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elcome to the 2019 edition of Giving magazine.

WEach year City AM publishes independent research ranking the world's top institutional charity funders.

Identifying the most generous institutional private charity donors around the globe in the financial year ending 2018 was by no means a straightforward task. The vast majority, though not all, of the donors included in this year's list are foundations. There are no standardised criteria for what is meant by a charitable foundation, let alone an institutional private charity donor. Even once we have accessed the necessary accounts, deciding on the most accurate figure for grant-giving is not a clear-cut process.

As researchers, we would encourage institutional donors to be more transparent and open about sharing their financial data. At the same time, we need to be transparent about the limitations of our research and the approach taken.

This is not to undermine the value or rigour of this ranking.

Great effort has been made to take a clear and robust approach, using a consistent methodology over time to enable comparisons with the rankings which have been compiled for City AM each year since 2011.

At this point, it is important to acknowledge the contribution of Professor Theo Schuyt of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Professor Schuyt and his team were instrumental in developing the World Charity Donor List and we were honoured to be given the opportunity to continue their important work.

As always, the focus remains on institutional donors which derive funds from an endowment or a single private source of revenues, be it a family, an individual, a corporation or other organisation, and do not directly solicit funds from the public.

Foundations which are not independent of government are excluded. This explains why privately-managed charity lotteries are included in this study while state lotteries are not. Charity lotteries also receive income from a single source of revenue, in this case the sale of lottery tickets, and are therefore comparable to a foundation.

Joe Saxton and Sarah Eberhardt, NFPSYNERGY PSThe full World Charity Donor List methodology can be found here: To contact the researchers email or visit 04-07. CHARITY INDEX Facts and figures about the top Private Charity Donors, including this year's biggest givers.

08-23. THE WORLD'S TOP PRIVATE DONORS IN 2018 The full top 20, with information about each one of these amazing organisations, all of which are helping to change the world.

24-27. THE CHARITY YEAR IN PICTURES From sniffer rats helping to rid Africa of landmines to microscopic algae tackling the climate crisis.

28. DAME ELLEN MACARTHUR The record-breaking sailor lays out her plans for a circular economy to cut the scourge of waste.

32-34. SAYING NO TO FAST FASHION Taking Dame Ellen's vision, we look at fashion brands and second hand shops that are making a difference.

36-38. SPECIAL REPORT INTO FGM Campaigner Nice Nailante Leng'ete speaks about the horror of FGM.

39. THE CASE FOR CHARITY LOTTERY REFORM How the political impasse at Westminster is delaying progress and costing local charities millions.

40. THE RISE OF THE YOUTH ACTIVIST Young people have taken centre stage in the fight against climate change. We meet some key players.

42. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE BIRDS AND THE BEES We speak to the people helping to preserve London's natural - and crucial - biodiversity.

44. SOCIAL INVESTMENT Charitable donation is vital - but so is sustainability. Social enterprise Down to Earth has a new model.

46. GREEN CHALLENGE The companies taking cutting edge ideas and transforming them into panaceas for social issues.

48. JOHN PRENDERGAST INTERVIEW He's pals with the Clooneys, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle - and he wants to save Africa.

50. TIME FOR IMPACT INVESTMENT Head of the new Impact Investing Institute Sarah Gordon on how shareholders can save the planet.
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Publication:City AM (London, England)
Date:Dec 19, 2019
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