactive Videosystems Inc. is an interactive multimedia content developer. In addition to its MPC/CD-ROM titles, the company currently produces a line of personalized videotapes which are marketed under the company's STARMAKER trademark and are available across Canada at Black's Photography stores.
 3DO and Interactive Multiplayer are trademarks of The 3DO Co. REAL is a trademark of Panasonic Co. STARMAKER is a registered trademark of Interactive Videosystems Inc.
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 /CONTACT: Ian Grant, president, Interactive Videosystems, 604-682-2315 or Ron Shenton, W.A.T. Group of Public Companies, 604-687-3376 or Toll Free, 800-665-3390/

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Date:Nov 5, 1993

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