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The CVO120HR is a rheometer said to be capable of making torque measurements from 0.0001 mNm to 200 mNm (0.001-2,000 gcm). With a dynamic range in torque of two million to one, the CVO200HR is said to offer the widest range in measuring torque available. Hardware controlled rate measurements from 0.00001 to 400 rpm and step strain stress relaxation measurements are standard features of the CVO200. (Bohlin Instruments, 11 Harts Lane, Suite I, East Brunswick, NJ 08816)

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Hardness tester

The BS770 Durotech durometers are universal Shore hardness testers, and test to such standards as ISO 7619, JIS K 6301, DIN 53505 and ASTM D 2240. In Micro mode, users can measure small samples like o-rings, which are said to be easily located using the unique sliding loader. The basic BS770 power operated bench stand incorporates microprocessor control. Using the keys, the operator can set the Shore scale in use, the test dwell time required and the date and time. This information, together with the test results, are made available at the RS232 port for connection to a printer or PC data acquisition software (compatible with Eclipse or other industry software). The durometer kit comprises a probe to which any MDS module can be fitted to enable conventional testing to Shore A, B, C, D, O and DO scales. The A-Micro kit is comprised of a special probe containing the micro indentor and spring. (Hampden Test Equipment Ltd., Kingsthorpe Business Centre, Studland Rd., Northampton, England NN2 6EB)

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Position sensor

The Micropulse non-contact linear position sensor is a drop-in replacement for linear potentiometers on molding machines, bringing non-contact, wear-free position feedback to control of clamp stroke, injection, die height, ejection and other positioning applications. The shock-resistant and IP67-rated Micropulse is said to be immune to wear. (Balluff, 8125 Holton Dr., Florence, KY 41042)

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Pendulum impact tester

The API advanced pendulum impact tester determines the impact strength of standard tension-impact specimens. This product is a fully instrumented unit for conducting all ranges of the Izod and Charpy tests. The API, with its advanced mechanical design, is said to offer an extremely wide spectrum of energy ranges, while requiring fewer hardware changes than other models, thus lowering the instrument costs, according to the company. The API is said to be a high precision instrument with computerized calibration for simple operation. Interchangeable sample supports, pendulums and weights allow for meeting both Izod and Charpy methods. The API is also capable of determining the resistance of notched plastics and composites to breakage by flexural shock. The API has several additional features, including a digital Izod clamping force adjustment, and a continuously variable starting angle and automatic brake feature to lock the pendulum into the starting position and to prevent secondary impact of the pendulum. Optional features include a cold box accessory for low temperature impact testing, direct-connected printer and instrumented force transducer impactors. (Atlas Material Testing Technology GmbH, Vogelsberg-strassse 22, D-63589 Linsengericht-Altenhablau, Germany)

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Wettability/surface analysis

The CA-X video contact angle meter is designed for the measurement of adhesion wetting of liquids to solid surfaces to calculate surface energies or adhesion tensions. Other important uses are for analysis of the degree of surface hydrophilicity (wettability) or hydrophobicity (nonwettability), surface engineering studies and for general quality control studies, according to the company. These models are said to be easy to use systems capable of measuring a wide variety of materials and product shapes. The unit uses a high-resolution video camera, a sample stage with four degree motion and a finely adjustable dual lighting system. (Kernco Instruments, 420 Kenazo Ave., El Paso, TX 79927-7339)

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Melt flow index tester

The MFI 2100 melt flow index tester helps gauge the composition and consistency of rubber, plastics, lubricants and numerous other liquid and molten substances. The MFI 2100 measures the flow rate of molten recycled plastic resins, for example, under prescribed temperature, time and pressure. The measurement identifies the material, confirming both the density and the identity of the pellets or chips that have been melted in the MFI 2100. The MFI 2100 measures per ASTM D-1238 for plastics, and it can have automatic loading, automatic sample cut-off and automatic hands-off operation. It is PC-compatible, allowing computation of flow rate over time and under different pressures and temperatures. The PC-compatibility allows data storage, data analysis and graphic illustration of data comparisons in a Windows 95 environment. The MFI 2100 includes a PID temperature controller, an RTD temperature probe and barrel heaters for rapid heating and stable temperature while testing. Thermo-isolatars are said to minimize outside interference with test results. (Benz Materials Testing Instruments, 73 Maplehurst Ave., Providence, RI 02908-5324)

