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Aer Lingus and LanChile officially joined the oneworld global airline alliance today (1 June), bringing the group's membership up to eight.

The Delta Shuttle celebrates the first anniversary of its Boston-Washington DC service today (1 June) and will be serving all customers in LaGuardia, New York; Logan, Boston and Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington DC with birthday cake.

Atlantic Coast Jet, soon to operate as part of the Delta Connection programme, is to develop a new maintenance base on the grounds of the Colombia Metropolitan Airport to service its Fairchild 328JET aircraft. The facility will initially employ 25 people.

Transaero, a Russian carrier, has been awarded the 'Award of the Millennium' by the European Centre for Market Studies in recognition of the carrier's achievements in air transport, passenger services and its contribution to the development of international cooperation according to Itar-Tass.

Cebu Pacific Air, a Philippines carrier, has indicated that it is very close to signing a letter of intent with Boeing Co, the US aircraft manufacturer, regarding the acquisition of 15 Boeing 717 aircraft over the next five years.

Australian carriers Ansett and Qantas are apparently considering the option of recommencing services to Korea after an absence of about two years. The push to reestablish services is being led by the Australian Tourism Commission.

Ansett and Air New Zealand are to maintain separate identities despite a move to combine operations under the Air New Zealand-Ansett Australasia group according to Asia Pulse.

Members of the Teamsters Local Union 2000 have ratified a new labour contract with Northwest Airlines, ending a 3.5-year negotiation period. Teamsters represent flight attendants with the carrier.

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