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The following questions created the research presented here. Can one be scientific without using numbers (mathematics) or language but with reason and consistency? Yes, this was pre-20th century science, also known as natural philosophy base on empirical observation. Something needed today. It is the intention that it is scientific to use the same technique (no matter how odd the test may seem to be over time and gather data and then analysis and theorized from the data and compose a theory applied to the medicine of self healing. Evolutionary biologists are suggesting that the old ways of culture and meditation may fill in the gaps to understand the interaction between Nature's values and scientific values through intention. Retrieving what has been lost from ancient understandings gives us a view of the morphogenic field which now physicists are accepting as part of field theory. Yet there is strong resistance in methodology.

Walter Freeman: ... We neuroscientists cannot and should not expect mathematicians, physicists and chemists to solve the problem for us. Their models will not apply directly to neuropil [the grey matter of the brain]. Instead, their solutions to their problems can provide us with the analogies, metaphors, and "what-if's" that can open for us new avenues of thought. (1, 2, 3)

To choose what scientists want to study is a free choice since this comes from intuition. As Stapp concludes. "Here the word 'free' or 'free choice' stipulates that this choice is not fully determined by the material aspects of reality alone, but influenced by an input from the mind of the observer. (4) This shift in the basic dynamic structure of nature elevates our consciousness mental aspects from causally inert by-products of physical brain activity to active participates in the unfolding of a dynamically integrated psycho-physical reality". (5) Secondly Stapp says that, "The person's mind then directs, in mentally intended ways (via mental efforts that exploit the quantum dynamic laws) that person's bodily actions." (6) It is the intention here that mental intended ways also influence the network between the individual and the morphogenetic field.

Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields of Nature has habits and are recombinant according to entanglement with other hierarchies. Logically, intention also influences mental activity.

Also, human habits of disease through the morphogenetic fields (organ emanations) through intention can change bodily physiology for self-healing? (7,8,9) Also an organism through certain practices can bring Nature's habit through Will, to access the past, Now, and future of Nature's activities. Is it possible, as for example, to influence weather patterns, to also access the past through these sky fields by certain individual practices?

In non local and local healing practices in Figure 2 phase 11, instead of repeating through six phases, changed. Figure 3 below are the Phases of the field of organ energy (in the body) and non local healing in the mind. An acupuncture point is not a point but a diffuse field of about 4.8 CM above the body and inside the body 1.8 CM. (10, 11, 12). The 3rd dimensional images as shown in Phase II AA below appeared during the five years of research of organ fields. The outside of the dome is hexagons canopied in blue, inside the dome is a diffuse no form field of red and black. There is a transverse (Phase AB), outward (Phase 11AC), and inward (Phase AD) movement.

The significance of Figure 7 is the realization that human have only forward perception so getting a wide vision to the sides is impossible. Birds look to each side, do not see straight in front and have two completely different images to process. A more complete vision of what is around to each side must be centered inside the bird's image. Humans have some variation to the two front eyes in the side of the nose but not as much correction to get an image. Birds then have more of a global vision. The implications is that in meditation not to look straight ahead but put the mind in two places, to each side and different images appear. This is a big advancement in perception for meditation and to access the morphogenic fields.

In Figure 8 Below images during a 25-year period did not repeat. No intention or attention during meditation produced these. In Figure 9 below, the top row left first image appeared 35 years ago in meditation with no intention and focusing on nothing. It was stable for two years. See Figure 4 which reflects the same image. Images two and three (Figure 9) top row and second row first image never appeared again, but the technique was different. These are from Qigong meditation, in these three, the breath is used with directionality (up and down inside the Figure 9 row two figure two appeared outside the body in space body).

This technique followed the line of essence as follows; sit with spine straight gazing in front at a space about one meter away. (16) Next, breath in by focusing on a discrete area in front and bring it in front of the eyes, next exhale and take it back to the place where it started. After about 30 breaths this image appeared in the frontal space. This stayed for 30 breaths. Master Si from the Wong Tai Sin temple in China was asked what this was and he said, "immobility", form without substance.


The Ultimate Instruction Concerning the Independent Existence of the Self

Stanza 1 The venerated Shankari (Sakti), source of energy, opens her eyes and the universe is reabsorbed in pure consciousness; she closes them and the universe is manifest within her. "

Stanza 2. The sacred tremor, the very place of creation and return, is completely limitless because its nature is formless.

