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Ingenico Group has launched the Moby/C150 electronic cash register (ECR), an EMV pre-certified, full-featured Android-based tablet point of sale (POS) solution with a 15.6-inch display that is able to be customized for merchant business needs. Running on the Android Nougat operating system (OS), the Moby/C150 boasts a fully open architecture, offering ISVs and developers in the US the ability to customize it for the markets they serve. By leveraging the Moby/C150 coupled with Ingenico Group's mPOS EMV SDK and EMV Gateway, ISVs and developers can achieve faster speed to market with an all-in-one tablet POS solution capable of accepting EMV chip & sign, magstripe and NFC/contactless payments.

Now more than ever, merchants, especially SMBs, need their POS systems to do more than just accept payments they need it to help run the business, said David Szczepanski, chief operating officer for Ingenico Group US. With its open architecture, the Moby/C150 provides ISVs and developers the ability to simply integrate their solutions, while also allowing merchants to leverage the third-party applications necessary to better manage their business.

Driven by the demand for a turnkey, highly customizable solution that enables ISVs to compete in the increasingly competitive tablet POS market, the Moby/C150 leverages an embedded, EMV pre-certified RP457c card reader, allowing ISVs, developers, and merchants to avoid the time and cost associated with meeting and maintaining these certification requirements, an issue plaguing the US since the migration began. If merchants wish to be able to accept chip & PIN EMV transactions, the RP457c can be upgraded to a Moby/8500 at the time of purchase. Additionally, due to the solution's open OS, ISVs and developers can push any applications they create through third party mobile app stores, making it easy for merchants to download and update the apps needed to run their business.

The 15.6-inch touch-screen display comes with an integrated printer and a stand to hide cables for a clean and clutter- free workspace. It can also be equipped with a second optional customer-facing screen to make it easy to display line items or advertisements. The Moby/C150 was designed to fit a variety of merchants' business needs across different verticals in the US, including retail, hotel and lodging, food and beverage as well as healthcare, among others. Its sleek, modern, consumer-friendly design and white-labeling options make it easy to provide both ISVs and merchants with the flexibility to custom-brand the solution with their own logo in order to enhance brand perception and build brand recognition.

Additionally, Ingenico offers extended warranties with overnight replacement, addressing a strong need for small retailers that do not typically have spare POS terminals. For all purchases of the Moby/C150 ECR, there will also be a mobile device management offering available to merchants.

To learn more about the Moby/C150 ECR solution, visit c150.html.

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Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING) is the global leader in seamless payment, providing smart, trusted and secure solutions to empower commerce across all channels, in-store, online and mobile. With the world's largest payment acceptance network, we deliver secure payment solutions with a local, national and international scope. We are the trusted world-class partner for financial institutions and retailers, from small merchants to several of the world's best-known global brands. Our solutions enable merchants to simplify payment and deliver their brand promise.

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Date:May 1, 2018

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