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Abrasive Supply Company, Inc.
Advanced Polymer Alloys
Akrochem Corporation
Akron Dispersions
American Silicones
Ameripol Synpol
Asbury Graphite Mills, Inc.
H.A. Astlett
Bayer Corp.
Calumet Lubricants Co.
Cancarb Limited
Chevron Chemical Co.
Coal Fillers Incorporated
CRI-SIL (a division of IMMIX Technologies)
CRI-Tech (a division of IMMIX Technologies)
Crowley Chemical
Cyanides & Chemicals Company
Deflashing Media Inc.
Dow Corning
J. Drasner & Co., Inc.
Eagle Elastomers
Elastochem, Inc.
Epoxies, Etc.
Firestone Polymers
Franklynn Industries
Gayson SDI
GLS Corporation
The C.P. Hall Company
Harwick Standard
High Tech Elastomers Inc.
HM Royal
Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Co.
Laur Silicones
Lehmann and Voss & Co.
Loos and Dilworth
Lord Corp.
M.F. Cachat Co.
Martin Marietta Magnesia Spec.
North American Oxide
Performance Processing Co.
Precision Polymer Resources, Inc.
Preferred Rubber Compounding
Salem Republic
Shell Lubricants
The Shepherd Chemical Company
Sovereign Chemical Company
Specialty Silicone Products, Inc.
Struktol Corporation
Technical Industries
Teknor Apex - Custom Mixing
Teknor Apex - TPEs
Textile Proofers
Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc.
R. T. Vanderbilt
Vredestein Rubber Resources B.V.
Wacker Silicones
Zeon Chemicals


ACS, Rubber Division
Chicago Rubber Group
The Los Angeles Rubber Group
Philadelphia Rubber Group
Southern Rubber Group
The University of Akron
Wisconsin Rubber Group


Dexter Adhesive & Coating Systems
DuPont Coating & Release Systems
Franklynn Industries
Plasma Coatings, Inc.
Release Coatings of New York


R.B.S. Roll Blocking


Parker Hannifin Corp., Seal Group


Associated Rubber Co.
Biltrite Industries
Blair Rubber Company
Cameron Elastomer Technology
Chase-Walton Elastomers
Continental General Tire
CRI-SIL (a division of IMMIX Technologies)
CRI-Tech (a division d IMMIX Technologies)
DA/Pro Rubber Inc.
East Bay Rubber Company
Fulflex, Inc.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Kismet Products
Minnesota Rubber / QMR Plastics
Pelmor Labs
Polymeric Protective Linings
The REP Group
Thai Hua Rubber Public Company Limited
TSE Industries
West American Rubber Company


Aeroglide Corporation
Akron Steel Fabricators
Azco Corp.
CAE Alpheus
Cober Electronics
Cryogenic Deflashing Systems, Inc.
Cryogenic Systems and Parts
Dicer Corp.
Dielectric Corp.
Durbin Industrial Valve
Farrel Corporation
Franklin Miller, Inc.
French Oil Mill Machinery
General Plastex
G.F. Goodman & Son, Inc.
Gomaplast Machinery
Guill Tool
Hydratecs Injection Equipment
Jacobson LLC
Klockner Desma
Kobelco Stewart Bolling
Krupp Rubber Machinery Inc.
Kuntz Mfg. Co., Inc.
Leonard Enterprises, Inc.
LWB Steinl
Mesabi Control Engineering
Mid-American Machine
Mitchell Inc.
Molding & Coating Technologies
Noren Products
RBC Bearings
Reliable Rubber & Plastic Machinery
Rubber City Machinery
Spadone, Inc.
Starlinger North America
Technical Machine
Thermovation Engineering
Troester Machinery
Wabash MPI
Wardwell Braiding Machine Co.
West Coast Rubber Machinery
WSF Industries


Akron Rubber Development Lab
Basler Vision Technologies
Cameron Elastomer Technology
Carl Zeiss Inc.
Ektron Tek Co., Ltd.
MTS Systems Corporation
Pacific Transducer Corp.
Rex Gauge
Smithers Scientific
Standards Testing Labs
H.W. Wallace & Co. Ltd.
Carl Zeiss Inc.