Stanza 3. Even within duality, the tantrika goes straight to the non-dual source, because pure subjectivity always resides immersed within it own nature.

Perception is more than receiving information from the world around, it also includes mental images as well as arising language to interpret reality. Eyes open is the bias of scientists and eyes closed give a view of inner space with no form. With eyes closed the boundary between organic, organic life and space is bridged. The proper language should be form and no form. No form does not imply no energy but potential energy to manifest in form. No form has vibration, movement and stillness all at once. Four possibilities: no form with substance and no substance, form with no substance or substance. These images are form with no substance.

Sheldrake suggests genes are not able to create form for the whole organism and sees hereditary in the morphogenic field as non-material, an underlying principle. What are these habits of nature? According to Sheldrake there are hierarchy and interaction between different levels of hierarchies create change in the habits of nature. Habits of nature must be coupled with habits of mind. In this way the intention in practical observation of inner space with eyes closed can ferret out nature's habits and couple the individual network with nature. A network can be established which can lead toward the individual joining in creating a new pattern of nature's habits. Yet intention is not enough, one must be attentive to what is observed in inner space so that time slows down, reverses, and the sequence of the evolution of morphogenic structure can be seen, not as a flash of image but that images has a pattern through time of sequences that plays over and over. This is a habit of nature.


Taoist Wizards, Zhang Hodao, (Wayfarer of the Infinite, 82) Wang Jiaming, (Wayfarer of Pure Serenity, 71), and Gu Jiaoyi, (Wayfarer of Pure Emptiness) searched for two years far and wide before finding found Wang Liping age 11 to transmit and teach the Dragon Gate sect of the Complete Reality School of Taoism and their secret teachings of nine centuries. (18) Chen Kaiguo and Zheng Shunchao published the long journey through China of these Wizards and their apprentice during the Cultural Revolution living in the woods and mountains. Wang Liping spent 15 years in training with these Masters.

In their journey they came across a village in the high mountains that had little land to grow food on and the elder told the Wizards that they couldn't harvest their crops because of the rain. The Wizards told the elder to go get their sickles for harvest. The Wayfarer of Pure Serenity explained to Wang Liping,

"Observe that these clouds bring rain and lightning. When exercising rain-stopping techniques, it is very easy to get hit by lightning, so the first thing to do is to avoid the lightning. The energy of lightning is in the category of fire, which corresponds to the heart organ in the human body. Thus the way to avoid lightning is to shut off the heart at the instant of the flash, to cut off an connection between lightning fire and the heart. The energy of lightning is enormous, but the fire energy in your heart is even greater. Silently recite the certain formula, and the electric lightning energy will stop. At this time you have become the master of the sky and earth. You are the ruler. The other is the minister and must obey you" (19)

The Wayfarer of Pure Serenity made a gesture and his body shook while a stream of sounds came from his mouth. There was a lightning flash and far away thunder. He pointed both hands to the sky and the clouds started to part, opening up the sky to the sun. The Wayfarer then instructed Wang Liping, to activate his inner energy to direct the universe from the universe inside his body, and to open up the universe inside the body fully while letting his mind energy rise up to the clouds while stroking his hands to where the mind energy meets the clouds. The clouds boiled and the Wayfarer of Pure Emptiness also raised his hands while making a triangle with the other three whose hands were raised to the sky. Pure Serenity said to Wang Liping opening up the whole sky takes more development. That harmonizing ". with natural law, obeying the Way of Nature, is constant, invisible principle; the operation of higher power ... Only when they benefit the people, furthermore are such interventions permissible; they are not under any circumstances to be done arbitrarily or for the wrong reason." The values of Nature must match the values of humankind. The Wizard also told Wang Liping that cultivating essential nature is more than "just cultivating life. To do good deeds without expecting reward is for building up virtue; when virtue is high, attainment also rises."

