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ACIMALL, Centro Direzionale Milanofiori, la Strada-Palazzo F3, 20090 Assago, (Milano) Italy. 39/2-89210200 FAX: 39/2-8209009. WEB: Contact: Dr. Paolo Zanibon.

The association represents major Italian woodworking machinery and toot manufacturers.

ADHESIVE & SEALANT COUNCIL INC., 7979 Old Georgetown Rd., Ste. 500, Bethesda, MD 20814-2452. (202) 452-1500. FAX: (202) 452-1501. WEB: C Contact: Richard A. Barry, pres.

ASC is a non-profit international trade association which provides opportunities for dialogue, education, advancement and improvement of all aspects of the adhesive and sealant industry.

AKTRIN FURNITURE INFORMATION CENTER, 151 Randall St., Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6J 1P5. (905) 845-3474. FAX (905)845-7459. Contact: Stefan Wille, pres.

AKTRIN is a report uniting and international consulting firm fully dedicated to the furniture industry. The company has been in existence since 1985 and maintains offices in the U.S and Canada, Representatives and affiliates are located throughout the world.

AKTRIN INC., 164 S. Main St. #307, High Point, NC 27260. (336) 841-8535. FAX: (336) 841-5435. WEB: Contact: Carlene Damba, dir. of operations.

An independent institution dedicated to the residential and office furniture industries, suppliers and distributors. Also, AKTRIN provides customized information services and publishes a reference handbook covering market analysis, finance, governmental regulations and statistical tables.

ALBERTA FOREST PRODUCTS ASSN. (AFPA), #200-11738 Kingsway Ave., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5G 0X5. (780) 452-2841. FAX (708) 455-0505. WEB: Contact: Garry Leithead, exec. dir.

The AFPA is a non-profit industry-funded association representing the lumber, pant board; pulp and paper and secondary manufacturers in Alberta. The services provided include lumber grading, government affairs, safety, transportation, offshore marketing and public affairs.

AMERICAN BOILER MFRS. ASSN (ABMA), 950 N. Glebe Road, Ste. 160, Arlington, VA 22203. (703) 522-7350. FAX: (703) 522-2665. WEB: Contact: Randy Rawson, pres.

ABMA represents manufacturers of commercial, industrial and utility boilers and fuel-burning equipment, as well as suppliers to the industry.

AMERICAN FIBERBOARD ASSN. (AFA), 1210 W. Northwest Highway, Palatine, IL 60067. (847) 934-8394. FAX: (847) 934-8803. WEB: Contact: Curt Peterson, exec. v.p.

The American Fiberboard Association (AFA) is the national trade organization of manufacturers of cellulosic fiberboard products used for residential and commercial construction.

AMERICAN FOREST & PAPER ASSN. (AF&PA), 1111 19th St NW., Ste. 800, Washington, DC 20036. (202) 463-2700. FAX: (202) 463-2785. Contact: Stove Lovett.

The AF&PA is the national trade association of the forest, pulp, paperboard and wood products industry. It is comprised of the former American Forest Council, American Paper Institute, National Forest Products Assn. and the Forest Industries Council on Taxation. AF&PA represents approximately 550 member companies and related trade associations which grow, harvest and process wood and wood fiber, manufacture pulp, paper and paperboard from both virgin and recycled fiber, and produce solid wood products.

AMERICAN FOREST FOUNDATION, South, 2900 Chamblee Tucker Road, Bldg. 5, Atlanta, GA 30341. (770) 451-7106. FAX: (770) 451-2976.

AMERICAN FURNITURE MFRS. ASSN. (AFMA), P.O. Box HP-7, High Point, NC 27261. (336) 884-5000. FAX: (336) 884-5303. WEB: Contact: Douglas L. Brackett, exec. vice pres.

AFMA, the largest trade association for furniture manufacturers in the U.S., provides management training, national and state government relations, statistical information and representation of the home furnishings manufacturing industry to its various publics. Educational seminars address numerous topics, including marketing, human resources and safety, transportation and logistics, and environmental affairs.

AMERICAN HARDBOARD ASSN. (AHA), 1210 W. Northwest Highway, Palatine, IL 60067. (847) 934-8800. FAX: (847) 934-8803. WEB: Contact: C. Curtis Peterson, exec. vice pres.

AHA is the national trade organization of manufacturers of hardboard products used for exterior siding, interior wall paneling, household and commercial furniture and industrial and commercial products. AHA serves as the clearinghouse on industry and technical information for architects, builders, contractors, distributors, dealers, government agencies and the general public.

AMERICAN HARDWOOD EXPORT COUNCIL, 1111 19th St N.W., Ste. 800, Washington, DC 20036. (202) 463-2720. FAX: (202) 463-2787. Contact: Tracy Himmel Isham.

The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) is the leading international trade association for the U.S. hardwood industry, representing the committed exporters among U.S. hardwood companies and all the major U.S. hardwood product trade associations.

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF TIMBER CONSTRUCTION, 7012 S. Revere Pkwy., Ste. 140, Englewood, CO 80112. (303) 792-9559. FAX: (303) 792-9559. Contact: R. Michael Caldwell exec. vice pres.

AITC is the national technical trade association of the structural glued laminated timber (glulam) industry. Its members manufacture, fabricate, assemble, erect and/or design wood structural systems and related wood products for construction applications. Professional memberships are offered. AITC publishes industry standards and design guides.

AMERICAN LUMBER STANDARD COMMITTEE (ALSC), P.O. Box 210, Germantown, MD 20875. (301) 972-1700. FAX (301) 540-8004. Contact: Thomas D. Searles, president

Members are appointed by the Dept. of Commerce to represent producers, consumers and specifiers of softwood lumber. The ALSC established and maintains standards for size, grade and other matters and elects an independent board of review to approve grading rules, accredit agencies for treated and untreated wood, and sit in review of the adequacy, competency and reliability of service performed by such agencies.

AMERICAN MACHINE TOOL DISTRIBUTORS' ASSOC., 1445 Research Blvd., #450, Rockville, MD 20850. (301) 738-1200. FAX: (301) 738-9499. Contact: Karen Washington.

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF FURNITURE DESIGNERS, 144 Woodland Dr., New London, NC 28127. (910) 576-1273. FAX: (910) 576-1573. WEB: Contact: Christine Evans, exec. dir.

ASFD is a nationwide, non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance and improve the profession of furniture design. Its membership includes professional designers, teachers and students; corporate suppliers of products and services; and those who provide creative services to the industry.

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS, 608 Massachusetts Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20002-6006. (202) 546-3480. FAX: (202) 546-3240. Contact: Larry R. Frye, exec. dir.

AMERICAN WALNUT MANUFACTURERS ASSN., P.O. Box 5046, Zionsville, IN 46077. (317) 873-8780. FAX: (317) 873-8780. WEB: Contact: Larry R. Frye, exec. dir.

An international trade association representing manufacturers of walnut lumber, gunstock blanks, veneer and dimension lumber. The purpose of the association is to promote the utilization of walnut, the expansion on international and domestic markets, and promote better forest management to assure sustained-yield crops of black walnut trees.

AMERICAN WOOD PRESERVERS INSTITUTE, 2750 Prosperity Ave., Suite 550, Fairfax, VA 22031-9849. (703) 204-0500. FAX: (703) 204-4610. WEB: Contact: Sarah Ely.

AWPI encourages, develops and promotes the production and acceptance of the wood preserving industry's products. The institute also promotes environmental stewardship and compliance with state and federal regulations and provides a wide range of technical, educational and reference materials.

ANAPIMM, Ave. Washington 1306, Esq. con Federalismo, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. (3) 812-5078, (3) 812-4257. Contact: Marco A. Orozo

The national association of woodworking industry suppliers now has 27 members. The basic principles: to dignify the activity through the qualification of dealers and the promotion of professionalism; to avoid disloyal competition without affecting free competition; to promote the force of the combined action; to reinforce the areas of customs, trade shows, promotion, information and technology; to promote the development of industry through the transfer of technology and education.

APA -- THE ENGINEERED WOOD ASSOCIATION, P.O. Box 11700, Tacoma, WA 98411-0700. (253) 565-6600. FAX: (253) 565-7265. Contact: David L. Rogoway, pres.

The APA is a non-profit trade association whose member mills produce approximately 75 percent of the Structural wood panels manufactured in the United States and 65 percent of the OSB panels manufactured in Canada. APA performs quality inspection and testing, product and systems research and promotion.

APPALACHIAN HARDWOOD MFRS. INC., P.O. Box 427, High Point, NC 27261. (336) 885-8315. FAX: (336) 886-8865. Contact: Mark A. Barford, exec. vice pres.

AHMI's mission is the proper promotion of hardwood produced in the Appalachian area, accomplished domestically through the furniture industry, and internationally through travel and trade missions. AHMI to equally committed to protecting the resource base and availability to assure the long-term success of its members.

ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK INSTITUTE (AWI), 1952 Isaac Newton Square West, Reston, VA 20190. (703) 733-0600. FAX: (703) 733-0584. WEB: Contact: Judith B. Durham.

AWL is a non-profit organization representing the special woodwork manufacturers of the Untied States and Canada, devoted to the elevation of industry standards, to continuing research into acne and better materials and methods, and to the publication of technical data helpful to architects, designers and specification writers in the design and use of architectural woodwork.

ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK MANUFACTURERS ASSN. OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, #174-4664 Lougheed Hwy., Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5C 5R7. (604) 208-3555. FAX: (604) 298-3558. Contact: Richard Campbell.

Members arc architectural woodwork manufacturers and suppliers. The association provides a guarantee and inspection service which inspects the millwork in projects for architects' projects.

ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK MANUFACTURERS ASSN. OF CANADA, 516 - 4th Street West, High River, Alberta, Canada TIV 1A2. (403) 652-7685. FAX: (403) 652-7384. Contact: Frank VanDonzel, secy/mgr.

Members are manufacturers of casework, architectural woodwork, millwork and cabinets as well as the suppliers of products and hardware related to the industry and/or other manufacturers affiliated with the woodwork industry. The association provides a "Quality Standard for Architectural Millwork" manual which is used in most offices of architects and professional specification writers.

ARIZONA ASSN. OF FINE WOODWORKERS, P.O. Box 44264, Phoenix, AZ 85064-4264. (602) 266-2376. Contact Marv Wasserman.

ARKANSAS FORESTRY ASSN., 410 S. Cross St. #C, Little Rock, AR 72201-3014. (501) 374-2441. FAX (501) 374-6413. WEB: Contact J. Kelly Robbins, exec. vice pres.

AFA's vision is to the respected leader and credible information source for all issues related to the forestry community and its 1,300+/- members. Its goats arc to improve the public perception of the timber and forest products community, increase size and diversity of membership and increase its political influence.

ASSOCIATED COOPERAGE INDUSTRIES OF AMERICA INC., 2100 Gardiner Lane, Nolan Bldg., Ste. 100-E, Louisville, KY 40205-2047. (502) 459-6113. FAX: (502) 459-6114. WEB: Contacts: Ida H. Austin, secy/treas.; Albert L. Zimlich Jr., pres.

Members are cooperage firms (producers of wooden barrels or coopers), producers of staves and heading for barrels, several distillers who use the prime white oak barrel for maturing bourbon whiskey and a few other industries allied to cooperage. ACIA is small and non-profit, but besides 11w U.S., has members in France, Canada, Scotland, Ireland and England. ACIA serves as a canted point for members and in general tries to further the interests of those who participate in a fine, ancient craft.

ASSOCIATION OF CONSULTING FORESTERS OF AMERICA INC. (ACF), 732 N. Washington St., Ste. 4A, Alexandria, VA 22314. (703) 548-0090. FAX: (703) 548-6395. Contact: Lynn C. Wilson, admin. dir.

The ACF is comprised of professional foresters who serve the public in forestry-related interests. Services include analysis, management, sale or acquisition of forest properties. The ACF sets 11w professional standards of consulting foresters and develops and promotes the area of private enterprise forestry.

ASSOCIATION OF WOODWORKING AND FURNISHING SUPPLIERS (AWFS), 5800 S. Eastern Ave., #330, Commerce, CA 00040. (323) 838-9440. FAX: (323) 838-9443. WEB: Contact: Dale Silverman, CAE, SPHR

Members are suppliers, distributors and manufacturing representatives to the casegoods and furnishings industries. Services include three trade shows (Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair, Spring & Fall Showtime -- West). Also, member/product directory, industry and member scholarships, awards, Web site, etc.

AUSTRIAn TRADE COMMISSION, 500 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 1950, Chicago, IL 60611. (312) 644-5556. FAX: (312) 644-6526. WEB:

Promoting mutual trade and business opportunities between Austrian and US companies.


B.C. WOOD SPECIALTIES GROUP, #5-15355 102A Ave., Surrey, BC, Canada V3R 7K1. (604) 583-8786. FAX: (604) 583-9916. WEB: Contact Bill Downing, gen. mgr.

Founded in 1980 as a partnership of industry and government, BC Wood represents the value-added wood products manufacturers of British Columbia, Canada. BC Wood provides business matching, training and marketing programs, research on international markets and information on BC'S value-added industry.

BERNDORF-HUECK NORTH AMERICA INC., 7703 Park Place Road, York, SC 29745. (803) 684-1112. FAX: (803) 684-7750. Contact Wolfram Senger-Weiss.

BUILDING SYSTEMS COUNCILS, 1201 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20005. (202) 822-0576. FAX: (202) 861-2141. Contact: Barbara K Martin, exec. dir.

The Building Systems Councils of the National Association of Home Builders represents manufacturers and builders of conventional code homes: modular panelized, component, pre-cut, geodesic dome and log. The organization provides information on these types of factory produced building systems, including brochures, member directories and media kits. The Building Systems Councils does not represent or have information on HUD or code/manufactured housing (mobile homes).

BUSINESS AND INSTITUTIONAL FURNITURE MFRS. ASSN. -- INTERNATIONAL (BIFMA), 2680 Horizon Drive S.E., Ste. A-1, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. (616) 285-3963. FAX: (616) 285-3765. Contact: Thomas Reardon, exec. dir.

Established in 1973, BIFMA International is a not-for-profit trade association of furniture manufacturers and suppliers addressing issues of common concern. BIFMA's mission is to serve the North American office and business furniture manufacturing industry as an information resource, industry advocate and by offering professional and industry-wide trade development opportunities. Strategic areas of focus include standards development, statistical date generation, government relations, industry promotion, education, networking and trade development activities.

BUSINESS PRODUCTS INDUSTRY ASSN., See Independent Office Products and Furniture Dealers Assn.


CABINET INDUSTRY DISTRIBUTION ALLIANCE (CIDA), 401 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611. (312) 321-6845. FAX: (312) 644-0310. Contact Kevin Gammonley, exec. V.P.

Members are distributors and manufacturers of hardware, surfacing materials, industrial wood products. The organization provides education, training, statistical research and networking opportunities for members.

CALIFORNIA FORESTRY ASSN. (CFA), (formerly Timber Assn. of Calif.), 1215 K Street, Ste. #1830, Sacramento, CA 95814. (916) 444-6592. FAX: (916) 444-0170. WEB: Contact: David Bischel, pres.

CFA is a trade association interested in forestry issues which concern private landowners and those dependent on wood from federal lands. Rules, regulations, litigations, appeals, news media and social trends which restrict properly rights and reasonable utilization of our natural resources impact lives continually.

CALIFORNIA FURNITURE MFRS. ASSN., 1240 N. Jefferson St., #G, Anaheim, CA 92807. (714) 632-6800. FAX: (714) 632-5405. WEB: Contact: Mr. Kelly Ramirez.

Association members include furnishings manufacturers throughout California. The association provides services such as insurance programs, a Web site listing for members, seminars and other benefits.

CALIFORNIA LUMBER INSPECTION SERVICE, 420 W. Pine Street, #10, Lodi, CA 95240. (209) 334-6956. FAX: (209) 334-6970. Contact: Duff Reinking, gen. mgr.

CLIS is a quality control agency for grading lumber, supervising quality control of preservative-treated wood and glued-laminated lumber. CLIS also provides mechanical and plumbing inspections for prefabricated construction, as well as truss inspection and quality control.

CALIFORNIA REDWOOD ASSN., 405 Enfrente Drive, Ste. 200, Novato, CA 94949. (415) 382-0662. FAX: (415) 382-8531. WEB: Contact: Christopher F. Grover, exec. vice pres.

Trade association for the redwood lumber industry. The association promotes the use of redwood for a wide variety of applications and develops product literature and technical data sheets.

CANADIAN HARDWOOD PLYWOOD AND VENEER ASSN., 27 Goulburn Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 8C7. (613) 233-6205. FAX: (613) 233-1929. WEB: Contact: Peggy Percy, assn. affairs officer.

The CHPA has as its purpose to protect the interests and conserve the rights of those involved in the manufacture and distribution of hardwood veneer and plywood in Canada, as well as their suppliers.

CANADIAN KITCHEN CABINET ASSN. (CKCA), 27 Goulburn Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 8C7. (613) 233-6205. FAX: (613) 233-1929. WEB: Contact: Robert H. Rivard, exec. vice pres.

The CKCA is a national trade association representing manufacturers of kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and related millwork, as well as their suppliers and dealers, throughout Canada.

CANADIAN LUMBERMEN'S ASSN. (CLA), 27 Goulburn Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 8C7. (613) 233-6205. FAX: (613) 233-1929. WEB: Contact: Robert H. Rivard, pros.

The CLA, founded in 1907, strives to promote the interests and conserve the rights of those engaged in lumber operations, or in the manufacture, sale or distribution of lumber and other related products.

CANADIAN WINDOW AND DOOR MFRS. ASSN., 27 Goulburn Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 8C7. (613) 233-9804. FAX: (613) 233-1929. WEB: Contact: Marq Webb, administrator.

The CWDMA represents and supports all aspects of the window and door manufacturing industry by formulating and promoting high standards of quality in manufacturing, design, marketing, distribution, sales and application of all types of window and door products. The CWDMA will maintain high ethical and technical standards.

CANADIAN WOOD COUNCIL, 1400 Blair Place, Ste. 210, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1J 9B8. (613) 477-5544. FAX: (613) 747-6204. Contact: Kelly McCloskey, pres.

The councils mission is to expand the solid wood industry's market share by developing technical product information and by promoting to specifiers, educators, regulators and interested groups. Members are regional lumber grading associations and other product-specific trade associations.

CARIBOO LUMBER MFRS. ASSN., 205-197 N. Second Ave., Williams Lake, BC, Canada V2G 1Z5. (250) 392-7778. FAX: (250) 392-4692. WEB: Contact: Gord Rattray, general manager.

The CLMA represents forest product member companies in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. The CLMA's principal focuses are ensuring that member companies' quality control and lumber-grading programs meet or exceed applicable standards and providing leadership and support to member companies on all aspects of forest resource management, forest and land policy issues and forest product market access.