H.A. Astlett has been a distributor of rubber raw materials to the rubber industry since 1885. The firm acquires synthetic and natural rubber off-shore and ships it directly to customers and distributors via its warehouses in major cities in North America.

Astlett Rubber is a North American distributor with worldwide reach. Astlett does regular trade in all standard grades of natural rubber. Natural rubber is produced primarily in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. All natural rubber is produced according to specific standards. NR specification sheets are available on Astlett's web site.

H.A. Astlett also specializes in the trading and distribution of various synthetic rubber grades. Two main sources of SR are Dow Europe and Kumho in Asia. Astlett Rubber does regular trade of several specialty grades produced in special chemical and physical forms in order to meet varied consumer requirements.

Astlett Rubber serves in important and essential role in supplying a vital industrial raw material, natural rubber produced as an agricultural product half a world away, and synthetic rubber produced off-shore, to industries in Canada, the U.S. and Latin America, under guaranteed delivery contracts, with assured quality and at the lowest possible price.

Astlett is an experienced, reliable supplier who guarantees to supply customers as contracted. Astlett carries stocks and has access to other dealers and factory safety stocks in case "the ship is delayed." For the same reason, Astlett can supply spot or fill-in shipments if a customer runs short for whatever reason.

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Advanced Polymer Alloys, a division of Ferro Corp. based in Wilmington, DE, makes and ships materials, most notably Alcryn, the world's only melt-processible rubber. APA is dedicated to helping product manufacturers and part fabricators gain a marketing advantage by improving the customer's product quality and simplifying their manufacturing process. Ferro is a multinational producer of industrial performance materials, including coatings, colors, ceramics, chemicals and plastics, with operations in 19 countries throughout the world.

Advanced Polymer Alloys is enhancing hundreds of products across many industries with Alcryn MPR. Alcryn MPR delivers the workhorse durability and satiny smoothness of rubber, plus the processing efficiency of plastics. Innovative MPR technology allows users to simplify their manufacturing process to reduce costs and boost production. Using Alcryn MPR, users automatically add functional and aesthetic value to their products, increasing their appeal.

Alcryn MPR can be efficiently and easily processed on standard plastics machinery. It yields the highest throughput rates possible, dramatically faster than vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic elastomers. Users benefit from increased productivity and reduced costs. Alcryn MPR can be extruded, calendered, injection and blow molded. Plus, it can bond with rigid substrates through co-extrusion, co-injection molding and over-molding.

Alcryn MPR imparts a rich feel that immediately speaks quality. It is the finishing touch for high-end products, ideal for use in a variety of consumer and industrial applications.

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Franklin Miller, Inc. has been a leader in size reduction technology for three generations. This broad line of equipment is designed for use in a wide variety of applications, including rubber, chemical, drug, waste handling and wastewater treatment.

Newly introduced specifically for rubber processing, the Vulcanator has the unique ability to reduce whole 75 lb. bales of synthetic or natural rubber into small particles. This powerful processor drastically reduces processing time, resulting in major cost savings.

The Vulcanator can handle a variety of vulcanized or non-vulcanized, natural or synthetic rubber, including full bales, sheets and chips. The Vulcanator features a unique low friction design that quickly reduces rubber into small bits without the heat rise associated with other designs that require cooling devices. Material is fed into the unit via conveyor or by hand. Rugged rotary knives pull the material into the cutting area and disintegrate slabs to a size fine enough to pass through a special sizing screen. The reduced particles are then expelled from the bottom of the unit. An in-house test facility is available to demonstrate actual performance and results on customer material.

Franklin Miller specializes in matching proven solutions to specific process problems, from stock and customized machinery to fully integrated systems. The Delumper line of crushers is used in wet and dry applications for deagglomerating chemicals. The ultra-sanitary stainless steel S-4 crushers are widely installed for food and drug processing. The powerful Taskmaster shredders handle tough solid reduction applications.

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