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INSTAGLAM! Hit delete on digital depression! There's a raft of new ways to help you get the ultimate holiday photo - but how far would YOU go in the quest for the perfect picture?

Byline: Words: Lynne Hyland


Our Zoe as usual Minus 15lb EVERYONE knows the camera piles on the pounds but now there's a new app, SkinneePix, to whip them off again. (Sadly it only works on your face.) Once you've taken your photo, you can choose to remove 5, 10 or even 15lb in a click. It received mixed reviews at Notebook: one person said, 'Ooh, I'd use THAT as my Tindr picture', while another complained they looked 'zombie apocalpyse'. Truthfully it's not the most sophisticated effect in the world as it essentially sucks in your cheekbones to varying degrees, but for [euro]1 to download it's worth a look.


Forget forking out a fortune on Photoshop. 'A free app like Perfect365 is a really good version of a lot of the things pro airbrushing can do - just remember less is more,' says photographer Lou. No doubt about it, Perfect365 is addictive: within seconds we'd erased our dark circles, hoisted our cheekbones and given ourselves piercing green eyes. Basically, we'd become our own avatar. The only downside is flicking between the perfected version and the jarring reality of your real-life, imperfect skin. Boo hoo!

Can it really only be a decade since we were dropping a roll of 24s into Snappy Snaps after a fortnight abroad? These days a holiday is a 24/7 photo opportunity: we're grinning into our phones from airport check-in to hotel checkout, ready to share, hashtag and show off to those stuck at home in the rain.

Flipside? There have never been so many opportunities to zoom in on our flaws - so to beat the holiday photo blues we've been checking out the latest ways to cheat because while the camera never lies, it can bend the truth.



That's between you and your conscience, but when celebs are supposedly airbrushing online snaps even before adding an anti-ageing halo, we reckon a little enhancement is okay. Plus a recent survey found 11% of photos tagged as #nofilter on Instagram HAD been sneakily enhanced! So if you can't beat them...

Digital filters act like a 'wow' button for a so-so photo, blurring wrinkles, brightening skin tone or just faking a lazy, hazy, summer feel. However, be careful which effect you choose: for instance Instagram's Kelvin filter is a shocker for selfies. Instagram and Facebook's filters are good at what they do, but be aware they're everywhere. To avoid filter fatigue, celeb photographer Lou Denim recommends mixing it up with more creative apps like Filterstorm, ([euro]3), Rookie (free) and Hipstamatic ([euro]2).



Quick skin fixes to get you pixel perfect: 1 BareMinerals Bareskin foundation, [euro]31 A tonecorrecting foundation and brightening serum.

2 Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur, [euro]11.99 Softens lines and erases tired bits in a flash.

3 Manuka Doctor Api Refine Illusionist Rapid Lift Mask, [euro]37 Promises a facelift in a jar in 10 minutes.

4 Touche Eclat Rose Gold, [euro]30 A rose-toned version for a wide-awake look.


RetouchedIf you'd like to give your holiday snaps the type of treatment normally reserved for the likes of Kate Moss and Cara D, there's a new service called

Spruced Up!. You simply give your photo - plus your wish-list of changes - to a team of pro retouchers who've worked on images for the likes of Dior. 'We can do pretty much anything: softening wrinkles, removing spots or glasses, adding make-up, changing hair colour,' says founder Rob Willingham. 'We also get requests to remove photobombers or even take out one person and add in somebody else...' From [euro]3 a shot. See
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Date:Aug 3, 2014
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