CERTIFIED FOREST PRODUCTS COUNCIL, 14780 SW Osprey Dr., Ste. 285, Beaverton, OR 97007. (503) 590-6600. FAX: (503) 590-6655. Contact: Beth Melville.

The Certified Forest Products Council is a voluntary, not-for-profit business initiative that seeks to improve forest management worldwide by promoting the increased use, sale and purchase of environmentally friendly, third-party independently certified forest products. CFPC works with its members across the forest products value chain to connect demand with supply of third-party independently certified forest products.

CLEVELAND ADVANCED MANUFACTURING PROGRAM (CAMP Div. NIST Great Lakes Mfg. Technology Center), 4600 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, OH 44103-4314. (216) 432-5300. FAX: (216) 361-2900. Contact: Stephen J. Gage, PhD, pres.

CAMP was organized to assist Great Lakes regional manufacturers with an array of technology transfer/training services through workshops, forums, assessments, R & D, application engineering projects and a slate-of-market automation lab. CAMP was chosen in 1989 as one of the initial sites to establish the federally funded U.S. Manufacturing Technology Centers under a program by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

COLOR MARKETING GROUP, 5904 Richmond Hwy., Suite 408, Alexandria, VA 22303. (703) 329-8500. FAX: (703) 329-0755. WEB: Contact: Jill Moran.

Color Marketing Group, founded in 1962, is an international, not-for-profit Association of 1,600 color designers. Color designers are professionals who enhance the function, salability and/or quality of a product through their knowledge and appropriate application of color. CMG members forecast color directions one to three years in advance for all industries, manufactured products and services.

COLUMBIA RIVER LOG SCALING AND GRADING BUREAU, P.O. Box 7002, Eugene, OR 97401. (541) 342-6007. FAX: (541) 342-2631. Contact: Gary J. Curtis, bureau mgr.

CRLS&GB determines board footage, volume and the quality of logs.

COMPOSITE PANEL ASSN. (CPA), 18922 Premiere Court, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. (301) 670-0604. FAX: (301) 840-1252. WEB: Contact: Jack O'Leary, president.

The CPA represents more than 92% of total North American particleboard/MDF manufacturing capacity. It provides the particleboard and MDF industry and its members representation to government, collects and distributes industry statistics, sponsors technical research, produces product testing and third party certification and promotes industry products.

COMPOSITE WOOD COUNCIL, 18922 Premiere Court, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. (301) 670-0604. FAX: (301) 840-1252. WEB: Contact: Tom Julia, vice pres.

The Composite Wood Council's primary goal is to increase the understanding, appreciation and use of products manufactured from particleboard and MDF. Membership is open to any company with an interest in the industry. The Council's 200 international members include board producers and distributors, home furnishing manufacturers equipment manufacturers, suppliers, laminators, transporters and trade magazines.

COUNCIL OF FFOREST INDUSTRIES, 555 Burrar St., Ste. 1200, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7X 1S7. (604) 684-0211. FAX: (604) 687-4930. Contact: Arnie Nebelsick, exec. dir.

COFI is the umbrella organization for six forest industry associations. COFI directs its efforts toward assuring world market access for V.C. forest products; providing leadership in industry with government and labor, and being an advocate for the B.C. forest industry.


EASTERN BUILDING MATERIAL DEALERS ASSN., 604 E. Baltimore Pike, Media, PA 19063-1795. (610) 565-6144. FAX: (610) 565-0068. Contact: David B. Kreidler, pres. and CEO.

ENGINEERED WOOD SYSTEMS (EWS), P.O. Box 11700, Tacoma, WA 98411. (253) 565-6600. FAX: (253) 565-7265. WEB: Contact: Thomas G. Williamson.

EWS, a related organization of APA--The Engineered Wood Assoc., represents glued laminated timber, I-joists, laminated veneer lumber and other engineered wood product manufacturers. Its functions include quality auditing, standards development and international market development.

EUROPEAN PRODUCERS OF LAMINATE FLOORING (EPLF), Mittelstrasse 50. D-33602 Bielefeld, Germany +49-(0)521/1369760. FAX +49-(0)521-122559. WEB: Contact: Karin Dullweber, pub. relations.


FINE HARDWOOD VENEER ASSN., See the Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Assn.

FOREST PRODUCTS SOCIETY (FPS), 2801 Marshall Court, Madison, WI 53705. (608) 231-1361. FAX: (608) 231-2152. Contact: Arthur Brauner, exec. vice pres.

FPS is a non-profit technical association whose mission is to foster innovation and research in the environmentally sound processing and use of wood and fiber resources.

FOREST RESOURCES ASSOCIATION INC. (Formerly The American Pulpwood Association), 600 Jefferson Plaza, Ste. 350, Rockville, MD 20852. (301) 838-9385. FAX: (301) 838-9481. WEB: Contact: Richard Lewis, pres.

The mission of the Forest Resources Association is to promote the best interests of wood fiber suppliers and consumers in the economical, efficient, and sustainable use, and stewardship, of forest resources to meet wood fiber needs through private enterprise.

FOUNDATION FOR DESIGN INTEGRITY, 1950 N. Main St., #139, Salinas, CA 93906. (650) 326-1867. FAX (831) 449-7040. WEB: Contact: Henry Gowin.

The Foundation for Design Integrity is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating members of the furnishings industry about the need to protect original design from plagiarism and forgery.


GREAT LAKES KILN DRYING ASSN., 2004 Folwell Ave., St. Paul, MN 55108. (612) 624-3407. FAX (612) 625-6286. Contact: Harlan Petersen, secy./treas.

The purpose of this association is to promote improved drying, storage and handling of wood through the exchange of ideas and discussion of problems at regular and special meetings held at least two times annually. Membership totals approximately 200 dry kiln operators, dry end supervisors and mill managers from the Midwest.


HARDWOOD DISTRIBUTOR'S ASSN. INC., Box 988, North Tonawanda, NY 14120-0988. (716) 694-0562. FAX: (716) 694-0966. Contact: Christopher A. Miller, secretary-treasure.

Its function is to promote fair competition within the industry; protect the interests of wholesale distributing yards; educate its employees, the public and its customers on the place of lumber in the environment.

HARDWOOD LUMBER MFRS. ASSN. OF PA INC. (HLMA), 545 W. Chocolate Ave., Hershey, PA 17033. (717) 312-1244. FAX: (717) 312-1355. WEB: Contact: William Robie, exec. dir.

The largest limber and forest products trade association in Pennsylvania, HLMA is committed to ensuring the viability of the industry through its full-time government affairs office in the interest of achieving a healthy environment, a sustainable forest base and a strengthened economy.

HARDWOOD MFRS. ASSN. (HMA), 400 Penn Center Blvd., Ste. 530, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. (412) 829-0770. FAX: (412) 829-0844. WEB: Contact: Susan M. Regan, exec. V.P.

Its members include U.S. hardwood sawmills and concentration yards. HMA offers promotion of hardwoods, a buyer's guide, information management and hosts an annual national conference with five regional meetings.

HARDWOOD PLYWOOD & VENEER ASSN. (HPVA), P.O. Box 2789, Reston, VA 20195. (703) 435-2900. FAX: (703) 435-2537. WEB: Contact: H. T. "Bill" Altman, pres.

HPVA is an international trade association that represents more than 200 wood industry companies in the U.S., Canada, and other countries. Members belong to one or more of the association's eight product divisions: cut-to-size, laminated hardwood flooring, stock panel, supplier, veneer, prefinish, wholesale stocking distributors and associate members. In 1998, the HPVA and the Fine Hardwood Veneer Assn. (FHVA) merged.

HOME FURNISHINGS COUNCIL, 3411 Silverside Road, Baynard Bldg., Suite 208, Wilmington, DE 19810. (302) 479-7974. FAX: (302) 479-7977. Contact: Robert W. Nightengale, Jr., pres.

The Home Furnishings Council was initiated in 1990 by members of the American Furniture Manufacturers' Association (AFMA), and the National Home Furnishings Association (NHFA). Their challenges were to create an industry-wide organization and broaden the market for decorating products by reaching American consumers.

HOME FURNISHINGS INTERNATIONAL ASSN., P.O. Box 420807, Dallas, TX 75342. (214) 741-7632. FAX: (214) 742-9103. WEB:,. Contact: Mary Frye, pres.

HFLA is a trade association for the home furnishings industry. Services offered are low-fee VISA/MasterCard processing; consumer finance; health, life and business insurance and more. "Home Furnishings Review" is an industry newsletter that is published monthly.


ILLINOIS LUMBER AND MATERIAL DEALERS ASSN. INC., 932 S. Spring St., Springfield, IL 62704. (217) 544-5405 or (800) 252-8641 in Illinois. FAX: (217) 544-4206. Contact: L. Carroll, exec. dir.

The association is comprised of retail and wholesale lumber and building material dealers. It offers regulatory information, group health insurance, supplies, conventions, as well as political representation.

ILLINOIS WOOD PRODUCTS ASSN., Department of Forestry, Southern Illinois University, Mailcode 4411, Carbondale, IL 62901-4411. (618) 453-3341. FAX: (618) 453-7475. WEB: Contact: John Phelps.

Membership is open to anyone dealing with the procurement, harvesting, primary or secondary processing or marketing of wood or wood products. The association promotes interaction between members; provides up-to-date information, interpretation and advice on government rules and regulations; hosts two conventions per year and sponsors workshops and training seminars.

INDEPENDENT FOREST PRODUCTS ASSN., 14780 SW. Osprey Dr., Suite 270, Beaverton, OR 97007. (503) 590-5559. FAX: (503) 590-1555. Contact: Frank M. Gladics, pres.

