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RMS Equipment Company is a designer and manufacturer of rubber processing equipment for the global rubber and tire industries, specializing in rubber extrusion systems and tire assembly machines.

RMS has the people, facility and machinery to design, build and install equipment for an extensive variety of industrial customers. RMS works with customers to develop process machinery that is simple enough to fit current operations, yet sophisticated enough to accommodate future growth.

Customized standard machines or completely new innovative designs can be developed to meet individual requirements for accuracy, quality and productivity.

An RMS product profile is available on-line for most of the company's listed products, including extruders (hot feed, cold feed, pin type, transfermix and smooth barrel), co-extrusion heads (single, dual, triple and quad), single roll roller dies, roller heads (two roll), slab feeders, mini-calenders and downstream equipment. Within each hyperlink, users will find a product's features and a data sheet listing the available specifications of each of the machines.

Tire manufacturing equipment available from RMS and featured on the company's web site includes first and second stage radial tire assembly systems, segmented mold containers, complexing machines and tire room automation.

RMS will build to a customer's design or work with a company's concepts to create the process equipment required. Whether manufacturing an industry standard or devising an industry benchmark, RMS devotes its ingenuity and energies to providing the highest quality equipment.

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Cryogenic Systems & Parts the leading manufacturer of cryogenic deflashing equipment, and the only manufacturer of cryogenic deflashing equipment approved by the U.S. government. CS&P's web site introduces the company's new automatic basket dump on its SCC 1500, a touch screen control station, titanium throwing wheel paddles, a stainless steel core door seal material, an insulated SWECO separator and a new back panel with additional safety features.

Cryogenic high speed shot blast deflashing is a process used by the rubber industry to remove flash from molded rubber parts. The process uses liquid nitrogen, high speed rotation and media (shot blast) in varying combinations to remove the flash in a highly precise, economical and expedient manner. New generation cryogenic deflashing machines offer such options as programmable controllers.

Technical data sheets, specifications, product photographs and general information are provided in the web site on CS&P's Model MCC 750 1.3 cu. ft./37 liter basket style machine, the Model SCC 1500 3 cu. ft./85 liter basket style machine, the Model LBC 4000 8 cu. ft./227 liter basket style machine and the Model LCC 6000 6 cu.ft./170 liter belt style machine.

For companies with small batch, low volume needs to companies with large batch, high volume needs, CS&P offers a complete inventory of spare parts in stock. Most orders are shipped the same day they are received. CS&P offers demo machines for customers to test their parts, and offers in-house and on-site training, operations and maintenance classes,

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Specialists in microwave technology, Cober Electronics, Inc., offers a complete line of standard or custom engineered, industrial microwave ovens, equipment and components to a variety of industries. Cober's web site examines microwave heating products and components, continuous vulcanization systems, sub-systems and components for rubber processing and custom engineered solutions.

Cober helps rubber manufacturers improve their profitability by enhancing the performance of their extrusion lines. This is accomplished through the use of an appropriate combination of microwave, hot air and/or infrared heating technologies equipped with precise and automated electronic control which can result in significantly increased productivity, reduced scrap and improved product quality.

At Cober, each vulcanization system supplied is tailored to the production needs and chemistry of the customer's individual process.

Cober offers a range of sub-systems and components to the rubber manufacturer. Some examples include the CV-136/236 family of microwave ovens with 12 to 36 kilowatts of microwave power, turbo air curing lines, preheaters, post cure hot air ovens, and more. Cober also offers various types of flow velocity flocking ovens, bale preheaters for the mixing room, batch preheaters for the molding room and advanced downstream processing equipment.

Cober will custom design components for specific needs. Cober's experienced team of specialists wants to help customers see the far reaching capabilities of Cober microwave heating technology. Cober excels in developing custom systems and in applicator design.

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GE Silicones Custom Elastomers' informative web site provides a direct path to research base materials, develop custom elastomers and order custom elastomers. Whether you are a fabricator or original equipment manufacturer, GE Silicones Custom Elastomers is your global partner to help grow your business.

Quick access to technical documentation, laboratory testing and processing support, and help in finding a specific service to support a business are provided on GE Silicones Custom Elastomers' web site. The company's product selector option allows users to explore, compare and find technical documentation for the products that meet production and performance criteria. A silicones portfolio investigates silicone-base materials and additives by category.

GE Silicones Custom Elastomers' on-line custom order wizard takes users through a six-step process designed to get the information needed to blend a custom elastomer sample to meet performance and specification requirements.

As a custom elastomer client, not only to customers receive the support of GE's silicones experts and facilities, they gain access to the entire GE global network, including business services, processing services, and research and development services, providing complete laboratory and technology capabilities such as materials characterization, finite element analysis and process modeling.

GE's application development center has an extruder system and vulcanizing oven to provide in-house product development, including quality control and testing.

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Deflashing Media Incorporated is an employee-oriented company with the goal of providing the highest quality cryogenic deflashing media, excellent customer service and timely delivery. The cryogenic deflashing media DMI develops are scientifically engineered for superior strength and increased life expectancy. As a result of DMI's determination in engineering the highest quality media, both deflashing time and expenditures are significantly reduced.

Applications for DMI's deflashing media include shock absorber bushings, o-rings, spark plug boots, packings, syringe stoppers, gaskets, oil seals and bellows. Applications for the company's mold cleaning material and equipment include paint stripping, coating removal, surface preparation and conditioning. All sizes are available, and custom mold and deflashing equipment is offered.

Benefits of DMI's high-density polycarbonate cryogenic deflashing media include exact sizing ([+ or -] .005), allows higher wheel speeds, longer life expectancy, leaves no residue, tremendous impact strength, consistent results, provides a dust-free environment, thoroughly tested for size, weight and density, and the cylindrical shape provides excellent results.