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Ultrasonic tension control

The Versatec is a fully automatic ultrasonic tension control for unwind and rewind applications. Its multi-line alphanumeric display is said to provide simple setup and operation at the touch of a finger. It simultaneously displays the tension setpoint and roll diameter so operators can quickly and easily monitor progress, according to the company. The Versatec ultrasonic non-contact sensor never touches the web, and the control features a local or remote tension adjustment. It has inertia compensation for stopping large rolls and adjustable taper tension for winding optimum rolls, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, the Versatec offers inverse diameter output which reduces clutch slip for longer life, according to the company. (Magnetic Power Systems, 1626 Manufacturers Dr., Fenton, MO 63026)

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Ozone test cabinets

The Model 2000-AM ozone test cabinet is a table-top instrument with its control panel separated from the exposure chamber so that different size exposure chambers can be offered more readily. The company's ozone cabinets are designed to be operated in ambient room temperatures not less than 16 [degrees] C and not greater than 28 [degrees] C. The closed loop air-ozone system is a closed-circuit ozone system in which ozone is generated and decomposed continuously, thus eliminating the need for additional filtration and venting facilities of the ozone gas. The exposure chamber features a safety interlocked double glazed inspection/access door with shade attachment. The Model 2000-AM features a temperature range from 23 [degrees] C to 80 [degrees] C. (Hampden Test Equipment Ltd., Kingsthorpe Business Centre, Studland Rd., Northampton, England NN2 6EB)

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Extrusion plastometer

The MFI2 melt flow indexer is said to be a simple, yet sophisticated extrusion plastometer to determine the flow rate of thermoplastics, check incoming materials and characterize new polymers. The MF12 is said to offer unmatched test accuracy, repeatability and operating ease at an affordable price, according to the company. Equipped with on-board computer control, the MFI2 is said to provide precise testing to international specifications, including ASTM D 1238, ISO 1133, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210, NFT 51016 and others. Menu driven software is said to provide for sample test set-up, data analysis and storage for as many as 63 tests and their test conditions. Automatic calculation of flow rate, shear rate, shear stress and viscosity are displayed on the MFI2's two line LCD operating display. A 29-key alphanumeric keyboard provides a full word processing style editor. (Atlas Electric Devices, 4114 N. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, IL 60613)

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Precise temperature control

The Peltier Plate 180 is said to provide accurate and precise temperature control over the range of -30 [degrees] C to +180 [degrees] C. Used in conjunction with any of the company's rheometers, rapid temperature gradients can be achieved, enabling the most demanding industrial heating and cooling cycles being simulated, according to the company. With the Windows-based software, it is possible to make both linear and non-linear temperature ramps with rates of 1 [degrees] C per second easily, according to the manufacturer. The Peltier Plate 180 is said to be extremely flexible, allowing the use of a complete range of cone and plate geometries from 8 mm to 60 mm diameter. There is also a custom designed solvent cover, which automatically locates across the entire surface of the plate, so volatile systems can be measured without the risk of evaporation. For applications where slippage may be a problem, the Peltier can be fitted with a serrated surface to ensure the sample remains in contact with the measuring plates. The Peltier Plate 180 does not require a supply of chilled water for continuous operation; it can run from a steady stream of air. (Bohlin Instruments, 11 Harts Lane, Suite I, East Brunswick, NJ 08816)

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Digital pocket stroboscope

The Catalog No. 21G29 digital pocket stroboscope is designed for use in all industrial and laboratory applications. It measures in a range of 30 to 12,000 rpm and it is a one-hand operation unit that will fit into a pocket, or it can be worn on a belt or in a holster. It is also battery operated. The Catalog No. 21G29 is said to be as bright as full-sized pistol grip strobes. This strobe can make objects which are moving at high speeds appear to stop or move in a slow motion. When this occurs, the user is said to safely and easily analyze the object's motion, etc. (Kernco Instruments, 420 Kenazo Ave., El Paso, TX 79927)