The Independent Forest Products Assn. is a notional advocacy organization representing the interests of small, independent forest products manufacturers who are dependent on public lands for a stable timber supply.

INDEPENDENT OFFICE PRODUCTS AND FURNITURE DEALERS ASSN., 301 N. Fairfax, Alexandria, VA 22314. (703) 549-9040 or (800) 542-6672. FAX (703) 683-7552. Contacts: James A. McGarry, pres.

The independent Office Products and Furniture Dealers Assn., formerly the Business Products industry Assn., consists of two member divisions: the Notional Office Products Alliance and the Office Furniture Dealers Assn.

INDIANA FOREST INDUSTRY COUNCIL (I.F.I.C.), 3600 Woodview Trace, Ste. 305, Indianapolis, IN 46268. (317) 875-3660. FAX: (317) 875-3661. Contacts: Lowell Miller, pres., or Greg Koontz, treas.

I.F.I.C. is seeking active membership from people who want to get involved in the growing and processing of quality hardwood, and who are willing to get involved and educate others on the need to sustain the limber base in Indiana. IFIC offers saw and timber cutting safety classes and sponsors "Log a Load for Kids" in Indiana. BMP training is also offered.

INDUSTRIAL AUCTIONEERS ASSN. INC. (IAA), P.O. Box 610223, Newton Highlands, MA 02461-0233. (800) 805-8359. FAX: (617) 558-0213. WEB: Contact: Steven M. Finn, IAA.

The IAA promotes the use of auction sales as an efficient and projitable method for selling industrial machinery and equipment. Membership includes 25 prominent auctioneering firms specializing in industrial machinery and equipment.

INDUSTRIAL DIAMOND ASSN., P.O. Box 1070, Skyland, NC 28776. (828)684-1986. FAX: (828) 684-7372. Contact Fred A. Gray, Exec. Dir.

The industrial Diamond Assn. Of America is a non-profit trade association composed of companies and individuals involved in the manufacturing and sales of industrial diamonds, cubic boron nitride and tools that contain diamond and/or CBN.

INSTITUTE OF PACKAGING PROFESSIONALS, 481 Carlisle Dr., Herndon, VA 20170-4823. (703) 318-8970. FAX: (703) 814-4961. Contact: William Pflaum, exec. dir.

INTERMOUNTAIN FOREST INDUSTRY ASSN., 3731 Ramsey Rd., Ste. 110, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815. (208) 667-4641. FAX: (208) 664-0557. Contacts: Jim Riley, exec. dir.

The association represents solid wood and paper manufacturing in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and South, Dakota. Its primary services include government affairs and public relations.

INTERNATIONAL HOME FURNISHINGS MARKETING ASSN., 317 W. High Ave., High Point, North Carolina 27260. (336) 869-1000. FAX (336) 889-7460. WEB:

The International Home Furnishings Market has become the worlds largest and most important wholesale home furnishings market, the company says. It offers home furnishings professionals access to casegoods, upholstery, accessories, lighting, bedding and rugs. Market's 2,500 exhibitors offer unrivaled selection and access to complete lines and mare new prodcut introductions thou anywhere else.

INTERNATIONAL INTERIOR DESIGN ASSOCIATION (IIDA), 341 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 60654. (312) 467-1950. FAX: (208) 467.0779. WEB: Contacts: Karin McKie, communications.

The International Interior Design Association is a professional networking and educational association of mare than 10,000 members in eight specialty forums, nine regions and more then 30 chapters around the world IIDA is committed to enhancing the quality of life through excellence in interior design and advancing interior design through knowledge.

INTERNATIONAL SAFE TRANSIT ASSN. (ISTA), 1400 Abbott Road, Ste. 310, East Lansing, MI 48823. (517) 333-3437. FAX (517) 333-3813. Contact: Edward A. Church, exec. dir.

ISTA'S directory lists the laboratories certified to carry out pre-shipment testing of packaged products in accordance to association procedures. All members, shippers, certified laboratories, carrier members and affiliate members are listed in the annual publication. More than 150 tabs located throughout the United Stoles, Canada, Europe, Brazil and the Far East are listed.

INTERNATIONAL SLEEP PRODUCTS ASSN., 501 Wythe St., Alexandria, VA 22314-1917. (703) 683-8371. FAX (703) 683-4503. Contact: Russell Abolt, exec. vice pres.

ISPA is the trade association for the mattress manufacturing industry. Members include wholesale monufacturers,factory-direct manufacturers and the producers of mattress components in the U.S. and Canada. ISPA publishes a monthly magazine BedTimes, and sponsors the International Bedding Exposition in March of even-numbered years.

INTERNATIONAL SOLID SURFACE FABRICATORS ASSN. (ISSFA), 975 American Pacific Dr., Ste. 102, Henderson, NV 89014. (702) 567-8150. FAX: (702) 567-8145. WEB: Contact: Michael Duggan.

The International Solid Surface Fabricators Assn. represents the solid surface industry and the world's solid surface fabricators. ISSFA aggressively promotes solid surface over other surfacing option, and the ISSFA member companies as sources of quality and professionalism.

INTERNATIONAL STAPLE, NAIL & TOOL ASSN., 512 W. Burlington Ave., Suite 203, LaGrange, IL 60525-2245. (708) 482-8138. FAX: (708) 482-8186. Contact John Kurtz, exec. vice pres.

The association represents manufacturers of fasteners such as staples, nails, brads, decorative tacks, corrugated fasteners, etc., and the power fastening tools (typically electric or pneumatic) that drive them. Sponsors an ANSI safety standard for tools and represents power fastening industry in standars, codes, regulations, etc.

THE INTERNATIONAL WOOD PRODUCTS ASSN., 4214 King St. W., Alexandria, VA 22302. (703) 820-6696. FAX: (703) 820-8550. WEB: Contact: Wendy Baer, exec. vice pres.

The IWPA is the sole organized group in the U.S. representing companies active in me import of wood products. The IWPA performs legislative and regulatory activities, provides a forum, develops and disseminates information ret alive to the industry and provides standards of quality relating to wood products.

ITALIAN TRADE COMMISSION (Istituto Nazionale Peril Commercio Estero -- ICE), 1801 Avenue of the Stars, Ste. 700, Los Angeles, CA 90067. (213) 879-0950. FAX: (310) 203-8335. Contact: Pasquale Bova, trade commissioner.

The association represents and promotes Italian manufacturers of all types of woodworking equipment.


JUVENILE PRODUCTS MFRS. ASSN., 236 Route 38-West, Suite 100, Morrestown, NJ 08057. (609) 231-8500. FAX (609) 231-4664. Contact: William MacMillan, pres.

JPMA members include manufacturers and/or importers in the U.S. and Mexico. The JPMA sponsors a trade show, offers a credit program and a certification program for seven categories of products, promotes safety awareness, informs the government of industry's views and encourages new market development.


KANSAS TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE CORP., 214SW 6th, First Floor, Topeka, KS 66693. (785) 296-5272. FAX (785)296-1160. Contact: Mike Wojcicki.

KTEC is charged with promoting advanced technology economic development in the state of Kansas. KTEC offers a wide range of programs that assist entrepreneurs and companies with research and development of new products and technologies, including a Wood Technology Laboratory located at the Center for Design, Development and Production located at Pittsburg State University.

KENTUCKY FOREST INDUSTRIES ASSN. (KFIA), 106 Progress Dr. Frankfort, KY 40601. (502) 695-3979. FAX: (502) 695-8343. WEB: Contact: Robert J. Bauer, exec. dir.

Trade association for the forest products industry, whose membership is composed of primary/secondary, wholesale, service, supplier and associates. Members are mainly located within Kentucky, but are also in the surrounding states. KFIA puts out a monthly newsletter and yearly membership directory, regional meetings, annual association meeting in March, annual Kentucky Wood Expo and provides logger information through Kentucky Master Logger Program.

KITCHEN/BATH DISTRIBUTION ALLIANCE (KBDA), 401 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611. (312) 321-6845. FAX: (312) 644-0310. Contact: Kevin Gammonley, exec. v.p.

Members are distributors and manufacturers of kitchen and bath cabinetry. The organization provides education, training, statistical research and networking opportunities for members.

KITCHEN CABINET MANUFACTURERS ASSN. (KCMA), 1899 Preston White Drive, Reston, VA 20191. (703) 264-1690. FAX: (703) 620-6530. WEB: www.kcmaorg. Contact: C. Richard Titus, exec. v.p.

The trade association represents cabinet manufacturers, countertop and other decorative laminate product fabricators, and suppliers to the industry. Services include government relations, management statistics, marketing information, plant tours, management conferences, annual convention and administration of cabinet testing and certification program.


LAMINATING MATERIALS ASSN. (LMA), 116 Lawrence St., Hillsdale, NJ 07642-2730. (201) 664-2700. FAX: (201) 666-5665. WEB: Contact: George Carter, exec. dir.

The association represents man-made decorative overlays including thermoformed overlays, vingl films, low basis weight papers, decorative foils, saturated papers, heat transfer foils and edgebanding that are laminated to a wood substrate. Members are overlay suppliers, adhesive and substrate companies end laminators. The association publishes a source of supply directory, a Glossary of Terms and five product standards.

LUMBER TRADE ASSN. OF GREATER CHICAGO, 4415 W. Harrison St., Ste. 435, Hillside, IL 60162. (708) 449-2560. FAX: (708) 449-2553. Contact: L. Walton, administrator.


MAINE FOREST PRODUCTS COUNCIL, 146 State St., Augusta, ME 04330. (207) 622-9288. FAX (207) 626-3002. Contact: Abigail Holman, exec. dir.

