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 SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Intel Corporation (NASDAQ-NMS: INTC) and Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today extended their corporate technology development alliance to bring the benefits of scalable parallel processing to commercial markets.
 The companies announced a multi-phase agreement to develop a scalable parallel processing system based on open systems technology and capable of addressing complex applications.
 Under the terms of the agreement, Unisys and Intel's Supercomputer Systems Division (SSD) will develop a scalable parallel system that integrates Intel Pentium processors and Intel's scalable parallel processing (SPP) mesh interconnect technology with Unisys microkernel- based implementation of the UNIX System V.4 operating system and other advanced Unisys software. This system represents the first deployment of the new Pentium processor in conjunction with Intel's proven SPP mesh interconnect technology, the communication fabric of Intel's Paragon XP/S supercomputer architecture.
 Unisys will use the initial systems to develop advanced environmental and application software for parallel processing environments. In the longer term, Unisys expects this system to serve as the basis for a family of Unisys scalable parallel systems that will dramatically extend the capabilities of Unisys UNIX product line while delivering full software compatibility through the same core Pentium processor technology and industry-standard UNIX environment.
 According to Andrew Grove, Intel President and Chief Executive Officer, "We are delighted to be working with Unisys in this area. Using advanced client/server systems to implement corporate re- engineering is the key task for information technology in the 1990s. Today's agreement represents a milestone: the first time that servers using Intel's proven scalable parallel processing interconnect technology will be combined with the Pentium processor
for high-end computing in commercial markets. Tomorrow's applications will require unprecedented power. The software and enterprise skills of Unisys will help make them happen."
 "Unisys believes that business and government in the 1990s will increasingly require high-performance parallel systems to address complex computing problems -- whether new ones, like large-scale decision support and multimedia, or continually evolving ones, such as complex database queries," said James Unruh, Unisys Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Working with Intel gives Unisys access to increasingly powerful, industry-standard processor technology for distributed systems."
 The scalable parallel systems resulting from this advanced development initiative will give customers a functionally rich yet cost- effective means to add computing power incrementally as their business strategy requires.
 "These platforms hold out the promise that 'massively parallel' power need not mean 'massively large' or 'massively expensive'," continued Unruh. "This new class of systems will also complement the parallel processing capabilities of Unisys existing families of enterprise servers."
 Unisys has made a strategic commitment to the Intel architecture for its open systems platforms. Intel and Unisys cooperate in a range of technology initiatives, capitalizing on the companies' respective strengths in architecture design and commercial systems development. The scalable parallel computing initiative announced today extends that relationship farther, providing the basis for high-performance systems capable of addressing the most advanced enterprise computing requirements.
 The Intel/Unisys parallel computing agreement is a phased initiative. Intel will provide Unisys with prototype development platforms resulting from joint design efforts. In addition to its role in designing and developing the system, Unisys will use this scalable parallel system to develop advanced software, using the microkernel UNIX operating system Unisys has developed in conjunction with Chorus Systems and UNIX System Laboratories.
 Unisys will also employ advanced parallel database tools and parallel versions of its fourth generation language (4GL) application development systems. Unisys intends to develop distributed applications, as well as the utilities required to administer and maintain parallel processing systems. In this effort, Unisys can draw on Intel's expertise in developing software for parallel processing environments.
 Upon completion of the development phase, Unisys intends to deliver systems for beta testing, with full commercial availability of advanced parallel UNIX systems to follow.
 The SPP mesh interconnect technology and other Intel technologies employed in the systems have evolved over four generations of parallel processing systems. Intel SSD is the market leader in scalable parallel processing systems, with a worldwide installed base of over 400 systems in the scientific, industrial and academic markets.
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 /CONTACT: Oliver Picher, 215-986-5367, or Brian Daly, 215-986-2214, both of Unisys; Mike Bernhardt of Intel SSD, 503-531-5333; or Doug Black of Miller Communications, 617-536-0470/

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