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INGENICA Scores Gold for Its UniPrint Server 6.0 Edition.

INGENICA's Latest Product Release, UniPrint Server 6.0, is Praised as "an Excellent Solution to Ease Printing Problems in a Windows Terminal Server or Citrix Presentation Server Environment"

TORONTO -- INGENICA, the innovative leader in server-based printing solutions, has been awarded the maximum Gold Award by TechGenix for making it simple to eliminate printing problems on Windows Terminal Server and Citrix Presentation Server environments. UniPrint Server 6.0, which includes the UniPrint Management Console, UniPrint Group Policy Administrative Template, and a single Portable Document Format (PDF)-based Printer Driver, was praised by reviewer, Patrick Rouse, for simplifying printer administration while reducing the bandwidth requirements of Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Windows Terminal Server and Citrix (Nasdaq: CTXS) printing.

"I found UniPrint Server 6.0 to be an excellent solution to ease printing problems in a Windows Terminal Server or Citrix Presentation Server environment," explained Patrick Rouse, President, Session Computing Solutions, LLC. "For enterprise customers with complex environments, the Gateway, Web, and Host Editions can be added to UniPrint Server, allowing for an enterprise-wide printing solution based on a single printer driver."

The review explained that right out of the box there is nothing that needs to be configured for UniPrint to function. Commenting on the versatility of the solution, Rouse explained that UniPrint provides numerous options to customize printing functionality to an organization's specific environment. Rouse also liked the fact that when a print job arrives at the client machine, it is displayed in the UniPrint Client where the user can print to any printer accessible to them. This allows the user to take advantage of all of the printer's features, as they are now printing using their local printer driver.

In addition to being able to print this PDF file, the review also explained that UniPrint provides end users with the option to Email or Save the PDF using the UniPrint Client. For users that do not want to deal with two step printing, the UniPrint Client has a "No Preview" setting that sends the print job directly to the Client Default Printer. It was also noted that the UPMC (UniPrint Management Console) makes it simple for administrators to centrally manage UniPrint 6.0. To read the full review, please visit Server.html. (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser's address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.)

"The UniPrint Client is feature rich and easy to use, allowing end users to print to any printer defined on their workstation, or to use the built-in functionality to save or email any of the documents in PDF Format," commented Rouse.

"INGENICA is proud that an acknowledged server-based expert like Patrick Rouse has recognized UniPrint Server 6.0 for its comprehensive set of features and for making printing simple for both Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix Presentation Server environments," said Arron Fu, Vice President, Software Development, INGENICA Division. "By simplifying printer administration, UniPrint Server 6.0 makes it easier and more cost effective than ever for organizations of all sizes to benefit from enterprise-class printing functionality."

Specifically developed to eliminate the time and expense associated with managing different manufacturers' print drivers within a server-based computing environment, UniPrint Server 6.0 has been priced to make enterprise-class printing functionality a cost-effective reality for any organization.

UniPrint Server 6.0's universal printer driver technology simplifies printer driver management, increases server stability, and eliminates the need to install specific manufacturer's printer drivers - eliminating all printer compatibility issues and related help-desk costs. As a result, UniPrint Server helps provide immediate productivity gains as users can now print to any available printer - in the office, at home, or at a remote site.

When printing, UniPrint creates a PDF print job that is returned to the client workstation via UniPrint's private virtual channel. Users can instantly print, preview, save, or email print jobs from the desktop. To ensure data security, if the client device has a network printer defined, print jobs are automatically sent to the default printer. Also, as UniPrint's PDF files are significantly smaller than other printing formats, printer bandwidth utilization is reduced by over 90 percent - resulting in less work for the server, improved application performance, and faster, more efficient printing.

INGENICA's UniPrint for 64-Bit provides the same printing advantages for organizations utilizing the more powerful servers and applications of today's 64-bit server-based environments. UniPrint 6.0 and UniPrint for 64-Bit can be downloaded from, or purchased through INGENICA's UniPrint reseller network worldwide.


INGENICA (, a division of Bell Business Solutions, a Bell Canada Company (TSX, NYSE:BCE), provides market-leading printing solutions for the server-based computing community. INGENICA's UniPrint, the complete printing solution for the increasingly-mobile server-based enterprise workforce, replaces all manufacturers' printer drivers with a single PDF generator- promoting faster, more efficient printing that enables organizations to improve both productivity and ROI on their IT investments. For additional information on UniPrint, please visit

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 15, 2007
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