A statewide association of the various interests which comprise Maine's forest products community, the council has worked over me years toward providing a better climate for the forest products community and of promoting a more vital forestry sector.

MAINE WOOD PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION, P.O. Box 370, Newport, ME 04953. (207) 368-5969. FAX: (207) 368-5954. Contact: Eric Howard.

A statewide association of primary and secondary wood products manufacturers including both small businesses and international leaders in the industry. The association's focus in economic development and industry growth through meetings and educational programs, public education and support of business-to-business relationships.

MAPLE FLOORING MFRS. ASSN., 60 Revere Drive, Ste. 500, Northbrook, IL 60062. (847) 480-9138. FAX: (847) 480-9282. Contacts: Kevin Hacke, exec. dir.; Daniel Heney, technical dir.

Foundation in 1897, the MFMA is the authoritative source of technical and general information about the manufacture, application, installation and maintenance of northern hard maple athletic flooring systems. MFMA's members arc manufacturing mills, installers, distributors and associated product manufacturers.

MARITIME LUMBER BUREAU, P.O. Box 459, Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada B4H 4A1. (902) 667-3889. FAX: (902) 667-0401. WEB: Contact: Diana Blenkhorn, pres., CEO.

The MLB was organized in 1938. The association represents solid wood manufacturers in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and the stale of Maine. Today it is an internationally recognized quality control agency. Current membership encompasses 125 producing sawmills and an additional 125 associate members. Its services include ode marking supervision on, government liaison, market access representation, education and promotion.

MATERIAL HANDLING INDUSTRY, 8720 Red Oak Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28217. (704) 676-1190. FAX: (704) 676-1199. WEB: Contact: J. Nofsinger, CEO.

MHI was incorporated as a trade association in 1945. Its nearly 700 members are engaged in the design and manufacture of material handling equipment and systems. Its services include education, research, trade shows, product technical conferences and specifications.

MICHIGAN ASSN. OF TIMBERMEN, 201 W. John St., Newberry, MI 49868. (800) 682-4979. FAX: (906) 293-5444. WEB: Contact: Peter C. Grieves, exec. dir.

Trade association with mission to operate programs reducing cost and increasing profitability of our members. Provide effective representation of the MI forest industry with legislators and government officials. Influence policy and legislation.

MICHIGAN LUMBER & BUILDING MATERIALS ASSN., P.O. Box 27095, Lansing, MI 48909. (517) 394-5225. FAX: (517) 394-5228. Contact: Ronald Salvatore, pres.

This is a trade association representing retail lumber yards. Also, it represents manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, offering legislative representation, education and training programs, group health insurance, worker's compensation insurance and properly casualty insurance.

MISSISSIPPI LUMBER MFRS. ASSN., P.O. Box 5241, Jackson, MS 39296-5241. (601) 982-1731. FAX: (601) 982-5263. WEB: Contact: Sylvia C. Napper, exec. vice pres.

Association members include Mississippi pine and hardwood manufacturers plus associate members from throughout the Southeast. MLMA provides a forum for exchange of ideas and valuable industry contacts, promotes use of pine and hardwood lumber, gives members unified voice in addressing issues. The association holds an annual meeting/convention/trade show.

MISSOURI FOREST PRODUCTS ASSN., 611 E. Capitol Ave., Ste. 1, Jefferson City, MO 65101. (573) 634-3252. FAX: (573) 636-2591. Contact Cory Ridenhour, dir.

The Missouri state trade association promotes closer working relationships among wood-utilizing and producing entities. The association sponsors a trade show, an annual meeting and educational seminars.

MOUNTAIN STATES LUMBER & BUILDING MATERIAL DEALERS ASSN., 9034 E. Easter Place, Ste. 103, Englewood, CO 80112. (303) 793-0859 or (800) 365-0919. FAX: (303) 290-9137. Contact Geri L. Adams, exec. vice pres.

The association is a regional trade organization of retail dealers and their suppliers. It is a non-partisan, non-profit association supported by voluntary membership. Its region includes all of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and southeast Idaho.


NATIONAL ASSN. OF HOME BUILDERS, 1201 15th St. N.W., Washington, DC 20005-2800. (202) 822-0200. FAX: (202) 822-0559. Contact: Kent Colton, exec. vice pres.

NATIONAL ASSN. OF THE REMODELING INDUSTRY (NARI), 4900 Seminary Road, #320, Alexandria, VA 22311. (703) 575-1100. FAX: (703) 575-1121. Contact: Patti Burgio, dir. of public affairs (ext. 3014).

NARI, the voice of the professional remodeling industry, is a not-for-profit trade association committed to enhancing industry professionalism and serving as an ally to our nation's homeowners. Over 60 chapters nationwide represent all segments of the industry, including contractors, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, lenders and others.

NATIONAL ASSN. OF STORE FIXTURE MFRS. (NASFM), 3595 Sheridan St., Suite 200, Hollywood, FL 33021. (954) 893-7300. FAX: (954) 893-7500. WEB: Contact: Klein Merriman, exec. dir.

NASFM is an international, not-for-profit association representing the store fixture manufacturing industry since 1956. Its mission is to raise the professional, ethical and educational standards of the industry and to promote the value of members' products and services. Its membership includes more than 450 manufacturing companies and 200 suppliers.

NATIONAL BIOENERGY INDUSTRIES ASSN. (NBIA), 122 C. St NW, Washington, DC 20001. (202) 383-2540. FAX: (202) 383-2670. Contact: Scott Sklar, exec. dir.

NBIA is the national organization of the biomass-electric and thermal component suppliers, manufacturers, consultants and project developers. NBIA publishes a quarterly magazine (Biologue), a monthly newsletter (BioBulletin) and several other publications.

NATIONAL COUNCIL OF THE HOUSING INDUSTRY, 1201 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20005. (202) 822-0520. FAX: (202) 822-0374. WEB: Contact: Tucker Bernard, dir.

The mission of NCHI is to be a resource for the building industry and to support the business interests of its members. NCHI was organized in 1964 to join national product and service suppliers with builder members of the National Association of Homebuyers (NAHB). This partnership with NAHB allows its associate members who supply products and services to be eligible for membership in NCHI.

NATIONAL FENESTRATION RATING COUNCIL, 1300 Spring St., Ste. 500, Silver Spring, MD 20910. (301) 589-6372. FAX: (301) 588-6243. Contact: Susan Douglas, administrator.

NFRC is a unique industry, government, public interest group collaboration developing and implementing a nationwide system for rating and labeling the thermal performance of all types of windows, doors, skylights, and other fenestration products. Members include product manufacturers, suppliers, specifiers, builders, consumers, state code agencies and energy offices, and utilities. The NFRC publishes a quarterly newsletter, "Update" and Certified Product Directory listing fenestration products and their energy performance.

NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSN. INC. (NFPA), One Batterymarch Park, P.O. Box 9101, Quincy, MA 02269-9101. (617) 770-3000. FAX (617) 770-0700. WEB: Contact: Julie Reynolds, AVP, corp. comm.

Established in 1896, the NFPA is an international, non-profit, voluntary membership association with more than 70,000 members worldwide. The NFPA, publisher of National Fire Codes and the Learn Not to Barn public fire-safety education program, also prepares many statistical reports on fire prevention and protection.

NATIONAL GLASS ASSN., 8200 Greensboro Dr., Ste. 302, McLean, VA 22102. (703) 442-4890. FAX: (703) 442-0630. Contact Brenda Stempson, exec. dir.

NGA is the largest trade association in North America for the architectural and automotive glass industry. Member companies are involved in contract glazing, auto glass replacement, minor installation, manufacturing, fabrication and distribution of glass and glass products as well as those from allied areas.

NATIONAL HARDWOOD LUMBER ASSN. (NHLA), P.O. Box 34518, Memphis, TN 38184-0518. (901) 377-1818. FAX: (901) 382-6419. Contact: Paul Houghland, Jr., exec. mgr.

Association members include hardwood lumber manufacturers, wholesalers, furniture manufacturers and wood products manufacturers. Its services include an inspection training school which teaches hardwood lumber grading according to NHLA standard grades and a national inspection service.

NATIONAL HOME FURNISHINGS ASSN., 305 W. High Ave. #400, P.O. Box 2396, High Point, NC 27261. (336) 801-6100 or (800) 888-9590. FAX: (336) 883-1195. Contact: Steve DeHaan, exec. vice pres.

Members are retail home furnishings stores nationwide. The association provides products, services and information and educational programs for its members.

NATIONAL KITCHEN AND BATH ASSN. (NKBA), 687 Willow Grove St, Hackettstown, NJ 07840. (908) 852-0033. FAX: (908) 852-1695. Contact: Cecilia A. Balazs, chief operating officer.

NKBA is an international organization whose members include kitchen/bath dealers, designers, manufacturers, manufacturers' representatives, distributors awl multi-branch retailers. Committed to the success and professionalism of its members, NKBA's activities include educational seminars, certification, Kitchen/Bath Industry Show and Conference and public relations and consumer awareness programs.

NATIONAL LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL DEALERS ASSN., 40 Ivy St. S.E., Washington, DC 20003. (202) 547-2230. FAX: (202) 547-7640. WEB: Contact: Gary Donnelly, pres.

NLBMDA represents 8,000 independent lumber and building material dealers and 22 stale and regional federated associations. NLBMDA provides representation for its members before the federal government and myriad products and services focusing on members' long-term success.

NATIONAL OAK FLOORING MFRS. ASSN./OAK FLOORING INSTITUTE, P.O. Box 3009, Memphis, TN 38173-0009. (901) 526-5016. FAX: (901) 526-7022. WEB: Contact: Stan Elberg, exec. vice pres.