Mold cleaning applications for the company's cryogenic deflashing media include leaving anodized and alclad surfaces intact; strips composite structures, i.e., carbon fiber, graphite, etc.; dry and wet blast for the removal of flash and surface preparation; removes flash from plastic parts without damage; removes light flash from cast components without affecting critical surface dimensions; mold cleaning; etc.

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KDE Sales & Service, located in northern Kentucky in the greater Cincinnati area, is Klockner Desma's North American headquarters for the rubber injection molding industry, according to the company's informative web site. Comprehensive information is provided on industry news, products and services.

Klockner Desma offers customers more than 30 years' experience in the production of rubber, liquid and solid silicone, as well as thermoplastic elastomers. The company's delivery program not only comprises elastomer injection molding machines, but also complete production solutions with molds, cold runner blocks, automation equipment and peripheral units.

Key benefits of the company's injection molding solutions include FIFO (first in, first out) injection units for optimum temperature control and uniformity throughout the entire process; high-efficiency electronic systems for integrated processes; cold runner injection molding concept; technology for all manufacturing requirements; Descom for direct telephone communications to the diagnostic computer in the service department; Desflex for production of parts

with minimal flash; and Desfeed for feeding silicone rubber material to the FIFO injection units.

KDE Sales and Service is also the exclusive representative for Desma machines, robots and molds for the shoe industry. All the equipment comes directly from the Klockner Desma Schuhmaschinen GmbH plant, located in Achim, Germany. The U.S. facility offers technical sales and spare parts service to customers in the United States and Canada.

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Abrasive Supply Company, Inc.
Advanced Polymer Alloys
Akrochem Corporation
Akron Dispersions
American Silicones
Ameripol Synpol
Asbury Graphite Mills, Inc.
H.A. Astlett
Bayer Corp.
Calumet Lubricants Co.
Cancarb Limited
Coal Fillers Incorporated
Crowley Chemical
Cyanides & Chemicals Company
Deflashing Media Inc.
Dow Corning
J. Drasner & Co., Inc.
Eagle Elastomers
Epoxies, Etc.
Firestone Polymers
Gayson SDI
GLS Corporation
The C.P. Hall Company
Harwick Standard
High Tech Elastomers Inc.
HM Royal
Kentucky-Tennessee Clay, Co.
Laur Silicones
Lehmann and Voss & Co.
Loos and Dilworth
Lord Corp.
M.F. Cachat Co.
Martin Marietta Magnesia Spec.
North American Oxide
Performance Processing Co.
Salem Republic
Shell Lubricants
The Shepherd Chemical Company
Specialty Silicone Products, Inc.
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Technical Industries
Teknor Apex - TPEs
Textile Proofers
Thermoplastic Rubber Systems, Inc.
R. T. Vanderbilt
Vredestein Rubber Resources B.V.
Wacker Silicones
Zeon Cnemicals


ACS, Rubber Division
Chicago Rubber Group
The Los Angeles Rubber Group
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Southern Rubber Group
The University of Akron
Wisconsin Rubber Group


Associated Rubber Co.
Bridgestone Firestone
Cameron Elastomer Technology
Chase-Walton Elastomers
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Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Kismet Products
Polymeric Protective Linings
REP Corp.
Thai Hua Rubber Public Company Limited
TSE Industries
West American Rubber Company


Rondy Co., Inc


Abrasive Supply Company, Inc.


Aeroglide Corporation
Akron Steel Fabricators
Albany International - Pyropel
Azco Corp.
Cober Electronics
Cryogenic Deflashing Systems, Inc.
Cryogenic Systems and Parts
Dielectric Corp.
Durbin Industrial Valve
Enisine Corporation
Farrel Corporation
Franklin Miller, Inc.
General Plastex
G.F. Goodman & Son, Inc.
Gomaplast Machinery
Guill Tool
Hydratecs Injection Equipment
Jacobson, LLC
J.R. DareEngineering Ltd/J.R.D. Bipel Ltd
Kipe Molds
Klockner Desma
Kobelco Stewart Bolling
Krupp Rubber Machinery Inc.
Kuntz Mfg. Co., Inc.
Leonard Enterprises, Inc.
LWB Steinl
Mesabi Control Engineering
Mid-American Machine
Mitchell Inc.
Molding & Coating Technologies
RBC Bearings
Reliable Rubber & Plastic Machinery
REP Corp.
Rogers Industrial Products, Inc.
Rubber City Machinery
Signature Control Systems
Slach Hydratecs Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
Spadone, Inc.
Starlinger North America
Technical Machine
Thermovation Engineering
Troester Machinery
United Feed Screw, Ltd.
Wabash MPI
Wardwell Braiding Machine Co.
West Coast Rubber Machinery
WSF Industries


Akron Rubber Development Lab
Basler Vision Technologies
Cameron Elastomer Technology
Carl Zeiss Inc.
Ektron Tek Co., Ltd.
MTS Systems Corporation
Pacific Transducer Corp.
Rex Gauge
Smithers Scientific
Standards Testing Labs
Tech Pro, Inc.
H.W. Wallace & Co. Ltd.
Carl Zeiss Inc.


AirBoss Rubber Compounding
Biltrite Industries
Preferred Rubber Compounding
R & S Processing Co.
Teknor Apex - Custom Mixing


Parker Hannifin Corp., Seal Group


Dexter Adhesive & Coating Systems
DuPont Coating & Release Systems
Plasma Coatings, Inc.
Release Coatings of New York
TSE Industries
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