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Noel Meade, trainer "We would prefer to race if we could, so the longer they leave it the better. I know that it's tricky but I would prefer if they ran it to the wire rather than call off too soon."

Brian Goodwill, racecourse judge "I think if racing could possibly go ahead it should, because it keeps the show on the road."

Stephen Arnold, owner/assistant trainer "I believe 100 per cent that racing should be called off early - there should be no re-inspections or second looks. I actually think if it's unraceable the night before it should be called off unless the forecast is very good."

Ron Harris, trainer "I would always prefer to know by 9am on the morning of the race. If it's not raceable then, to me, there can't be a massive chance it's going to be ready by early afternoon." Brendan Powell, trainer "Ninety per cent of the time the best option is to call the meeting off sooner rather than later, so you can make plans."

Neil Mackenzie Ross, clerk of the course at Lingfield and Folkestone "Nobody wants to call off meetings late, but everyone wants to give racing every chance. Late call-offs incur huge costs for racecourses. Perhaps there is a case for discussing a cut-off time, rather than going to the wire."

Gary Moore, trainer "You have to give meetings every chance but it's nice for knowing what you're doing if the meeting is called off earlier. It's annoying when it's obvious it won't be raceable and the forecast says so." Peter Hiatt, trainer "I don't think they need to change the present arrangements. Everyone can see what it's like, and the forecasts, and make their own decision."

Ferdy Murphy, trainer "I'm in favour of a late call as I think the courses should give it every chance."

Lucinda Russell, trainer "I think a 6am call would be better than 8am or 9am in some cases. The early abandonments are better for owners as there''s nothing more disheartening than travelling long distances to get to a meeting and then finding out its off an hour beforehand."
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Feb 6, 2012
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