A practice that the Wizards used to look at the dreams of the nature by viewing the ocean from the top of a mountain and then gaze over the sea. First they went inside themselves to build up their internal power and solidify their spirits before opening their eyes. They extended their hands toward the sea as their bodies vibrated ever so slightly. In this way they sent a "unique force" toward the surface of the water. Concomitantly they uttered a secret formula while doing this. The fog of the sea swelled up and figures could be seen within this massive wall of fog. Then images appeared, light and dark, shadows, mountain peaks, chariots, people. They used their mind to sense it and their spirit to interpret it. A second meditation of the sea, brought forth strange mirages, things upside down views of northern China and rice fields, building upside down, herds of sheep, ships and on a subsequent sitting, a battle of armies fighting. Dreams of Nature was an art of the Wizards but also interpreting dreams of people.

Milarepa, Lama from Tibet recounted, "This is the way I accumulated black deeds out of revenge against my enemies." (20) Milarepa went to the valley where his relatives beat him and took his land after his parents died. The villagers took sides with his relatives and abused him and ridiculed him. There the valley was enjoying one of the best harvests in many years. He had been training in black magic so started his incantations to the guardian deities by name for revenge on these villagers and a little cloud appeared and drifted away. He threw off his cloak and felt like he had failed, so cried. "... Then inconceivably huge black clouds gathered in the sky. Then swept down in a huge mass and in an instance the hailstones burst upon the harvest and covered the whole valley up to a height of three courses of bricks. Deep gorges were cut in the mountains. Seeing the loss of the harvest the villagers wept." (21) Before this he had killed many men for revenge through black magic. He barely escaped and ultimately became a great Yogi with good deeds after renouncing this path. Being the minister of nature still depend upon the intention of the practitioner as to its result.


Weather patterns shows chaotic behavior, non equilibrium and non-linear irreversibility as pioneered by Prigogine. (22) For a further explanation and discussion of these images see Appendix A. In brief a simple non-linear electric circuit was synthesized for demonstrating chaotic behavior within its electrical variables under certain circuit parameters variable (a resistor). Employing an analog oscilloscope for tracking real time circuit behavior, scope traces picked up thousands of changes every second under chaotic circuit states, initiated by simply changing the resistance of a circuit element. Obolensky, Shinnick, Maize found Rossier Strange Attractor (tornado), that the oscilloscope picks up over milliseconds of different variables phases. (23)

The Figure 11 above reflects a fixed image seen constantly in meditation during the late 1980s, while researching human organ fields. Does Figure 11 appear anywhere else? The following are the results of this search from either mechanical or artistic like images. Figure 12 is a galaxy taken by the Hubble telescope from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics appearing in the New York Times 12/6/2005. Figure 13 image was captured by the Solenoidal Tracker at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider RHIC (STAR) detector of Brookhaven Labs (100-100 GeV/c per beam). The tracks indicate paths by thousands of subatomic particles produced in the collision as they pass through the STAR Time Projection Chamber, with a large, 3D digital camera.

Figure 14 is "The Creation of the World and the Expulsion from Paradise" (1445) by Giovanni di Paolo. Figure 15 is a painting by a Qigong Master Liu 8/29/1999. Figure 16 is Hilma af Klint from Sweden attempting to paint images deep inside the mind.


Communication with the morphogenic field through pain and suffering is another way to access the healing fields of animal essence. The case is a scientist who had practiced the five animal forms of Shaolin Gung Fu for 20 years. He suffered a serious spinal fracture and compression with multiple injuries after being hit by a boat in the Caribbean. (24) No pain mediation was used only Yoga, Qigong, and hands on therapy.

Figure 7 showed the way, from no form to form. Animal essence is different, instead of appearing in the mind, the essence of the animal goes into the body. The access into the animal field is a deep plea from pain by asking no form for help. This is the intention. Focusing on Figure 1 or 11 in the center of the circle, with one pointed attention, an eagle's eye appears and the whole body reacts as an animal. Multiple animals appeared in therapy with a fleeting image seen by both the patient and therapist with body response. The first was a white snake with a gold head and subsequent appearance, the head changed colors. When this snake appeared, the patient hissed and spine jerked and became hyperextended as if a snake ready to strike. The compression fracture eased and the scoliotic spine straightened during this episode. Pain receded.

It was difficult for this patient to stand up straight. The same method was used, focusing on Figure 1 and 11. This time a bear appeared inside the patient who let out a primal growl and started to stand up straight with great effort. Later a goat appeared and the patient started to balance better while standing. Then a horse and the patient's chest expanded and walking fast became possible, with chest forward. After the critical period of immobility and intermittent claudication these animals forms no longer pain relieve came and more mobility.


