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Milepoint and Northwest Airlines have launched a new programme enabling WorldPerks members to transfer miles between accounts. The new programme, called M)Transfer, will allow WorldPerks members to transfer miles from one account to another for a fee. The technology is also expected to help the airline generate new revenues.

A week-long AirVenture convention has been launched today (29 July) to celebrate the Wright Brothers' first flight. The convention is being held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and is expected to attract about 750,000 visitors. A simulator which recreates Orville and Wilbur Wright's point of view, designed by Microsoft, will be available at the demonstration, as well as about 12,000 aircraft and a flying hospital.

Hong Kong-based carrier Cathay Pacific Airways will operate about 90% of its normal capacity in August after restoring additional services. In mid-March the airline was forced to suspend a number of its routes due to the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Cathay Pacific is planning to operate a full schedule by the end of September 2003, following the containment of the disease.

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Date:Jul 29, 2003
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