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 HUMBOLDT, S.D., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- InterActive Inc., (NASDAQ: IACTU), introduced today the SoundXchange Model BX. Model BX is designed primarily for network users and its suggested retail price is $169.
 The SoundXchange is the first speakerphone-style computer hardware that allows voice recording and playback with software applications that support OLE (Object Linking and Embedding). All three models of the SoundXchange (A, B, and BX) complement the business environment by providing a fully integrated business audio system allowing for immediate privacy when the user picks up the handset. All SoundXchange models also feature hands-free use.
 "The Model BX is a great example of how InterActive is reacting to the marketplace," explained Gary Kappenman, chief executive officer and president of InterActive Inc.
 "Dataquest has predicted more than 2 million PC sound solutions will be sold into businesses in 1994. We believe that a significant amount of these business audio solutions will be installed in network environments. The SoundXchange Model BX fits perfectly into the network environment because it plugs directly into the parallel port. Normally, the users of a network will use a networked printer so their PC is not connected to a printer by a parallel port. The elimination of the printer sharing capability allowed us to significantly reduce the price over the Model B, which has printer sharing capability."
 InterActive also announced today that SoundXchange Model A now supports Macintosh and Sun, as well as other computers with built-in sound capability such as Compaq Deskpro/i. Model A is perfect for those who have already purchased a sound board, such as Microsoft Windows Sound System or Creative Labs Sound Blaster. SoundXchange Model A connects to the sound board with industry standard 1/8-inch mini plugs. The suggested list price for SoundXchange Model A is $95.
 SoundXchange Model BX includes a built-in sound board. It records at frequencies of 2,750 to 11,025 Hz and plays back sound files recorded at frequencies of up to 44,100 Hz. InterActive's proprietary frequency doubling and compression technology minimizes the disk storage space required for embedded voice files. SoundXchange Model BX includes both sound digitizing and playback hardware and connects to the parallel port with the supplied cable.
 SoundXchange Model B uses a parallel pass through connector for those needing a printer and the SoundXchange connected to one computer station. The suggested list price for Model B is $229.
 InterActive's family of SoundXchange models has revolutionized the business audio and communications market. Models B and BX contain a built-in sound board and therefore eliminate the need to open the computer to insert a sound board. The telephone style handset allows for immediate privacy in receiving or recording messages and the speakerphone style features allows for hands free operation.
 InterActive designs, manufactures and markets personal computer- based multimedia products for business communications. InterActive's corporate headquarters are located at 204 N. Main, Humboldt, SD 57035. The telephone numbers are 605-363-5117 and 800-292-2112.
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