The human mind needs time and practices to settle so that perception to morphogenetic fields can be seen. Stable images are concentric and phase dynamic, going through 6 dynamic phases before returning to its opposite through attention. It was the intention of the research to find this out.

Mechanical images need no time for the background noise of the ego to abate. There are similarities in the 6 phases images. Spin is difficult to see but can be inferred from Figure 2 Phase IV which appears to be a collapse of wave function to a point and then reversing the rings to a starting point again with an abrupt change that and can not be seen with attentive. A PET SCAN which shows asymmetry to symmetry in brain heat or an abrupt change in physiology by stimulating the organ field with laser, acupuncture, manual stimulation or Qigong.

In non local healing these phases have to be initiated through quietness (the blue appearing) as shown in Phase IIAC with an intention in the direction outward. The six iteration images shown likeness to spin and direction changes and side view of a dome.

Researching the same project creates similar field perception. In any age it is possible to perceive these rings of creation in many cultures. Mind and mechanical instrument get similar images. What is outside is inside. Fields have memories as seen from the 15th to 21st century images. Mechanical images through creative scientist have images without biological attachment. Without this connection, the morphogenic fields will not be perceived. This is the byproduct of artificial intelligence, you can get to the end image without going through a mental and physical process of residing in the body. Understanding that these phase state changes are possible with connection to the field liberates more than thinking, the physiology can be ministered to escape pain, disease, suffering through manipulation of the energy fields of the body. More importantly a refinement of nature's habits means our full nature is realized.

The emergent patterns formed for galactic spirals of stars and those for scattered atomic particles in collision processes are all determined by the dominant physical laws which they are subject to. In the galactic case, short/long range gravitational and massive electromagnetic influences of the large quantities of inert and charged matter within the vast regions of space.

In the collider chamber, the dominant forces are of the nature of close range nuclear and electric and magnetic fields acting at the quantum domain. Each case represents a large system of dynamical particle states, which classify both examples as interactive complex systems.

From the work of Dr. Walter Freeman, cognitive patterns within the brain neural networks, due to olfactory stimulation, have shown complex self-organized patterns. It is a safe leap to assume that the emergent patterns sensed via cognitive perception as manifest through the visual cortex, resulting from deep meditation/altered states/heightened awareness, etc. would also be controlled by a unique set of dominant physical principles manifesting at the level of cognition.

To quote from Gregoire and Catherine Nicolis *:

"The emergence, within a system composed of many units, which are intrinsic global traits encompassing the system as a whole that can in no way be reduced to the properties of the constituent parts and can on these ground be qualified as "un expected". "By its non-reductionist character, emergence has to do with the creation and maintenance of hierarchical structures in which the disorder and randomness that inevitably exist at the local level are controlled [emphasis by author], resulting in states of order and long range coherence ([dagger]). We refer to this process as self-organization. A classical example of this behavior is provided by the communication and control networks in living matter, form the sub-cellular to the organismic level."

Given that a universal 'control system' is inherently at work at the macro-scale and micro-scale of complex organic life and universal matter (from galaxies to particles) so it is inferred that such yet-to-be-defined control mechanisms are at work in human consciousness and perception.


The following is an explanation of the readings on the oscilloscope.

Within the circuit experiencing chaotic behavior are several branches of current and several nodes of voltage with respect to the circuit ground. Examinations of the relationship between only two nodes within the circuit yield the graphic in question. At any time during the circuit's chaotic state, the voltages of two select nodes are recorded at an instant of time. One node voltage is plotted along the X-axis of a Cartesian coordinate system on the scope, and the other against the Y axis ([V.sub.1], as voltage at one node--X axis, and [V.sub.2] as the voltage at the second node--Y axis). This ordered pair can be represented as a single point in the Cartesian graph ([V.sub.1], [V.sub.2]), and represents the instantaneous relationship of the magnitudes of the node voltages at an instant of time.

As time progresses and the node voltages change in what appears to be a random fashion, there are always instantaneous relationships between the two nodes at any given instant. Plotting all those ordered pairs ([V.sub.1], [V.sub.2]) one finds that the plot of the relationship of these node voltages over time forms a complex pattern in the Cartesian coordinate space--the Rossier pattern, or more colloquially, the 'tornado pattern' in two dimensions.

