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 LAKE OSWEGO, Ore., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Informedics Inc. (NASDAQ: IMED) designer and marketer of healthcare information management software today reported improved earnings for its 1993 fiscal year ended Oct. 31, 1993, compared to its 1992 fiscal year. Net income for its 1993 fiscal year was $45,459, or 2 cents per share, compared to a net loss of $275,982, or 11 cents per share, for 1992.
 Dale Conner, Informedics' vice president and chief financial officer, said, "While we are pleased with the improvement in our earnings, the highlight of our 1993 fiscal year was the acquisition of Informedics Inc., in October and the associated change of our corporate name from Western Star to Informedics." He continued, "The fact that the Informedics acquisition was accomplished using internally generated cash resources is a testament to our strong financial condition." He concluded, "We are excited about the potential that the Informedics acquisition brings to our company for 1994 and beyond."
 Informedics designs, sells and services proprietary blood bank, pathology, quality control and physician's office data management systems for IBM and IBM-compatible personal computers operating in DOS, Windows and UNIX environments. Combined with cost-effective easy-to-use computers, Informedics' software family completely automates the data management of a blood bank, pathology laboratory or physician's office.
 The LifeLine blood bank system is particularly well-suited to manage "look back" donor tracing, blood inventory and autologous blood donors (i.e., blood donated by oneself for one's own later use), which are key elements in the control of AIDS, hepatitis, and other serious diseases that can be transmitted through the blood supply. StarPath automates the histology, cytology, surgical pathology and autopsy sections of the pathology lab. The StarQuality system provides a comprehensive, flexible solution for effective laboratory quality control programs. The Clinic Manager physician's office system, sold under the Informedics name, fully automates all aspects of the physician's office and will allow for managed care, as well as information sharing with outside laboratories and hospital information systems. To date, over 250 LifeLine, 70 StarPath, 35 StarQuality and 150 Clinic Manager systems have been installed.
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 /CONTACT: Dale Conner, vice president and chief financial officer of Informedics, 503-697-3000/

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Date:Jan 5, 1994

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