Most major producers of oak flooring in 11w United States are members of the National Oak Flooring Mfrs. Assn., the official source of specifications, technical date and manufacturing and grading rules for hardwood flooring. The NOFMA/OFI trademark/certification on flooring produced by an association member assures quality oak flooring.

NATIONAL PAINT & COATINGS ASSN., 1500 Rhode Island Avenue N.W., Washington, DC 20005. (202) 462-6272. FAX: (202) 462-8549. WEB:

A voluntary, non-profit trade association representing some 400 paint and coatings manufacturers, raw materials suppliers and distributors. Primary role is to serve as ally and advocate an legislative, regulatory and judicial issues at the federal, state and local levels. Provides members with research and technical information, statistical management information, legal guidance and community pervice project support.

NATIONAL WINDOW & DOOR MFGRS. ASSN. (NWDMA), 1400 E. Touhy Ave., Ste. 470, Des Plaines, IL 60018. (847) 299-5200. FAX: (847) 299-1286. Contact Alan J. Campbell, CAE, pres.

The association represents manufacturers of wood windows and doors including flush, stile and rail doors and swinging and sliding patio doors and suppliers to the industry. NWWDA develops industry standards for wood windows and doors and is active in building codes and government regulations.

NATIONAL WOOD FLOORING ASSN. (NWFA), 16388 Westwoods Business Park, Ellisville, MO 63021. (314) 391-5161, (800) 422-4556 (U.S.); (800) 848-8824 (Canada). FAX: (314) 391-6137. WEB: www.wood Contact: Edward S. Korczak, CAE, exec. dir.

NWFA represents the leading wood flooring manufacturers, distributors, dealers and contractors. The NWFA promotes industry advancement, professionalism and growth through extensive educational programs and technical services, while conducting aggressive industry advertising and public relations campaigns. NWFA also develops industry standards for the installation and sanding and finsihing of wood floors.

NATIONAL WOODEN PALLET AND CONTAINER ASSN. (NWPCA), 1800 N. Kent Street, Ste. 911, Arlington, VA 22209-2109. (703) 527-7667. FAX: (703) 527-7717. WEB: Contact: Judy Peck, membership dir.

NWPCA is an international trade association of unit load professional who manufacture, recycle and distribute reusable pallets and other unit load bases, containers and reels. NWPCA is dedicated to the success of its members by helping them create environmentally responsible, cost-effective solutions to meet their customers' changing unit load materials handling needs.

NATURAL RESOURCES CANADA (Vice Canadian Forest Service), Pacific Forestry Centre, 506 W. Burnside Road, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V8Z 1M5. (250) 363-6000. FAX: (250) 363-0775. WEB: Contact: Dr. Bill Wilson, dir., industry, trade and economics.

The mandate of this national research agency is to define and deliver research in support of the sustainable development and competitiveness of the Canadian forest sector. This includes research on natural science and industry, trade and economics topics.

NATURAL RESOURCES RESEARCH INSTITUTE, 5013 Miller Trunk Highway, Duluth, MN 55811-1442. (218) 720-4257. FAX: (218) 720-4329. WEB: Contact: Chris Edwardson.

NRRI provides process and product research and technical assistance to the wood products industry.

NEW BRUNSWICK FOREST PRODUCTS ASSN. INC., 1350 Regent St., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada E3C 2G6. (506) 452-6930. FAX: (506) 450-3128. Contact: Joseph A. Day.

Members include all pulp and paper manufacturers and approximately 70 percent lumber production in New Brunswick.

NEW ENGLAND KILN DRYING ASSN., c/o SUNY, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY 13210. (315) 470-6832. FAX: (315) 470-6879. Contacts: Brad Armstrong, pres.; William B. Smith, exec. sec.

NEW ZEALAND PINE RE-MANUFACTURERS ASSN. INC. (NZPRA), P.O. Box 256, Motueka, New Zealand. (64) 35286006. FAX: (64) 35286220. WEB:

The Pine Re-Manufacturers Association companies range in size from large corporations down to small family owned businesses. The products made by the participating members include lumber, window and door parts, stair parts, mouldings, engineered wood products, furniture and furniture carpentry.


NAIDA is a non-profit service organization devoted to the location and development of industry in the TVA power-served area of North Alabama. All our services are provided free and there is no obligation. All correspondence is kept in strictest confidence.

NORTH AMERICAN BUILDING MATERIAL DISTRIBUTION ASSN. (NBMDA), 401 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611. (312) 321-6845. FAX: (312) 644-0310. WEB: Contact: Kevin Gammonley, exec. v.p.

Members are distributors and manufacturers of a wide variety of building materials and rotated specialty products. The organization provides education, training, statistical research and networking opportunities for members.

NORTH AMERICAN LAMINATE FLOORING ASSN., 1747 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Ste. 1000, Washington, DC 20006. (202) 785-9500. FAX: (202) 835-0243. Contact: Bill Dearing, pres.

Promotes the general advancement of laminate flooring in North America; to encourage the establishment and maintenance of high standards in laminate flooring and to recognize those that meet the standards; to promote public understanding of the role of laminate flooring; and to act as a clearinghouse for the dissemination of data relating to ad aspects of laminate flooring and to establish material and publications for such purpose.

NORTH AMERICAN WHOLESALE LUMBER ASSN. INC., 3601 Algonquin Road, Ste. 400, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008. (847) 870-7470. FAX: (847) 870-0201. Contact: Nicholas R. Kent, pres. and CEO.

NAWLA's vision is to be the unifying force for efficient distribution with the forest products industry. Through education programs, regular meetings throughout North America, publications and numerous cooperative initiatives with forest product manufacturers, the wholesale distributor members of this association strive to assume the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency.

NORTHEAST MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY CENTER (NEMTC), Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, Room CII 9009, Tray, NY 12180-3590. (518) 276-2932. FAX: (518) 276-2990. Contact: Nancy Duchessi, asst. dir.

NEMTC is one of five federally sponsored programs (NIST) whose mission is to transfer advanced manufacturing technologies to manufacturing firms employing fewer than 500 employees. Assistance areas include unbiased CAD/CAM evaluation, layout, process technologies, ISO 9000, SPC, seminars, workshops and training. Service areas include NY and surrounding states. Up to 1/3 cost share is available.

NORTHEASTERN LOGGERS ASSN., P.O. Box 69, Old Forge, NY 18420. (315) 369-3078. FAX: (315) 369-3736. Contact: G. Mitchell, exec. dir.

NELA is a trade association for members of the forest products industry. NELA publishes a monthly trade magazine, books and sponsors and conducts a variety of training sessions and an annual trade show.

NORTHEASTERN LUMBER MFRS. ASSN. (NELMA), P.O. Box 87-A, Cumberland Center, ME 04021. (207) 829-6901. FAX: (207) 829-4293. WEB: Contacts: Stephen S. Clark, pres.; Steve Card, chief inspector.

NeLMA is an authorized American Lumber Standards Committee grading and rules writing agency that represents lumber manufacturers throughout the New England states, New York and Pennsylvania.

NORTHEASTERN RETAIL LUMBER ASSN., 585 N. Greenbush Road, Rennselaer, NY 12144-9453. (800) 292-6752; (518) 286-1010. FAX: (518) 286-1755. Contact: Jim Ayotte.

Members are owners or principals of retail lumber and building material operations or millwork operations. Associate members ore related firms in the lumber and building material industry, suit as manufacturers, wholesalers or service firms. The association offers a wide range of services from educational seminars, annual trade and conventions and group insurance programs covering health and property. Other services include federal and state lobbyists, the latest information on legislation and regulations affecting the industry and opportunities for networking of members through state or local affiliated associations.

NORTHEASTERN WOODWORKERS ASSN., P.O. Box 246, Rexford, NY 12148. (518) 863-6433.

NWA is a non-profit membership organization based in New York State Capital District It is open without restriction to amateurs and professional woodworkers of all ages.

NORTHWEST WOOD PRODUCTS ASSN. (NWPA), 64672 Cook Ave., Suite B, Bend, OR 97701. (541)385-5353. FAX: (541) 385-5335. WEB: Contact: Dennis G. Brock, exec. dir.

NWPA is an association of secondary wood products manufacturers that assists firms in marketing, capital access, technology and training a supply development. Originally created as a state agency, NWPA has been a private, non-profit association since June 1998. NWPA was established to devise and coordinate strategies to promote the competitiveness of Oregon's secondary wood products industry -- 800 firms that employ more than 23,000 persons in the manufacture of millwork, cabinetry furniture and other specialty wood products. NWPA has more than 120 members representing more than 9,500 employees, making it one of the largest forest products associations in the Northwest.

NORTHWESTERN LUMBER ASSN., 1405 Lilac Drive #130, Minneapolis, MN 55422. (612) 544-6822. FAX: (612) 595-4060. Contact: Gary Smith, exec. dir.

The trade association represents retail lumber dealers in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota and provides legislative, convention and insurance services.

NOVA SCOTIA FOREST PRODUCTS ASSN., P.O. Box 696, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada B2N 5E5. (902) 895-1179. FAX: (902) 893-1197. WEB: Contact: Steve Talbot, exec. dir.

The voice of the industry in Nova Scotia since 1934, the Nova Scotia Forest Products Association is a non-government organization representing a diverse range of forest product producers.


OHIO LUMBERMEN'S ASSN., 41 Croswell Rd., Columbus, OH 43214. (614) 267-7817. FAX: (614) 267-6448. Contact: John C. Benson, exec. vice pres.