An analog oscilloscope acts as a Cartesian plotting mechanism for fleeting electronic signals. The electron beam fires a dot onto the phosphor screen of the scope and the spot glows. For patterns that repeat themselves (like nicely harmonic waveforms) the beam constantly rewrites the same region on the scope as the signal persists and this image belies the existing pattern that is inherent over time. The scope has settings for capturing slow to very fast signals responses, and so the proper setting on the scope is necessary to match the speed of the changing voltages from the circuit.

The Rossier (or tornado) pattern is relatively stable on the scope screen for a certain state of chaotic behavior of the circuit. It demonstrates the hidden pattern--i.e. relationship--between the two node voltages during chaotic behavior, which is repeatable over time.

Two points worthy of note. First, though the 'pattern' is repeatable and appears to the eye exactly the same, the ordered pairs of the voltages only revisit the same regions of the coordinate system, without ever actually repeating the identical position or ordered pair point on the coordinate system!

Second, the time-base setting on the scope sets show fast the electron beam scans from left to right as it stimulates the phosphor. A setting of 1 millisecond per division on the scope translates to a sweep time of 10 milliseconds, which means 10 thousandths of a second. This implies that the entire Rossier pattern is created within that 10-millisecond sweep!


The line of essence is a Qigong term which is a path to the spirit of nature. With the breath in and out, synchronizing with up and down, across and back, and around in different directions inside the body are lines of essence. Eyes closed. This is following the path of the line of essence with the breath. Depending upon the direction inside the body or outside the body to trees, the sun, moon, space, and nature, the line of essence opens to nature's network or morphogenic field.

Phillip Shinnick, PhD., M.P.A., L.Ac. F.I.C.A.E. is Director of the Whole Person Self Healing Institute, Inc., and is a former assistant professor at New York Medical College and Rutgers University.

Laurence Porter is Senior Research Scientist at the WPSHI and artist. Joe Maize is a Power Systems Engineer on Contract to the Naval Research Laboratory.


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([dagger]) Long range coherence: Order and coherence of a region within a system, resulting from the existence of correlations between disparate or distant parts of the region in question, which create statistically reproducible relations or phenomena

Caption: Figure 1. Figure 1 is a stable two years image seen 30 years ago, while doing research on body organ fields.

Caption: Figure 2. Figure 1 is an accumulation of Figure 2. One pointed attention to Figure 1 resulted in Figure 2 which has 6 phases.

Caption: Figure 3. Figure 3 is being attentive to phase 11 of Figure 2

Caption: Figure 4. Figure 4 is six iterations of a set of states [x, y] passing through a logistic map which shows a striking similarity to the 6 phases of Figure 3 with the starting point after circle of transformation (Phase 11) the same as Phase 11A and the first phase above.

Caption: Figure 5. Figure 5 was sketched by the co-author, while helping prepare a book manuscript (a 300 patient 5 year study) on Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture points in the late 1990s and early 2000s. (13) These images strike a familiar image to Born's (Figure 6) atom images he published and also to the primary author's images in Figure 2 and 3. (14) This suggests once again that information from the morphogenic fields is universally accessible.

Caption: Figure 6. Born created some images of the atom by conceptualizing "... the vibration of a circular membrane, say the parchment of a drum ... the nodal lines are of two kinds straight lines and circles with their centre at the centre of the parchment" (15)

Caption: Figure 7. 1998 A bird appeared from no form to form and then back to no form.

Caption: Figure 8 first three rows

Caption: Figure 9 last two rows

Caption: Figure 10. Top Left R=2.1 K Ohms. Single State Stability Point Attractor. Bottom Left R = 1.82 Ohms, Harmonic Oscillation between V1 and V2 (Lissajous pattern). Top Right. R = 1.60 K Ohms. Chaotic Rossier 'Tornado' Strange Attractor Bottom Middle R = 1.53 K Ohms. Chaotic Double Scroll Strange Attractor. Bottom Right. R < = 1.50 K Ohms. Limit Cycle Boundary Behavior.

Caption: Figure 11.

Caption: Figure 12.

Caption: Figure 13

Caption: Figure 14. 1455 Spain

Caption: Figure 15. 1999 China

Caption: Figure 16. 1920 Sweden.

Caption: Figure 17. 1920 Russia. Figure 17 is a painting by Wassily Kandinsky who attempted to look inside the mind.
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