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Inter-Tel Incorporated (NASDAQ:INTL), a value-added services, software and products provider of voice and converged communications solutions for business enterprises, has introduced a series of IP endpoints that address dynamic business needs. This family of new endpoints includes multi-protocol IP desktop phones and wireless 802.11 phones, including a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) SoftPhone for Pocket PC.

These endpoints are designed to operate on converged IP networks, such as the Internet and corporate LANs/WANs, and enable work-at-home and remote off ice applications. The endpoints offer an increased range of features and functionality, all of which can be configured with either Inter-Tel's Axxess protocol or SIP, the industry standard for real-time IP communications. When used in SIP mode, the endpoints support the shared extension option. This feature allows up to five user devices to share one extension number, allowing for additional mobility and the management of one voice mail box. Incoming calls to a shared extension are sent to SIP endpoints simultaneously, allowing users to receive and manage calls from the endpoint most convenient to them. Additionally, these new IP endpoints support centralized power over LAN (IEEE compatible).

"As a protocol, SIP is designed to provide interoperability and enhanced services by connecting a wide variety of multimedia endpoints and applications together in a standard format," said Jeffrey T. Ford, Inter-Tel's chief technology officer. "With SIP as the core of Inter-Tel presence management solutions, business owners and individual users have more choices, enabling them to leverage their communications investment by selecting communication devices, applications and configurations that best meet their unique business needs."

Broadening the scope of the family to include the ability to leverage 802.11 wireless networks, Inter-Tel introduced the Model 8601 SIP SoftPhone for Pocket PC and pre-announced Models 8664 and 8665 wireless 802.11 handsets. By implementing these new wireless endpoints, businesses are offered a cost-effective solution designed to enhance employee communication beyond their traditional workspaces. Users are able to respond to critical business matters even when they're mobile throughout the workplace, leveraging the wireless LAN infrastructure that may already be in place in the organization to handle mobile data needs.

Inter-Tel also pre-announced the Model 8690, a multimedia, multi-protocol touch-screen endpoint that truly demonstrates the power of converged voice and data. The Model 8690 offers embedded Microsoft Windows CE .NET and integrates with Inter-Tel's Unified Communicator v2.1 software, extending communications beyond the enterprise infrastructure and delivering presence management to both internal and external work groups.

The new endpoints are:

Model 8601: Inter-Tel's SIP SoftPhone for Pocket PC allows users to stay connected anywhere within an 802.11 network, as well as initiate calls from their Microsoft Outlook contact lists. Basic call features include hold, transfer, conferencing, call forward, message waiting indicator and speed dial. In addition, voice processing for the Model 8601 is provided via GIPS VoiceEngine.

Model 8600: As an entry-level multi-protocol IP desktop endpoint, Model 8600 is designed as a low-cost endpoint for users who require basic functionality. Features include hold, transfer, call forward, "on-hook" dialing, conference, headset support, message waiting indicator and adjustable ringer volume.

Model 8620: Incorporating a two-line display, the mid-tier Model 8620 is a multi-protocol IP desktop endpoint with an expanded range of features. Model 8620 is designed for users within an enterprise, small business or remote office who need efficient call handling capabilities. Applications such as Inter-Tel's Unified Communicator v2.1 software, enable this endpoint to become a more powerful communication tool with enhanced presence management and call routing functionality.

Model 8662: Extending the line of Inter-Tel's multi-protocol IP desktop endpoints, Model 8662 is a cost-effective advanced phone featuring a six- line display and soft function keys. This endpoint is designed for professionals and workgroups across an enterprise that require information about calls received, as well as more advanced feature functionality for high-speed call handling.

Inter-Tel will be including the following in their family of IP endpoints, available in early 2004:

Model 8664: Providing mobility for busy office professionals, this compact wireless handset will enable users to access the extensive feature set of the Inter-Tel Converged Communications System, while mobile within an 802.11 network. This lightweight, wireless endpoint will offer superior voice quality, extended talk time and soft-key feature access-facilitating communication throughout the workplace.

Model 8665: Designed to meet demanding environmental requirements, this industrial-grade 802.11 wireless endpoint will help facilitate mobility and real-time communication. The feature-rich handset includes a high-resolution graphic display, menu-driven functions and messaging capabilities. Its convenient push-to-talk functionality enables broadcast communication between employees-eliminating the need for two-way radios.

Model 8690: Addressing the need for integrated desktop solutions that allow customers to choose how, when, where, and with whom they communicate, Model 8690 is a multimedia, multi-protocol, touch-screen IP endpoint being designed to create a framework for the integration of applications. It offers embedded Microsoft Windows CE .NET and integrates Inter-Tel's Unified Communicator v2.1 software, to allow users to enable routing rules; manage presence and availability; monitor the status of coworkers; speed-dial contacts; view call history and messages; and initiate communication sessions. Interfaces include PCMCIA and compact flash, plus a USB port and three switched Ethernet ports. The Model 8690 includes QoS/voice prioritization, echo cancellation and web-based programming. In addition, the Model 8690 features a 6.4-inch (diagonal) backlit LCD TFT color touchscreen, a full duplex speakerphone and dedicated headset jack.

"The introduction of these endpoints illustrates Inter-Tel's presence management strategy, empowering individual users to simplify how, when and where they wish to communicate," said Craig W. Rauchle, Inter-Tel's chief operating officer. "Communications can be managed through traditional means via the phone, the shared extension feature or by utilizing Inter-Tel's Unified Communicator v2.1 software. The combination of the new IP endpoints and presence management solutions is designed to help customers increase revenue, streamline operations and reduce overhead throughout the enterprise."

About Inter-Tel, Incorporated

Inter-Tel (NASDAQ:INTL) offers value-driven communications products; applications utilizing networks and server-based communications software; and a wide range of managed services that include voice and data network design and traffic provisioning, custom application development, and financial solutions packages. A provider focused on the communications needs of business enterprises, Inter-Tel employs over 1,700 communications professionals worldwide, and services business customers through a network of more than 50 company-owned, direct sales offices and over 350 authorized providers in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan.

Inter-tel cab be found on the World Wide Web at

For more information, call 775/954-1211.
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