The purpose of the association is to promote the general welfare of the lumber and building material business throughout the state of Ohio. Members are owners or principals of retail lumber operations. Associate members are manufacturers, wholesalers or service firms of the lumber and building material industry. The association offers seminars, annual trade convention, group insurance program, ad specialties, advertising tabloids, customized business forms, and a Workers' Compensation Group Rating Discount Program.

ONTARIO FOREST INDUSTRIES ASSN., 130 Adelaide St. W., Ste. 1700, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 3P5. (416) 368-6188. FAX: (416) 368-5445. Contact: R. Marie Rauter, pres.

The association is the unified voice of its members, working to ensure that industry positions are considered by government, to build awareness of the industry and its positions with the public; and to demonstrate the responsiveness of its members to environmental, economic, societal and forest management concerns.

ONTARIO FURNITURE MFRS. ASSN., 6900 Airport Road, Ste. 200, Box 85, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4V 1E8. (905) 677-6561. FAX: (905) 677-5212. WEB: Contact: George Sinclair, exec. vice pres.

OFMA is a non-profit trade association representing manufacturers of furniture, furnishings, fixtures, accessories and suppliers to the industry, headquartered at the Toronto International Centre of Commerce. OFMA operates the prestigious Trillium Awards Program for Canadian Residential Furniture recognizing styling, quality and value to the consumer.

ONTARIO LUMBER MFRS.' ASSN., 55 University Ave., Ste. 1105, Box 8, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 2H7. (416) 367-9717. FAX: (416) 367-3415. Contact: David G. Milton, president.

The OLMA is a quality control softwood lumber grading agency certified by the Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board and the American Lumber Standards Committee Inc. to provide grading services to its member softwood lumber manufacturers in Ontario.

OREGON FOREST INDUSTRIES COUNCIL (OFIC), P.O. Box 12826, Salem, OR 97309. (503) 371-2942. FAX: (503) 371-6223. Contact: Tim Wigley, pres.

An association of forest products companies, OFIC represents its members before the Oregon legislation, state agencies and other governmental bodies.


PACIFIC LUMBER INSPECTION BUREAU (PLIB), 33442 1st Way S., Ste. 300, Federal Way, WA 98003. (253) 835-3344. FAX: (253) 836-3371. Contact: Jeffrey Fantozzi, mgr.

PLIB is a non-profit membership association of lumber manufacturers which provides lumber grading, grade stamping, certification and quality control services to lumber manufacturers in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

PACKAGING MACHINERY MFRS. INSTITUTE (PMMI), 4350 N. Fairfax Drive, Ste. 600, Arlington, VA 22203. (703) 243-8555. FAX: (703) 243-8556. WEB: Contact: Charles D. Vuska, president.

PMMI is a global resource for packaging. Through its PACKEXPO trade shows and Web site, the Institute brings thousands of buyers and setters of packaging technology together.

PELLET FUELS INSTITUTE, 1601 N. Kent St., Suite 1001, Arlington, VA 22209. (703) 522-6778. FAX: (703) 522-0548. WEB: Contact: Leslie Wheeler, exec. dir.

PFI is a trade association for pellet fuel manufacturers, suppliers to the industry, process engineered fuel manufacturers and government non-profit organizations.

POWER TOOL INSTITUTE INC., 1300 Sumner Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115-2851. (216) 241-7333. FAX: (216) 241-0105. WEB: www.powertool institutecom. Contact: Charles M. Stockinger, exec. mgr.

Trade association representing manufacturers of power tools.


QUEBEC FOREST INDUSTRIES ASSN. LTD. (QFIA), 1200 Avenue Germain-des-Pres, Bureau 102, Ste.-Foy, Quebec, Canada G1V 3M7. (418) 651-9352. FAX: (418) 651-4622. WEB: Contact: Andre Duchesne, pres. & gen. mgr.

Member companies produce nearly all pulp and paper of two-thirds of lumber made in Qudbec. QFIA represents their interests to governments, media, public, etc.

QUEBEC WhOLESALE LUMBER ASSN. INC., 620 Cathcart St., Ste. 719, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3B 1M1. (514) 861-7149. Contact: Theresa Lamarre, sec-trans.


RADTECH INTERNATIONAL NORTH AMERICA, 60 Revere Drive, Ste. 500, Northbrook, IL 60062. (847) 480-9576 or (847) 480-9080. FAX: (847) 480-9282. Contact: Christine Dianne, exec. dir.

RadTech is a not-for-profit association dedicated to fostering technical, scientific and educational advance. mast in the manufacture and use of ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) curable products. RadTech publishes a bimonthly magazine, conducts seminars and holds a biennial conference and exhibition.


SOCIETY OF AUTOMATED WOODWORKERS (SAW), 4923 NW 23rd, Ste. 177, Oklahoma City, OK 73127. (405) 247-3444.

SAW members are custom cabinet shops. SAW offers a bulletin board, fax-back service and a bi-monthly newsletter on computer basics, and specialized software.

SOCIETY OF FURNITURE INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS, P.O. Box 35413, Charlotte, NC 28235-5413. (704) 342-9933. Al Rose, exec. sec.

SFIE deals specifically with the challenges of productivity improvements, increased quality and improved profitability of the furniture industry. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to advance sound and equitable principles of industrial engineering by conducting inquiries, research projects, conferences and educational programs in any phase of the industrial engineering field.

SOUTHEASTERN LUMBER MFRS. ASSN. (SLMA), 671 Forast Parkway, P.O. Box 1788, Forest Park, GA 30297. (404) 361-1445. FAX: (404) 361-5963. WEB: www.slmaorg. Contact: Steve Rountree, pres.

SLMA is a regional trade association serving as the voice of independent lumbermen. SLMA's purpose is to protect the interests of small businesses and expand the markets for pine lumber and hardwood products through active participation in the legistative and regulatory arenas and high-profile, formal marketing programs. SLMA has an active political action committee and sponsors insurance programs for its members in workers compensation, life and health and property/casualty coverage.

SOUTHERN BUILDING MATERIAL ASSN. INC., P.O. Box 18667, Charlotte, NC 28218. (704) 376-1503. FAX: (704) 331-9667. WEB: Contact: Larry W. Adams, pres.

Trade association for the building material industry in the Carolinas, Tennessee and Virginia.

SOUTHERN CYPRESS MFRS. ASSN., 400 Penn Center Blvd., Ste. 530, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. (412) 829-0770. FAX: (412) 829-0844. WEB: Contact: Susan Regan.

Members include companies engaged in the manufacture and production of cypress logs, piling and poles, sawn lumber (rough and finished), shingles, flooring, veneers, plywood, lath, boxes and crates. Associate members are companies engaged in the wholesale and/or retail business of selling and/or further processing and selling of cypress products.

SOUTHERN FOREST PRODUCTS ASSN. (SFPA), P.O. Box 641700, Kenner, LA 70064-1700. (504) 443-4464. FAX: (504) 443-6612. WEB: www.sfpaorg. Contact Karl W. Lindberg, pres.

SFPA is a non-profit organization of lumber manufacturers in 12 Southern states. The association carries out program services in marketing and government affairs and sponsors the biennial forest products exposition.

SOUTHERN PINE INSPECTION BUREAU (SPIB), 4709 Scenic Hwy., Pensacola, FL 32504. (850) 434-2611. FAX: (850) 433-5594. WEB: Contact: Tom S. Jones, pres.

SPIB is a non-profit membership association of lumber manufacturers, providing grading rules and quality assurance programs for southern pine lumber, treated wood products and wood components.

STRUCTURAL BOARD ASSN., 45 Sheppard Ave H., Ste. 412, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada M2N 5W9. (416) 730-9090. FAX: (416) 730-9013. WEB: Contact: John B. Lowood, president.

The association provides a wide range of services and materials to builders, building supply dealers and specifiers/designers free of charge or at nominal cost. Literature, available at no charge, includes technical manuals with application directions and building code acceptances; builder sates aids; technical bulletins; DIY consumer brochures; and industrial application brochures. The association represents a growing number of OSB/waferboard mills, and their leading suppliers, consultants and academic resources in the industry.

SUMMER & CASUAL FURNITURE MFRS. ASSN. (SCFMA), P.O. Box HP-7, High Point, NC 27261. (336) 884-5000. FAX: (336) 884-5303. WEB: Contact: Joseph P. Logan, exec. dir.

The SCFMA sponsors the International Casual Furniture and Accessories Market in Chicago, the annual Apollo Awards to recognize the excellence in summer/casual furniture retailing and the Design Excellence Awards to honor superior design in casual furniture.

SYMAP -- FRENCH MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES ASSOCIATION, Maison de la Mecanique -- 45, rue Louis Blanc -- F92038 Paris -- la Defense cedex. (331) FAX: (331) WEB: Contact: M. Jean Mayot.

A trade association which represents the interests of the French manufacturers of woodworking machinery.


UNFINISHED FURNITURE ASSN., 17000 Commerce Parkway, Suite C, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054. (800) 487-8321 or (856) 231-8600. FAX (856) 439-0525. WEB: Contact: Michele Biordi.

Retailers, manufacturers and sales representatives in the unfinished furniture business joined together to maximize their business potential in the industry with a wealth of business-building and money-saving services. Services include an annual trade show, a Web site, a bi-monthly magazine and more.

UNIFIED ABRASIVES MFRS. ASSN., COATED DIVISION, 30200 Detroit Rd., Cleveland, OH 44145. (440) 899-0010. FAX: (440) 892-1404. WEB: www.uamaorg. Contact Jeffrey Wherry.

Trade association of U.S. coated abrasive manufacturers.

UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE ACTION COUNCIL (UFAC), P.O. Box 2436, High Point, NC 27261. (336)885-5065. FAX: (336) 885-5072. Contact Joseph L. Ziolkowski, exec. dir.

UFAC is an association of furniture manufacturers, retailers and suppliers organized for the purpose of conducting ongoing research into more cigarette-resistant upholstering methods and encouraging compliance throughout the industry.


VDMA (German Woodworking Machinery Mfrs. Assn.), P.O. Box 7108 64, D-60498 Frankfurt/Main, Germany. (069) 6603-1340. FAX: (069) 6603-1621. WEB: www.wood.vdmaorg. Contact Dr. Werner Neubauer.

The VDMA represents 90 percent of the production of the German woodworking machinery industry (250 manufacturers and 25,000 employees, turnover 6,000 million DM). Gas of the association's duties is to inform users in the national and international wood industries about its members' latest developments and complete range of products. This also covers turnkey factories. The VDMA is a co-organizer of the Ligna Fair at Hannover and the Holz-Handwerk Fair in Nuremberg.

VIRGINIA FOREST PRODUCTS ASSN., P.O. Box 160, 220 E. Williamsburg Road, Sandston, VA 23150. (804) 737-5025 FAX: (804) 737-9437. WEB: Contact: J.R. "Randy" Bush, president.

Chartered in 1958, it is a non-profit, non-governmental, privately supported association of individuals, firms and corporations having an interest in the Commonwealth's lumber and wood products industry.

VIRGINIA SOUTHWEST PROMISE, P.O. Box 1060, Lebanon, VA 24266. (800) 735-9999. WEB: Contact: Sandy Ratliff, mktg. mgr. We are a regional industrial development organization representing a seven-county, one-city region in western Virginia. The secondary wood industry is one of our primary industry targets for industrial recruitment and we offer aggressive incentive packages that can tower companies start-up and overall operating costs.


WALNUT COUNCIL INC., 4545 Northwestern Dr., Zionsville, IN 46077. (317) 802-0332. FAX: (317) 471-4230. WEB: Contact: Nancy F. Gunning.

Founded in 1970, the Council is a not-for-profit corporation, organized for the purpose of promoting and supporting tong-term growth and prosperity for its members and woodland owners who share interest in sustainable forest management.

WESTERN BUILDING MATERIAL ASSN., 909 Lakeridge Drive S.W., P.O. Box 1699, Olympia, WA 98507. (360) 943-3054. FAX: (360) 943-1219. Contact: Casey Voorhees.

The trade association represents retail building material dealers in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Its services include: conventions, trade shows, training seminars, legislation, regulatory assistance, employee benefits and business forms.

WESTERN RED CEDAR LUMBER ASSN. (WECLA), 1200-555 Burrard Street, Box 275, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7X 1S7. (604) 684-0266. FAX: (604) 6874-930. WEB: Contact: Arnie Nebelsick, exec. dir.

The WRCLA represents primary and secondary cedar manufacturers in the northwestern United Stales and Canada. The association provides marketing, promotional and user education services for cedar users in the U.S. marketplace. WRCLA's program includes targeted trade advertising, literature and product publicity. Each of these activities are developed to communicate the many benefits of western red cedar lumber and further build on cedars image as a quality building product.

WESTERN WOOD PRODUCTS ASSN. (WWPA), 522 S.W. Fifth Ave., Ste. 500, Portland, OR 97204-2122. (503) 224-3930. FAX: (503) 224-3934. WEB: Contact: Mike O'Halloran, pres.

WWPA represents lumber manufacturers in 12 western slates and Alaska. The association provides quality cant control, technical/product support and business information services to the industry.

THE WINNEBAGO COUNTY INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT BOARD (IDB) 415 Jackson Street, P.O. Box 2808, Oshkosh, WI 54903-2808. (920) 2364840. FAX: (920) 303-3035. Contact: Jerry Bougie, assistant planning director.

The IDB provides information on industrial and development opportunities in Winnebago County, Wisconsin. The county is located in the northeastern region of Wisconsin on Lake Winnebago, the state's largest inland lake. Winnebago County features nine industrial parks, low operating costs, a superior work force and excellent quality of life.

WISCONSIN RETAIL LUMBER ASSN. INC., W175 N11086 Stonewood Dr., Germantown, WI 53022. (262) 250-1835. FAX: (262) 250-1842. Contact: David Rosenmeier, exec. vice pres.

A trade association with retail lumber dealers and suppliers as members, it provides members with state and federal legislative and regulatory information, educational programs, insurance programs and business forms.

WOOD COMPONENT MFRS. ASSN. (WCMA), 1000 Johnson Ferry Road, Ste. A-130, Marietta, GA 30068. (770) 565-6660. FAX: (770) 565-6663. WEB: Contact: Steve Lawser, exec. dir.

The WCMA is the largest group of wood component product manufacturers in North America. Member companies produce a wide range of rough, semi- and fully machined hardwood, softwood and engineered wood components for the furniture, cabinet, millwork and related industries. The WCMA promotes the general demand for wood component products and maintains standard rules/specifications for the wood dimension and components industry. Some programs and services include newsletters; educational meetings and plant tour events; exhibits at major domestic and international trade shows; research on potential markets, business conditions, and technological innovations taking place in the dimension and components manufacturing industry; publication of a wood components purchasing guide, export and membership directories; and a business referral program that assists dimension customers in locating suppliers for the wood component products they need.

WOOD EDUCATION & RESOURCE CENTER, 301 Hardwood Ln., Princeton, WV 24740. (304) 487-1510 FAX: (304) 487-6661. WEB: Contact: Greg Puckett, public relations.

The Wood Education Resource Center strives to make all companies/individuals in the wood industry more successful through a variety of educational/training opportunities.

WOOD MACHINERY MFRS. OF AMERICA (WMMA), 1900 Arch SL, Philadelphia, PA 19103. (215) 564-3484 or (800) BUY-WMMA. FAX: (215) 963-9785. WEB: Contact: Kenneth R. Hutton, exec. vice pres.

The WMMA is a trade association representing U.S. manufacturers of woodworking machinery, equipment and cutting tools, entire systems as well as related suppliers, distributors and consultants. The WMMA promotes awareness of member fins through extensive marketing, educational programs, trade shows, monthly newsletters, Web presence and a member directory. WMMA also co-sponsors an annual convention as well as the IWF Show (International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair) in Atlanta.

WOOD MOULDING AND MILLWORK PRODUCERS ASSN. (WMMPA), 507 First St., Woodland, CA 95695. (530) 661-9591. FAX: (530) 661-9586. WEB: Contact: Stan Blame, exec. vice pres.

WMMPA is the international trade association of the wood moulding and millwork industry. Member firms produce hardwood and softwood mouldings, door frames, door jambs and related wood products for worldwide distribution. WMMPA promotes member products through trade shows, advertising, industry standards and distribution of its member directory. Suppliers to moulding producers comprise a solid core of associate members in WMMPA.

WOOD PRODUCTS MFRS. ASSN. (WPMA), 175 State Road East, Westminster, MA 01473. (978) 874-5445. FAX: (978) 874-9946. WEB: Contact: Albert J. Bibeau, dir. of assn. services or Phillip Bibeau, exec. dir.

The WPMA is the largest secondary wood products association in North America with over 675 member companies. The association acts as a clearinghouse for solving problems of mutual concern and assists members in controlling costs. The association promotes healthy business environments and educational opportunities that assist members in developing skills for more competitive business operations. Services are provided for the furniture, cabinet, toy, craft, lumber, dimension, turning, shaping, carving, moulding and architectural millwork industries. The associations goal is to provide its members with the toots to help their business succeeds. Some of these toots include on-line listing of members' capabilities, daily Internet posting of inquiries for new business, free employer/employee legal advice, accurate credit information, an exclusive LTL Freight and Small Package Program, medical coverage for small to medium size c ponies and the most informative monthly newsletter in the industry, the association says .

WOODWORK INSTITUTE OF CALIFORNIA, P.O. Box 980247, West Sacramento, CA 95698-0247. (916) 372-9943. FAX: (916) 372-9950. WEB: Contact: Stanley R. (Rob) Gustafson, CEO/secy.

A regional association of architectural woodwork manufacturers and suppliers who, through compliance certification, maintain product quality standards and help provide an equitable bidding environment.

WOODWORKING MACHINERY INDUSTRY ASSN. (WMIA), 5024-R Campbell Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21236. (410) 931-8100. FAX: (410) 931-8111. WEB: Contact: Bill Miller, CAE, exec. dir.

The membership of WMIA includes corporations, companies, partnerships and individuals whose primary business is importing and distributing industrial woodworking equipment for resale in the United States. WMIA publishes a quarterly newsletter and also is a co-sponsor of the International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair (IWF).

WOODWORKING MACHINERY SUPPLIERS ASSN. (WMSA), P.O. Box 10, Epping, Essex CM16 7RR, England. (0992) 578873. FAX: (0992) 572217. Contact: Robert J. Kemp, exec. sec.

WMSA is a trade association representing suppliers of woodworking machinery and related equipment to the British market. Membership comprised of both manufacturers and importers/distributors.

WORLD FOREST INSTITUTE, 4033 SW. Canyon Road, Portland, OR 97221. (503) 228-0803. FAX: (503) 228-4624. Contact: Sara Wu, dir.

As a private, non-profit organization, the World Forest Institute provides forestry information, consultation, publications and study tours. WFI offers products and services to et the diverse needs of manufacturers, consultants, researchers, government agencies and more. Through WFI, clients expand their access to information on markets, new products, evolving technologies and more.
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