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INSPEC announces list servers for publishing & information services.

INSPEC has announced four new e-mail lists to help keep customers up-to-date with the activities, publications, and services of the Institution of Electrical Engineers' Publishing & Information Services division. These new lists are:

1. New Publications (List Name: insp-new-pubs)--This list will only contain those announcements pertaining to new publications: books, conference proceedings, journals, and distance learning courses.

2. Press releases (List Name: insp-press)--This list will contain only press releases and other news announcements relating to the activities of IEE's Publishing and Information Services, including INSPEC.

3. INSPEC Matters (List Name: insp-matters)--This list will contain full text of all articles that appear in IEE's official newsletter, INSPEC Matters, and a few additional items that do not appear in the printed version.

4. All of the Above (List Name: insp-all)--This list allows access to all the lists as a single list. There may be some overlap between the above lists, and this list will allow subscribers to receive everything without duplication.

To subscribe to one of these lists, send an e-mail to containing the following as the body of the message: <subscribe list-name> e.g., subscribe insp-matters to subscribe to the INSPEC Matters list.

For more information, contact IEE/INSPEC Department, Piscataway, NJ, 908/562-5549, Fax: 908/562-8737.

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Title Annotation:Institution of Electrical Engineers
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Date:Jul 1, 1995
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