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INSIDE OUT: ALTERNATIVELY SPEAKING - The eyes are the window on your health.

Byline: Valerie HILL

THE eyes are the first thing we notice about someone and making eye contact is vital in social interaction. It is said the eyes are the windows of the soul. We rub them when we are tired and wipe them when we cry.

The arealsoagood indicator of general health. Darkcircles for example,areindication that toxins are not exiting efficiently from the body, showing that the response from the lymphaticducts has been modified.

Bags under the eye could be a result of a sluggishmetabolismif it is slow you a remore inclined to retain water. Diuretics should not be used for this problem, however; water and plenty of exercise are the answer.

There is a whole alternative therapy devoted to using the eye as a diagnostic tool,callediridology, which originated in Hungary in the 19th century. Practitioners use the appearance of the eye,and in particular, theiris, to assess mental and physicalhealth.

They examine the colour, texture and markings of the eye and each iris relates to that particular side of the body. Colour can give a general indication about constitution.

For example,blue-eyed peoplehavea tendency to develop acid conditions such as arthritis and ulcers, whilebrowneyed people may have problems metabolising fats, which could lead to arteriosclerosis or gall-bladder problems.

Mixed irises such as green or grey are known as ``biliary''and indicate a tendency to digestive disorders. Spots of colour, the fibres of the iris and the positioning of marks are all significant. Iridologists use adetailedeye chart, which maps out how each part of the eye relates to a part of thebody. The stomach, for example, is plotted immediately round the pupil in both irises and the skin is located in the outer rim.

Using the map, the practitioner detects physical and psychological problems.

During aconsultation, he will look at the eyes with a small torch and magnifying glass and possibly take a photographic slide using a specialcamera. None of this procedure hurts or damages the eyes.

The patient is usually asked to complete a questionnaire about their medical history,lifestyle and diet, to be used as back-up information in prescribing treatment. This could include lifestyle changes,nutritional advice or a referral to another alternative health specialist.

Iridology is not used to diagnose illnesses, but to detect problems that can lead toillness. For example, an iridologist may be able to tell if your kidneys a rehaving to work too hard or if your digestion is sluggish.

He may also pick up on inherited predispositions to diseases such as heart problems or arthritis.

It is a perfectly safe therapy for people of all ages and levels of fitness, but it is not intended as a substitute for conventional diagnostic tests. Many doctors caution patients that they may be unnecessarily alarmed by inaccurate and alarmist diagnoses.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 22, 2003
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