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Melt flow rheometers

The company is said to combine modern technology with affordability in its line of melt flow indexers. Models range from the easy-to-use benchtop systems for measuring melt flow rate to more advanced automated systems, with weight-lifting devices and decreasing weight magazines for multiple weight testing. A fully automated (robotic) unit capable of measuring up to 30 test samples is also available. All models conform to ASTM D1238, D3364, ISO 1133, BS 2782, DIN 53735 and JIS K7210. Features are said to include ease of use to facilitate multiple operator use without the loss of reproducibility; ease of cleaning for faster turnaround time; a high degree of accuracy for consistent, high quality results; and reliability and durability for minimum downtime, according to the company. (Haake, 53 W. Century Rd., Paramus, NJ 07652)

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Temperature monitor

The Accutherm temperature monitoring system is available with the capacity to monitor 5, 10 or 20 different temperature zones. The panel mount unit comes standard with peak hold with memory, peak hold reset, backlighting, circuit board sealing and calibration test circuit. The Accutherm temperature monitoring system is said to be ideal for use in rubber and plastics processing applications, and many other situations where multiple temperature zones need to be monitored. Custom kits can be tailored for any specific application. Portable models are also available from the company. (Electronic Development Labs, 244 Oakland Dr., Danville, VA 24540)

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Laser beam sensor

A series of non-contact laser-based industrial gauging sensors is based on the shadow measurement principle. The sensors are said to feature better linearity, a longer range capability than similar type sensors, a low cost and more flexibility in application. Available in 15 different standard models and diaphragms, the Class II (Class IIIb optional) laser beam sensor looks at the shadow it creates and does not rely on surface reflectivity for measurement. This makes the economical non-contact sensor ideal for high-speed, non-stationary, hard-to-measure type applications in industries such as rubber, plastics and others where fast and accurate measurements are required, according to the manufacturer. The LBS can also be used for stationary measurement. Consisting of an emitter and receiver, the LBS sensor allows measurement independent of surface reflectivity or the position of the object in the beam, and allows longer range measurement in terms of emitter and receiver position. (LMI Selcom, 21666 Melrose Ave., Southfield, MI 48075)

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Twin screw compounder

This provider of laboratory scale processing instrumentation offers its line of laboratory scale compounders to the rubber industry. The company is said to offer the widest selection of commercially available laboratory scale compounders. The options include conical, parallel, co- or counter-rotating, segmented barrel and screws (in some models). Some models include clamshell design. Units ranging in size from 16 mm to 27 mm in diameter are available. Features are said to include interchangeable screw and barrel designs for maximum flexibility in development applications (some models); all models can generate theological data when coupled to the PolyLab system; and the MiniLab microcompounder is said to be ideal for studying compounding and rheological properties of extremely small samples. The company also offers the PolyDrive line of dedicated mixing and extrusion systems for quality control and sample preparation purposes. The PolyDrive mixer is a turnkey laboratory scale internal mixing and compounding system, typically utilized for small batch sample preparation and for evaluating processability of materials, blends and compounds. (Haake, 53 W. Century Rd., Paramus, NJ 07652)

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Asphalt binder testing

The Visco 2000 is an asphalt binder testing system specifically designed to perform ASTM D-4402 high temperature testing of asphalt binder. The Visco 2000 is said to offer durability and precision. The Visco 2000 features an electrically heated thermal chamber with autotuned PID controller for precise regulation of sample temperatures up to 300 [degrees] C. Each Visco 2000 comes complete with titanium bobs and stainless steel cups for enhanced durability to provide years of service without replacement, according to the manufacturer. Single point measurements can be performed via the instrument front panel, and displayed on the built-in keyboard of an optional printer, eliminating the need for a PC. Customers wishing to perform more sophisticated tests or to save data on a PC can purchase the company's Windows operating software. (Bohlin Instruments, 11 Harts Lane, Suite I, East Brunswick, NJ 08816)

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Durometer stand

The ConstaLoader durometer stand is said to maximize a user's durometer repeatability and virtually eliminate user error. When making ASTM Type A, B or O hardness measurements, this stand should be an integral part of a quality system, according to the company. A 1 kg mass is centered above the durometer as recommended by ASTM D2240. The Model 472 ConstaLoader features an oil-less air dashpot which is said to give a smooth, controlled descent for making the most accurate readings with the company's ASTM Type A, B or O durometers. The stand is also compatible with durometers of other manufacture. The ConstaLoader has an adjustable table that can be locked in place to allow proper contact between test sample and durometer. (PTC Instruments, 2301 Federal Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064-1482)

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